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I Risked Everything for Kujou Sara… Then This Happened: Genshin Impact

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I am so excited that I got Kujou Sara in #genshin, but now that I have c2? This changes everything! I will make a review soon and build guide on this character
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  1. Bro I did 40 wishes and got 3 sucroses and then kujo sara

  2. I've wished 50 times on this banner and not a single kujo sara

  3. Mtashed : The Baal Banner Is Up !
    Subtitles : the bowel banner is up 🙂

  4. I’ve done 90 pull on this banner not one kujo Sara

  5. Me Getting C1 Kujou Sara in 12 pulls but my friends 50+ pulls in with no luck

    I only pulled on this banner for her i dont want the raiden as i'm saving my pity for kokomi

    ahh felt so happy to get her in the first ten pull itself now i just continue saving fates lol

  6. Never played this game but is all the materials and the characters etc payed for with irl money on this video? Or did he grind for it.?

  7. wait why he saying no 5 star so it means he doesn't want to get baal?

  8. got kujou sara today on the FIRST WISH. after watching this video. blessed

  9. Ngl your summon luck is kinda trash… out of the 15 multi summons I did, I never had a blues only summon

  10. How the fck are you even getting weapons other than rainslasher , fck Asia server all I get is rainslasher as weapon

  11. 12:39 his excitement reached its peak so the seal unleashed his ultimate mating call

  12. I also got the bell on my first 10 pull and then Sara on my 2nd and 3rd pull

  13. On the banner my first 4 star was kujo Sara

  14. Me who got Kujou Sara at first try first pull:

  15. hi i new sub and i want know why he want skip ball and he f2p?

  16. my man Mtashed is down bad…

    I can't blame him tho. Kujou Sara is hot as hell

  17. On this banner I got c2 xianling ninguagg keqing Sara and some weapons
    Then today got sucrose
    I need baal
    I'm at 2 wishes so far I will make it or break it

  18. Me on the other hand "anyone except her. That mad looking woman"

  19. I really get his plight. My next 5 star is guaranteed, and I don’t want Raiden, I really wanted sucrose and did 2 ten pulls, but got favonius bow and Xiangling, so now I have her at c3, and my pity’s now at 33. But now I want her c4 to make her pyronado longer, and getting Sara would also be great. So getting any of them would be great for me, but I don’t wanna risk it for Raiden, I really wanna use my guaranteed on someone I really want. There’s rumors of Gorou being a 4 star, so I’d like to keep my pity low so I can give it a few tries to get him when he’s eventually available

  20. Can someone tell me if the banner is worth a summon, im new


  22. I got her to c2 but I didn’t want her i wanted xiangling for a support/dps because i have razor main

  23. This video literally sum up every f2p players lol

  24. Hehe I wished on the banner tryna get sucrose and left with a kujo Sara and a sacraficial bow thingy

  25. I always have good luck with 4 Star characters

  26. I did 50 pulls on this banner and the only thing i got is a c1 sucrose.
    now i have no primos and i am not gonna pull on this banner anymore 🙁

  27. Sad short story i did 73+30 just too get kujo sara

  28. And that’s how I ended getting Xiangling c4 and Sucrose c5

  29. I risked everything for Sucrose but Xiangling love me too much and got her to C6…… and still didnt get atleast 1 kujou sara and diluc C1 ruined my 50/50 all that for C1 Sucrose.. 💔

  30. I fking spend 210 wishes for kujo Sara and I got 0 so far

  31. I want Sucrose and ended up getting C2 sara still no sucrose

  32. I risked everything to get Sucrose but Sara come home. DUH DUH DUH~

  33. Is there a reason you pull one at a time instead of waiting for a 10 pull??? I'm relatively new and not sure what's best, I usually wait for a 10 pull to make my wishes

  34. Mihoyo knew, Mihoyo knew we’d wanna look, so they just let us

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