INSAAAANE AR60 REWARDS! 1 Year Account Overview! Genshin Impact -

INSAAAANE AR60 REWARDS! 1 Year Account Overview! Genshin Impact

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Did I finally beat the game?! Here is my 1 year account overview. The last one I did was around 6 months ago.


  1. Uff so much C6 Fivestars and R5 Fivestar weapons…
    sad only moon-blessing noices

  2. You can check the date in Amber to get a good measurement of your first day playing genshin, unless you stopped before getting Amber and waited a few days 😂

  3. What server is iwintolosegaming playing on

  4. Honestly iwtl is the most dedicates and the most god tier whale i’ve ever seen… has almost everyone at c6 with their bis and makes entertaining and informational content for the chars some of us only wish to have 😅😂

  5. The rewards aren't that bad, if it didn't take a year to reach..

  6. POV : you're confused with the guy talking about his pizza pocket

  7. I've been slacking on using my Crowns. I have 12 sitting in my bag lol

  8. Dont worry, Im going to raise 9 9 9 to Aloy 👍

  9. IWTL giving high-crit rate feather to Yoimiya because he needs MORE CONSISTENT dmg. Meanwhile, he has 97% crit rate on her 🙂🌚 Shall we cry in our COPIUM rates 🤣😭

  10. I would've been in the AR60 club if I hadn't stopped playing for like 3-5 months

  11. To be fair this isn’t just a problem with genshin it’s a problem with gacha games in general

  12. you can check when amber joined your party to find out the exact date you started playing.

    Amber isn’t so useless anymore haha

  13. I absolutely love ur voice :3. That is the main reason why I love ur vids (mostly DPS showcases).

  14. Maybe artifact roll content will be good hehe…

  15. I just hit AR 58 yesterday as F2P too. Can’t imagine being AR 60

  16. Your account must be value at least 1 million dollars

  17. From here i know, pale flame is the most fucking set artifact

  18. I also like keeping artifact for variation of stats. I have 140+ artifact at +20 tho half of them i dont use at all. Lmao.

  19. kaeya's been in the shop twice, but he might be coming back in november/december

  20. IWTL: lemme know how much you guys have explored the inazuma islands…
    Me: 0, I didn’t bother to go to any other islands that’s not part of the archon quest-

  21. I can smell the sarcasm all the way from Romania

  22. Why did you level Diona's normals beyond 6? lol. That's where your Tusks went.

  23. I’m actually happy to see somebody enjoy yoimiya in their open world team 😀 I love her sm she brings me sm joy!

  24. y'all reaching ar 60 already while here i am literally almost about to reach 58 even if im from release 😭

  25. i've recintly got 42% cdm EM goblet from EoSF set, and idk what to do with that (i have no kazuha)
    And EoSF Crit Rate circlet with 22% cdm roll and 17% er (and atack% sub) for my raiden (i think it's my best circlet)

  26. *claims ar60 rewards*
    oops forgot to hit record

    anyways congrats

  27. I'm F2P player and I have not that worse artifacts than you except head pieces

  28. I just reached AR 59 today, so I guess I'll catch up to you by this time next year 😆

  29. Inazuma islands are all 100% exploration except watatsumi and tsurumi which are at 97%. I grinder quite a bit.

  30. I have 100% crit damage flower and I also have a pyro cup for my hu tao that have a 35% crit rate with 125 EM and 40% crit damage and for the feather it has 55 crit rate and damage for the sands it has 45% crit damage and a 35% crit rate and for the last the circlet it has a crit damage main stats and a 50% crit rate sub stats and 100 ER.

    I'm a f2p BTW!!

    I mean f2p GOD

  31. “I plan to get another r5 homa” wtf man getting one 5 star weapon to r5 is hard enough. He is true mega whale status here. But I’m surprised you skipped out on kazuha and xiao c6. Since those are pretty high tier characters that were pretty hype during their release. Albedo I kinda understand since he was very early on and hasn’t had a rerun

  32. I can show off about my 100% exploration Inazuma (except for Watatsumi Island)

  33. 1:40 The day you started the game is probably the game you got amber. You can find the date of acquisition for each character in the archives.

  34. It's sooo obvious that he's more biased towards the female characters compared to the male ones. He has crowned almost all of the best female dpses while xiao sits at 6-6-6 AND the best anemo support in the entire game (kazuha best boy) is also at level 6 across the board… not to mention he has most of the waifus at c6 while my boys are c0 (except kazu). Tragic.

  35. yeah "not properly built" your most unused characters are more built than my main dps

  36. Goals for account…? Hmm…
    Id decided back in like Nov, 2months after game came out that, since new story quests would be slow coming, I would instead choose to level up every character I get (whale or not), up to friendship 10, lvl 80 and 6/6/6 at min… just to have a personal opinion of them. That seemed to be the best option in order to drag out the game and….so far, just using normal resin and limited resin (from teapot) and absolutely none of the condensed….im already down to only the last 6. Yep, that quick.
    Thanks for coming to my account review

  37. It's nutty how sky high his standards are when it comes to crit on artifacts. Some of his "copium" pieces are pieces I'd be happier than a pig in sh*t if I got on my account!

  38. I've got PlayStation ad when you zoomed Aloy face

  39. That just looks like ar 50 rewards with 15 extra freemos and 1 more wish

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