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I Used Over 50,000 Primogems for Ei and Sara… (Genshin Impact Summons)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re spending an ungodly amount of primogems to get our Sara to C6.

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  1. Bro… This was painful to watch, but it happened to me twice before. You shouldn't waste money like that, even if you make a lot of money… it is not worth it. Sara is a 4* chara, she will have a rerun very soon, and most likely with a new 5* chara that you might pull for… Please, this is painful to watch, it also remind me of my pulls ;-;

  2. Dam I must have gotten lucky I got sara C6 before I got one baal sorry 😞 😅

  3. him; no qiqi no diluc and no jean. mihoyo; but you didnt say no keqing

  4. To all the people in my corner: “how unforged-inate”

  5. It feels like it’s heavily skewed forward Sucrose and Xiangling.

  6. Your suffering has earned a comment from me- for the algorithm!!!

  7. new banner 4 star is much harder to get than banner 5 star, I got C2 shogun but only C0 sara

  8. i need a c4 xiangling and sara keeps stealing pity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. lucky dude!!! wining the 50/50 twice continuously

  10. I got a double kujou sara with raiden in my ten pull

  11. Now I feel very lucky from getting c 6 sara less in then 100 pulls

  12. LOL! The amount of angst made me relate SO HARD. Congrats though~~~

  13. Lmao I wasn't getting sucrose at all, but got like 3 Sara

  14. me getting c6 sara one keqing and 1 baal in only 60 pulls watching this 🌚

  15. I have c2 baal. No guarantee on next 5* i won the last 50/50, plus c4 sara. Soo damn tempted

  16. I already have ei chan but what I really need is c6 sucrose 😡 Stuck at c5 sucrose for so long now

  17. And i get 7time xianling after i alredy had on C6 instead getting sara once🪦😔

  18. It took me 61 pull to get a single Sara And Yes i Didn't get Reiden 😭

  19. People getting surcrose when they want Sara

    Me screaming 😱 inside
    This is hurting my soul
    I need surcrose reeeeeeeeee

  20. me wanting keqing but getting Raiden and Diluc back to back…. TvT

  21. Moga: spends 50k primos for ei and sara
    Me: laughs in 0 primos and no 5 star character

  22. Spent 60k gems. Got C3 Raiden, 1 Qiqi, 3 EL, 3 Unforged, 1 Skyward spine, 2 Aquila, 1 Lost prayer. C20 Sara haha.

  23. I honestly feel pity instead of happy on this guy. His literally suffering on Gacha Addiction, wasting thousands of dollars (probably his life savings lmao) for every characters to be broken. This reminds me of Mtashed drama, good thing that guy realized he became an addict and stop, and still manage to provide nice GI content without being Toxic.

    I hope Moga will snap out of his Gacha addiction, and understand what he is in to. Cause at the end of the day Mihoyo wins! not us players. I did spent 2x Welkin and got what I payed for and that's it.

    The game is not even that hard to begin with as long as you know what your doing, I can 36 stars Abyss with C0 5 stars and 4 star chars. Just enjoy the game and have fun the way it is, don't take it too seriously and became a Meta Slave!

  24. I spent 180 summons on Baal (had to hit hard pity twice), but hey, at least I got C6 Sara!

  25. 1:04
    That's literally the exact same pull as my first 10 pull on Raiden's banner, hello?-

  26. I haven't even pulled a Shogun aka Booba Sword as my friend calls her.. I can't even buy primos cuz my card keeps declining 😖.. everything is fine on my banks end..so I guess game is cutting me off 😭

  27. moga donate a Shogan to me. I lost the 50/50 to Diluc 🥲🥲🥲

  28. Me who had to go all the way to 90 just to lose 5050 and get diluc as an f2p ar 49 acc with no others 5*s

  29. For the first time Bones voice is heard !!!

  30. Never say what you want because mihoyo is watching you and will never give you.

  31. I got back to back raiden shoguns. I’m so happy 😭. Now I have her C3

  32. I got double Sara in my 1st 10 pull on this banner and another double Sara a few 10 pulls after. Apparently pretty lucky lol

  33. Is anyone gonna talk about we heard bone’s voice

  34. I’m sadly not gonna be able to get her.
    But I can get hu Tao tho:)

  35. For me it skewed toward Xiang and Sara. I was pulling for sucrose. Think it just senses your desires and does the opposite 😭

  36. God… this is terrifying me for going for c6 Thoma next update as a (mostly) low spender :/

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