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I Need to Get This off my chest: Genshin Impact Community Drama

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Most of the #genshin community is pretty good, but this happens almost every banner and it needs to stop. Yoimiya has caused a lot of drama, but I feel like people need to understand what I am seeing here


  1. Why people are angry at him? I really like yoimiya and max her at day 1. Yes she is abit lackluster i must say but he is trying to save our money for those f2p. But i still hope for some buff or tweaks can be done tho😥

  2. You don't have to recommend every character. Just don't be touchy when other people don't think you the best testing, because you're not a genshin mathematician, you're not a genshin theory crafter or lore expert, you're not even a giga whale. You just give your opinions as best you can. And for ppl who have followed you long enough and seen a bit of your videos, they would know how they should position your recommendation in their consideration for themselves.

  3. Are people even listening what you said in your video about yoimiya? She's fine but pretty underwhelming. Love your videos dude! You helped me to get through early game in genshin.

  4. I can agree with all things he said. He isn’t wrong. If people roll her for how she looks, then they shouldn’t even discuss about Meta or justify her.

  5. I don't know if you read every comment but if you do read this, let me just say that the general impression is that content creators do not read all the comments because there are so many videos and so many comments for each video. So a lot of people may say things that they don't think the content creator themselves will see but just to express themselves or for others in the community to read.

    If you read every comment and would therefore be affected by those comments, maybe you need to tell us that you read every or most comments so "ppl please don't put things you wouldn't say to me in real life" or something. Cuz ppl don't think they are hurting anyone sometimes. If you are, then at least let us know k.

  6. I think your only mistake was to not emphasize the fact that this is your opinion and not facts. I have zhong and venti, still got yoimiya and yes, you can't one-shot stuff with her, but the damage can be higher than what you think. In genshin you don't need "game changers" since every character can be strong, so who cares, just pull for what you like.

  7. Tell it like it is. Every time there's a new character out we see "highlight" videos of people dropping bennet and diona ult and using swirl and then hitting as hard as they can to make every new character look like they're the greatest thing since last character. It's not realistic and you're not running that comp with everyone when different characters are supports, some are main dps, some are utility etc. Let people know what they're getting instead of throwing up massive numbers in the thumbnail for more clicks. Like Mtashed said any character can do that.

  8. Mtashed can you pls list the songs/music you use in your videos

  9. Meanwhile GachaGamer and their garbage clickbait videos

  10. as a f2p these videos help skip the unnecessary characters and not waste the very limited primos I have so ty for that

  11. hi so I am a FP2 player I have an Amos bow and a guaranteed 5 star on the character banner but I don't have any other bow character other than amber what should I do ;-; I am desperately waiting for Baal but I am confused that should I poll for her or not ;-; cause for me she is another character but to utilize my bow should I poll for her even though Baal is around the corner.

  12. Thank you for being an honest and responsible content creator. Genshin community needs more people like you, Mtashed! Keep up the real good work!

  13. Honestly man just ignore those comments, if people don’t understand your style by now they’re better off unsubbing and leaving lol

  14. Don't feel you need to defend yourself Mtashed. Nothing wrong with your content, just maybe your execution?

    Although it's obvious you don't care for Yoimiya, you don't have to anyway. Teccy didn't care for Ayaka and that's a way more controversial stance than disliking Yoimiya.

    Maybe because Teccy said he tried to like Ayaka. Tech said multiple times, "can someone come and convince me what's so great about her?" And he is a gigawhale so he C6-ed her regardless. I think maybe have a look at how Teccy handled his "controversial opinion" and maybe that would help give you some handles on how to approach these in the future.

    And I can't believe I just recommended someone look at Teccy for how to handle something…. Oh how far I and Tech's character development arch have come……

  15. I'm at 50 pity… I was gonna do a 10 pull and let mihoyo decide if I should get yomiya or not, but then I just got some pretty good electric cups so ig mihoyo tryna tell me to wait for baal so I have enough for her weapon too o_o

  16. I pulled Yoimiya today and I gotta say that I was happy, but I wasnt that excited or impressed. But tbh Im still enjoying her a lot, as an f2p im pretty limited to getting 5 star characters, im still really happy getting her anyways

  17. I can beat everything in the game now, what I care for is how much fun is a character.
    At the end it depends on person and playstyle and I think getting diverent and honest opinions is a good think.

  18. I agree this time. Yea, personally I like her. But practically nah. hahaha

  19. I gotta agree with this, if the the character is not worth it don't pull for them, spiral is basically one of the endgame contents, I personally pulled Childe when he came out but he has potential as doing aoe, with Yoimiya i don't see it, seems like a product of lazy design.

  20. This channel is exactly like Mattjestic gaming now with clickbait titles and content, unsubscribed

  21. this is not me defending yoimiya, nor is it me hating on her

    my issue is that you dont even show any footage of you thoroughly testing yoimiya at all. you cannot shove her into some half assed team with budget artifacts, show it to viewers and call it a day. what you do is below bare minimum of what you should be doing. no one is asking you to overhype characters, but at least do what you're supposed to do and give a proper review.

    on a side note, yoimiya is perfectly balanced, in no way comparable to ganyu or other top dps's but is right in the middle. she will be able to clear all contents of the game without much issue but wont be able to get you top clear times. she is to be chosen purely for how much you think you'll enjoy using her, not for meta.

  22. Mtashed will be proven wrong when he starts playing theater mechanicus. Yoimiya is very much needed in this event

  23. one of the worst thing about this 5 star is she not proc reaction properly with support like xingque and generate no particle on ult

  24. I'm a combo waifu/meta slave, because I'm L2P. I can't afford every character, and for me to want to pull, they need to be both interesting AND good.

  25. There is channel with every weap and char on max rank and always see on video "F2P build"… Whaaat are u talking about? XD And there is ur channel without bs and u know how to play and how to build teams. Love ur videos. I am still using Xiangling in Abbys which is very beggining char. Fischl main. Love Venti. Bennet TrueGod. Rosaria simp. Still no Keqing T.T Waiting for one more Ningguang for C6 cause no Albedo or Zhongli (got Qiqi on his banner and second Qiqi same day on perma banner).

  26. I agree with papa Matash 😌 to be honest I prefer Yanfei as a Pyro unit. I'm working on Bennett.
    Personally I don't like Yoimiya's character in general – personality and design 😂 I tried her and it's really not my cup of tea. I don't think she is that good to be called a 5*. Skipping banner, probably next one too. This is a fame when you are deciding who you wanna play with and having different opinions it's nothing weird. I don't get it why people are offended 😂 when you are saying you don't like X, you have reasons for it and people are mad because they like this X. Chill people, it's just a game. Do whatever you want, pull for whoever you want but let others to do the same ✌😗

  27. Papa tash i wanted sayu when i saw your review

    I hadn't wished at all i repeat AT ALL on this banner….
    So i thought maybe I'd get lucky and get sayu on just one pull(i was originally planning on skipping)
    And i did! I did a 1 pull and got yoimiya….. I am not planning to build her but she is ok, again i repeat she is "ok" not great

  28. Yoimiya is not Ganyu, she's not Hu Tao.

    Shes just cute, thats it. Cute. But will she make my teams cracked? No. Your teams may very.

    Will she make my teams fun? Not as fun as Hu Tao. Your teams may very.

    Getting C3 Jean over C0 Yoimiya is way more valuable.

  29. I actually find your videos good references (for info and the recommendations/reasonings), though I think I am taking it right: just take as references. I like to build up chars slower while learning about them, you know, for "fun", like games were supposed to be 😉 which I think many had forgotten, or whose "fun" only lies in deleting enemies as fast as possible.

    re: the "drama".
    Just my suggestions/opinions, most/all of which I think may already be considered/understood (just ignore them if so). I just genuinely want to help in my own feeble ways.

    Prob just a matter of "context" not well-defined enough(?) or being misunderstood when people disagrees with the "recommendations". It will invite "problems" from people who are NOT in that context and did not realize that those recommendations don't apply to them (which I think includes most whale-type players who sometimes forget that not everybody own every character at C6 and weapon at R5).

    Suggestions for defining tighter context (some may already be in place, just maybe not emphasized enough?)

    1) rule out real otakus. otakus is "love". meta is secondary. They will most probably be personally offended at ANY negative comments at the object of their desire: because "love" is blind. By clearly stating a context that excludes this group, I think most of the problems can be avoided.

    2) rule out real metas. they can do their own math. if there are any discrepancies in the "conclusion", it will spark an academic battle. The grounds can be that the recommendations is based more generally on conditions that are less "controlled" of that of a "typical" player, unlike the laboratory conditions that extreme metas can afford (precise artifact attribute combos, precise character constellations, weapon refinements, precise timings/executions in game-play)

    3) more "stepped" recommendations: set up a few of the most common context (e.g. f2p/light casual, f2p/light meta, assuming which other characters already owned/not owned etc) to finetune the set of recommendations to reduce the problem of context-recommendation not fitting a player precisely.

    This won't solve all problems though, just to filter out cases when players realize they don't fit in the assumed context so the "recommendations" don't apply to them and prevents meaningless arguments from starting (which must stem from a common assumption to be constructive anyway).
    But there are always people who ONLY see what they want to see and ignored the rest even if they are important within the context. My recommendation is : don't bother reasoning, just ignore. The basis of constructive arguments is a starting point with common understanding.

    I do look forward to more of your content. Have a nice day!

  30. Compared to Rosaria (4 star character) Yoimia (5 star character) is nothin, her elemental skill and burst is not that great.

  31. Community and youtubers now: Meh its Ok/single target not meta
    Community and youtubers in 2-3 months: Ayo mihoyo, rerun when?

  32. Hu Tao better than her lol ( still like Yoimiya but I will pull for Ganyu as a F2P player)

  33. If you like her just pull on her, she is completely fine, but she is just not op

  34. I got her and she's fun but I wouldn't recommand her for f2p. I've seen my fair share of bait banners on Gacha games, and this is one sadly. Remember Genshin anniversary is around the corner 😉

  35. Did you just say venti is Not as cute as Yoimiya?!

  36. looks at title I'm know dad, I'm sorry for maxing your card for Sayu 😔

  37. There will always be outliers in the "waifu>meta" camp and "meta slaves" camp that will always trash the other side no matter what, it's just an unavoidable part of any game that has a gatcha. While I personally, don't remember what Mtashed said for him to get attacked; but his point is clear, he is being responsible as he knows his words hold weight to some people and has the ability to sway people's actions. While Genshin does not belong to the group of gatcha games that are predatory, gatcha at it's core is and can only be mediated a little bit; Mtashed knows of its dangers too so him being responsible about things is not only honest, but the right thing to do.

    Maybe he wasn't clear enough for some people or something; but whatever the case maybe, there is no valid reason to attack someone because their opinion differs from yours. Frankly, it's childish; but then again this is the internet, where humanity goes to die and gets restored at the same time in a matter of seconds.

  38. I got her and she is very underwhelming for me mechanically and damagewise. Her E is just spam left click it even aims it for you… If they added maybe a small firework type explosion to her autos while the E is active she’d be much more fun and flashy while playing. Her animations are probably the best in the game and her character is great but she is very boring and underwhelming at the same time.. Some say ganyu is boring but atleast she clears efficiently.

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