INSAAAANE AR60 REWARDS! 1 Year Account Overview! Genshin Impact -

INSAAAANE AR60 REWARDS! 1 Year Account Overview! Genshin Impact

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Did I finally beat the game?! Here is my 1 year account overview. The last one I did was around 6 months ago.


  1. I havent even 100% the liyue and mondstat areas

  2. Are you whaling to level everyone up to 90 so quickly or are you using Resin?

  3. All map 100%… no more chest to be found with the compass,
    AR57 – 50k to AR58, from the 5-star char don`t have Qiqi, Xiao, Ganyu, Klee, Albedo, Kokomi, Kazuha and Yoimiya… all outers are 9/9/9 level 80/90 only 4 are 90/90, from the 4-star have everyone at 70/80 and they are 6/6/6 some with cons are 6/9/9, the only one 4-star to 90/90 9/12/12 is Rosaria… from the weapons have 4 rows at level 90 and the 5th is level 80… only 3 are 5-star the Jade spear from the standard banner, I try for Homa, but got the Wolf claymore and with the new method but with twist /pulling for the outher weapon/ I got the Mistsplitter… Lost the pity from Mona one time, Jean one time and Diluc 2 times…
    After Tao 1st banner started to buy the BP and till now I spend 80$… no matter what you work 10$ for month is not big deal… After work from 2 to 3 hours play… only Sunday relaxing… so that is it… Have blast day/night all!!! 👣

  4. No hate but how can playing the game like this be fun. Knowing that whoever comes out you will guaranteed get them and even at C6 i mean why play if everything you do is guaranteed

  5. i always went to the day i acquired amber to find out when i started since you get her literally 10 mins after you step into the game for the first time

  6. idk why people are shy or embarrassed and secretive in America about $. Can you tell us roughly how much you have spent to be able to reach these stats?

    would love to gage how many thousands it would take to fully enjoy the game!

  7. So no one noticed that he was saying wrong numbers in the talent section lol

  8. Are you hoping they raise the cap? I don't do allll the content and I'm AR57. I reckon in a few more months many players that started right after beta should be AR60.

  9. If you want to save your standard wishes for possibly getting bonus Thomas, you'll have to wait until 2.3. New 4 stars only go to the standard banner after the update they're introduced.

  10. Actually pretty sad to see the artifacts, for someone thousands of dollars in the game but yet most of the artifacts are just mediocre, there wasn't as much god pieces as I expected for a while account, goes to show how shit the RNG system really is

  11. Thanks for the baal guide my f2p ball is my most op in my account keep up the good work and the funn I have 1 question tho how do I can't seem to get 2000atk and descent crit I either get 1 out the 2 any tips

  12. my goal is similar to yours tbh, all characters 90/90 talents 9,9,9 (with exceptions for crowned, of course) [I triple-crowned my Ayaka and Beidou btw, planning to triple-crown Yae Miko, Yoimiya, and Kokomi]

    in terms of exploration, I have all regions (yes, even in Mondstadt and Liyue) at 100% [I have no life outside my room so yeah]

    ah, so I'm insane with triple-crowning, ok haha

    um, I got a 28% crit dmg sands for my Ayaka and that's it, that's the only GREAT artifact I got, everything else is trash

  13. Not sure why when people share their ar 60 accounts, they don't show some daily quests. From what i know, any extra xp is converted to mora. Was wondering how much per xp

  14. Don't spend it all in one place – mihoyo probably

  15. The true endgame content would be 3 crowning your traveler FOR EACH ELEMENT 😎
    (Do tell me if someone has done this at least for the current 3 elemnts)

  16. I would like to ask how you get so much money for primos?

  17. it's kinda sad knowing this is the last of these videos

  18. i think a 4 star constellation for anyone would be nice but oh well that's not how things work around here i guess

  19. Im only good in explorations 100% monstadt and liyue
    And Inazuma last 2 maps to go

  20. I want to thank Mihoyo in advance for the 3x Black Tassel when I reach AR60. What a day to look forward to when my Zhongli will be able to deal 5 Million DMG to the strongest of slimes as my Black Tassel becomes R10000 🙂

  21. i’m looking for to see iwtl showcase xinyan noelie and new geo 5* claymore guy (i’m curious if he getting new claymore as well showcase with xinyan & noelie 🤔😮)

  22. your artifact ? is so freaking good for me because I can't build my own team and characters T-T

  23. Whales and f2ps, artifact randomness graces us both the same way. Ain't that shitty? 🙂

  24. I'm quite dissapointed in your video this time Iwintolose 🙁 cuz no dad jokes…

  25. they should atleast let us pick one 5* character from standard banner at ar 60

  26. Hope on ar 80-100 we can get just one free five star character perhaps

  27. I thought you were going to do a pulling session

  28. Thank you for showing us your artifacts sets. Quite a few good pieces and you can still collect/store more, since we can store upto 1500 artifacts now.

  29. Oh wow, so you actually rarely whale for c6 5 stars, but you spend all your whaling on resources/resin? Interesting

  30. U are goals tbh with regards to each character being 90/90. That's so cool. I wish i could do that….maybe someday i will…thanks for the inspiration and great content ✌🖒

  31. can you do a video of you rolling for r5 staff of homa ?

  32. It's hard seeing people living your dream.

    Aside from the lvl 60 ascension rewards

  33. video: has 69 dislikes
    me: i know what i have to do, but i dont know if i have the power to do it.

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