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I’M FINALLY GOOD AT A GAME?! | The Cycle (This Game is Dope AF)

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  1. "I don't know how to gain the system" -CaRtOoNz
    maybe play the game how it was intended? (as in the fucking contracts) PVP is meant to be secondary to the contracts, so the fact you said that is hilarious because it was staring you in the face the entire time

    yes, I expect fan-boys to come to spam me with hate, idfc I feed off their salt

  2. Hey cartoonz may u plz make a gameplay of call of duty warzone plz bro😎

  3. Weren't you pretty good at evolve? Granted that game lost some hype for some people but you did good from what I saw. This game seems intense like you said but I'm not great at pvp except maybe fighting games so anything is intense to me lol

  4. that game look great. A combinaison of battle royale with wild enemy ai and objective? Where do I…
    See epic games store

  5. Cartoonz spawn coming out. Mortal kambat11 play him march14

  6. Cartoons u or too late squirrel burn down his on tree butt he's making another one

  7. Hey CaRtOoNz, when are you gonna play GTFO with a full squad?? Love your vids btw and can’t wait for your next one!!

  8. If only it was available on the switch

  9. I think the melee is better than the pistol

  10. Do more of this game please. It's fucking awesome

  11. when you have 800 creds and still didnt buy an 800 cred weapon to make quick work of those monsters!

  12. Cartoonz: This is my favorite game

    For honor: Son of a b**

  13. Cartoonz you should join the cycle discord.
    Next weekend we are doing community games.
    We all just quo up at the same time and do stupid stuff it realy fun.

  14. Ngl I have been tired of BR for about a year and a half

  15. Too bad epic games only put fortnite on the nintendo and not this game

  16. Toonz I feel ya. Heart pounding both PvE and PvE! I SUCK at pvp but there`s just enough pve to keep me coming back match after match. Highest I have placed is 6th. Good Luck!

  17. oh hey I found brock the youtuber! from brawl stars!

  18. Dang, you are good at pvp, I am better at doing the contracts and you need to use the x button to find contracts near you

  19. I like this more than other battle royale games ☺️

  20. Matchmaking takes lotta tome.. but the gameplay and all are amazing

  21. Please make more of these man I love the game and no one good plays it

  22. Cartoonz: “who else wants to die?” Monsters: bonjour

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