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I VOICE SAYU!! – Genshin Impact Highlights

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  1. Kyahhhhhh!!!! Lily's Avatar is so CUTE!!!!! <3 <3

  2. Dude how ppl it's so lucky? Lol 4 5 stars in 30 pulls?

  3. Man! I didn’t even know you voiced her! I really tried to get her but no luck. 😖

  4. Why I love Sayu:

    1. Lily voices her woooo


  5. Steamer luck is actually real.
    Most companies increase the drop-rates for big streamers to draw people in and keep the streamers playing and advertising.

    That's why Lily got good stuff and the other 2 got the same stuff as usual.

  6. Honestly, I think they should make games strictly 18+ if they have gambling mechanics.

    It can really ruin people's lives before they even hit adulthood.

  7. Why is there a character that takes a sword out of that area? =/
    Her body must have so much blood down there unless it's like magical and comes out of a portal but even so I can't get that image in my mind of seeing her pass out the moment she drew her sword.

  8. Btwww shout out to forrest bone bc lilypichu help forrest

  9. Why did I get an actual Genshin Impact add before skipping it to hear Lily say, "This video is sponsored by Genshin Impact!"

  10. Genshin VA's really be paying the company that pays them

  11. Now i need sayu omg, i skipped her banner cfccncbcvbxn BUT I NEED A CLAYMORE ANEMOOO

  12. What the actual hell. MiHoyo this is blatant gacha rigging for Lily

  13. I switched to EN language once the 2.1 patch live just for Lily ❤️

  14. me wishing till i reach hard pity to get baal c0 and then there is lily

  15. They need bike or vehicle in genshin for land

  16. Lily: I will not roll.
    Sees raiden shogun
    Also Lily: rolls immediately

  17. why don't they add those funny lines of lili reacting to her own character. I mean, I want a sayu singing "they see me rollin', they hatin'…" don't you?

  18. The way he say xinyan is literally is shitxan is so fking funny

  19. Ight so michael just spent $200 to have lily roll, adorable

  20. I'm using JP Dub, but I want to hear Lily's voice on the game, but the ENG Dub of other characters are annoying (I'm looking at you Paimon). So yeah Catch-22.

  21. “What is that” “it’s not what I wanted” 😂😂😂 love this fucking quote

  22. Didn't show her whaling for C6 Sayu with Atsu on her shoulder whispering.

    A good choice, otherwise it would have been demonetized

  23. Yall may not believe this but on my very first ten-pull and this one was the beginners wish banner, i got a 5 STAR JEAN. A FIVE STAR JEAN. I HAD A HEART ATTACK! THE PULL GODS WERE WITH ME

  24. Lily is the luckiest genshin player I've ever watched omg

  25. I love lily but her Vtube character reminds me of the mii characters you’d make 😂😂but it’s so cute

  26. I swear I'm saving up for a laptop to play sayu TvT I'm like 1.5% done

  27. My first, second third Time rolling i got shit, not even a pity character as a new player watching, this is rigged and i wont stand for it

  28. bruh the "sweet dreams" got me good lol 😆

  29. Did you just say Two rolls?……….two rolls…………..TWO ROLLS!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
    well its okay… This cutie pie need all the love she needs~♥ :3

  30. Saiyu Specialist featuring Lilypichu?


  31. Seeing Lily so happy about Sayu makes me so proud of her. She's come so far for her dreams and they're coming true.

  32. Is this video about Lily voicing a character in Genshin or an anti-Gambling ad?

  33. They need to have micheal as a voice for a character

  34. the most addictive?drugs like cocaine or meth?cigarettes?nah fam it’s rolling that 780 primogems you saving sitting on the top right corner

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