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I Made a TERRIBLE Mistake…! Genshin Impact

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A couple videos ago, I recommended 210 pulls for the weapon banner. How close was my experience to the advice I provided? In this video, I pull for a refinement 5 Staff of Homa and show how many pulls it took.

0:00 | Intro
1:20 | Resources and History
2:05 | Start of Summons
8:27 | Pulls continued
10:30 | Summary of Results


  1. I was whaling too for homa
    What i got in 90 pulls:
    2 elegies
    1 hu tao

  2. I got 2 elegy bows having the path set to homa. I do feel that switcheroo is true. 🤪

  3. I got everything on the weapons banner with 75 wishes…

  4. it took me 192 pulls too to get that staff of homeless…

  5. Idk why i am in with your videos dude really enjoy the chill vibes to them and the dad jokes are amazing

  6. omg…now I'm looking at this actually amazed how I got Homa and the new spear and bow in just 40 pulls…I realize how scammy this banner is 🙁 rip my dude

  7. My only question here is: why are there characters on the "weapons" banner?

  8. Not sure why people are pulling by 10 on weapon banner.

    I'm a day 1 player and 1 pulls on weapon banner always yield more 5 stars.

    Does not apply on character banner though. 10 pulls are better there.

    For example, I did 144 pulls 40 pulls on character banner by 10. And 104 single pulls on weapon banner.

    I got 1 hutao, 1 homa, 2 elegy. Always getting back to back 5 star pulls on weapon banner whenever doing 1 pulls, even before.

    Unlike when I do 10 pulls. Probably because it's soft pitty starts at 50 as well.

  9. I got a qiqi in standard banner, does that mean my next pull in character event banner is guaranteed?

  10. I lose two 50/50 in a row at 76/80 and i spent 210 wish for one stuff, meanwhile my friend get the staff with 20 pulls

  11. I feel you should put up a rough cost opposite the pulls. E.g. Those initial 400 pulls for 3 Homas was about $792.

    640 pulls for his R5 Homa was around $1,267

  12. I was so bold pushing my luck on the weapon banner with 60 wishes. It got me the elegy bow :(. This is after only not wishing for 20 days, my gambling addiction… is broken… (I should be saving for Albedo and Itto)

  13. the more i watch these videos the more i understand how lucky i am,by getting 3 different rate up weapons that i wanted,latest being homa.

  14. I never pulled on the weapon banner but I really wanted Homa and also the 4* rate ups are great except rainslasher. But I didn't expect to get Homa at all! 66 pulls in and I had Homa.. Almost wanted give up because I wanted to keep at least the primos I need for Albedo but this time I got lucky. Also was able to refine Widsith to r5 so I was really happy with the few pulls I did on the banner.
    But I probably will never touch the weapon banner again xD

  15. I got pretty lucky and got elegy first pity and homa second also hu tao

  16. I had 220 pulls saved for homa, I was also hoping for a sac sword

    I ended up getting aquila at soft pity then elegy the next soft pity, but the 10 pull after I got a homa AND another elegy, I still didn’t get a sac sword so I was like I’ll use 5 singles for the 4 star pity
    And I got a second homa-
    So the funny thing is I still don’t have a sac sword, at ar 56, but my xiao and hu tao are both happy with their homas
    Now just waiting for xiao rerun for some cons (hoping for c6 someday)
    Ended up w still around 90 pulls (bought the benny con and used the rest for more fates)

  17. It’s nice seeing someone so calm losing. It feels like a normal player.

  18. then there is me an f2p who got homa in 20 pulls

  19. The fact the ratio actually ended very close to the advertised ratio lol

  20. Bro you have too much money so donate me some thousands doller so I can buy a iphone 13 and buy some primogem in genshin impact

  21. I pulled Homa in 20 pulls… watching this makes me suffer :,) rip

  22. I'm 100% F2P. My first pull ever in the weapons banner was a staff of homa, but I didn't pull for Hu Tao because I was saving for Zhongli's rerun and wanted the best weapon for him. Now I decided I wanted Hu Tao, but only if I got another staff of Homa for her, since I would feel bad to put anything else in Zhongli's hands. And I did, got the second one with 50 pulls and Hu Tao on 50/50 in the last 10 pulls (I guess it was close to 50 pulls after Shogun). I was very lucky, but I think it's a farewell to Yae.

  23. My wife did three single pulls on the weapon banner and didn't even care that she got Homa. lol

  24. The funny thing about what you said about the fate system being rigged… I changed my Fate Course from Homa to Elegy since I've been very anxious of not getting the Homa Early and Im a F2p so limited Primos. But guess what.. finally I got the HOMA and I think that's because I changed the course last minute. Lols

  25. Me, a free to play player who got a Staff of Homa in 69 pulls: I may be a freak but I'm a lucky freak

  26. The frustration and sadness I felt when I lose 2 50-50s. Lose Hu tao to qiqi 😵 then finallu pulled after 100 pulls. then lost homa to the elegy! damn.

  27. I got an elegy in 15 pulls and I watched this video, I dont think I have the courage to pull for homa

  28. When I saw how many 5 stars he got I mentally died ( f2p standing here ) XD

  29. 2 "5" stars in one roll!? That's so good! Don't feel too down! (If it makes you feel better, I hit absolute pity on Childe . . . )

  30. got the jade spear and elegy then homa with 90 pulls honestly i still think it wasnt worth it :”)

  31. When you suffer from too much money you end up doing this

  32. How are people so rich? Where does their income come from?

  33. I got staff of homa yesterday
    Its my 1st 5 star from the weapon banner
    I got hu tao a week ago
    I finally got to what i need
    Next zhongli 😁

  34. Hate my life if my celistial, elegy and jade spear fuc# my f2p life

  35. So this is how Mohoyo got Millions . [ lol ]

  36. just got hu tao and homa as an f2p but i'm giving my homa to my rosaria since i don't use hu tao

  37. I only wanted 1 Staff of Homa and got a Skyward Sword and Elgy bow.

  38. me who got a guaranteed homa at 80 pulls: uhm… that wasn't me

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