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I WILL NOT ROLL FOR KLEE – The Finale (Genshin Impact)

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1011 Primogems, 2 Starglitters, 5240 Stardust, 20 Rolls away from Guaranteed Pity,
and a Klee.

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With a few minutes left on Klee’s banner, a Genshin Impact player named Memorii gambles everything in order to achieve his life-long dream that he’s trying to reach for 8 months.

And that is to get Klee before Kazuha’s banner replaces her banner.

No, this is not a Tectone rant to Mihoyo. Mtashed is not complaining about the lack of content in the Genshin Impact. Enviosity is not clearing the Spiral Abyss and getting 36 stars overall (congrats Envi!). Tuonto is not teaching us about Jean’s full Anemo potential (hi fellow Mondstadt Knight main!). Tony To is not showing us how to clear strong Abyss Heralds within seconds. Bwaap is not playing with us through the game’s Story Quests. Akron is not reacting to other Genshin Impact Content Creator. It’s just your ya boi Noelle main making bunch of random videos from this game! Thank you guys so much so far for watching my content! This is a dream come true and I hope that we’ll be a successful content creator in the near future! Whether it’s from Genshin Impact or any other game. Here’s to success!


  1. And that's how y skip kazuha Ayaka and yoimima banner

  2. Happy you have a character you want, thats the point – glad you finally have her, you deserve her!

  3. Id switch my klee for diluc without hesitation

  4. Bruh I feel you, I pulled for Kazuha but got Diluc instead, ughhh

  5. Its so dramatic it encaptured my mind when I got Mona for Kazuha's banner 😂

  6. Lmaoo all your vidoes are soo soo funny !! Btw congratulations for getting klee

  7. Now u got my sub dude 😂😂 so nice editing.. the flashback tho 😂😂😂

  8. 6:39 "for a weak 5* character."
    As a klee main I have been murdered

  9. A thank I will like to have any 5 star and f2p and its make The game funny too


  10. Are there the term for getting in first 10 pull

  11. y'know..first banner klee i got jean,after rerun banner i got jean again,jean rlly love me huh

  12. "Weak 5 star character"

    Hexcusemeeee!! Klee have saved my ass so many times, that the only thing Zhongli did for me is protect Klee from burning from her own fire

  13. Memorii. :- i'm saving for Ayaka and yoimiya

    Memorii. :- pulling Klee tonight

  14. I understand your pain..I got Diluc on the kazuha summon
    And it was a consolation!


  16. Klee isnt weak. yes she 100% isnt the best 5 star and she is clunky as hell. but cuteness and explosions!

  17. Me getting klee and knowing on how strong kazuha is:


  18. bro your so lucky i lost the 50/50 and i rlly wanted her :/

  19. Nothings wrong, he just got 3 fates out of nowhere

  20. This feels like a whole f*cking movie lmao wtf

  21. The commitment bro , I respect it. Congratulations on getting klee

  22. I accidentally got C1 Klee because I pressed ∆ instead of O.

  23. Dude I saw this on speed x2 and is so fucking funny what a nice channel

  24. "weak" I am greatly offended no character is weak 🙂

  25. Tbh why do u sound like alex from lowspec gamer

  26. Yes klee was power creeped but like she's still the 2nd best pyro dps. Which makes her still top tier and though I'm not hitting for 100k on my ult like with eula, with klee I'm hitting like 40k on a charge attack which happens a lot more than a eula ult.
    It's not that bad imo, also she's more mechanically fun than 98% of the characters in this game.

  27. eating noodle with my one pull klee while watching this : good job 👍🏻

  28. When Memorii said " 2 Klee banners and I still didn't get her,"

    Can relate. I still didn't get Tartaglia on his rerun banner 🙂

  29. Him "am I just destined to not have klee banner?"

    Me who dont have god damn wallet & money and dont have 5 star character except traveler.

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