Is Everyone About To Quit Genshin Impact? -

Is Everyone About To Quit Genshin Impact?

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Genshin Impact may have a mass exodus of players soon as they quit for diffferent reasons. Lack of end game, the poor anniversary rewards, and other content creators leaving the game could be the catalyst to start it all.


  1. If they add some endless spiral abyss with coop mode. I think its gonna be more fun to spent the game with ur friends

  2. Currently the game doesn't make me interested anymore, every character I want to evolve to build different teams I can't because the resin limits me a lot, I'll probably keep playing until the end of October and if nothing interested is added I'll just stop play :/

  3. Farming artifacts is just killing my motivation for getting back in the game and it put me off grinding gems for new characters as well..

  4. If you get 100k+ views on each video, why would you quit the game?

  5. Honestly, for me, I feel like I have every character I could ever want. For months now, none of the new characters have really interested me. Kazuha was my last "new" character and now I have reached the point where I don't know what to farm because all characters that matter to me are already built. Sure, Thoma sounds like an interesting support. Maybe Yae and Gorou could be interesting but we don't even have any information on them. Feels like they got forgotten after the big hype of the first 4 new Inazuma characters. And now with the disappointing anniversary rewards, yeah, I have definitely lost interest in the game.

  6. To be fair part of why genshin got so big is because of how available it was to most people especially to the mobile gaming community.

  7. I still log in for dailies but it's just a side game now. I've already given up on this game improving.
    There are many other games for me to play until Elden Ring.

  8. This feels a lot like PSO2: NGS. Fantastic foundation of a game but the company is greedy af. So much fucking potential thrown away by a company focused more on profits than giving the players what they want.

  9. Almost not playing for 1month now. I only do the resin and commissions and log out

  10. I'm a new player. I started playing at the beginning of August, and I wasn't playing every day. Max 2 hours a day if I did play. I have had such a love-hate relationship with it since I started. I held off on playing in the beginning when it was released because I was upgrading my PC, and then I just kinda forgot about it until my niece brought it up. And that's when I started to play because I wanted to have another means to like connect with her, catch up to her levels, bond etc. We had some fun co-oping, but honestly after catching up to where everyone else is in the game–beating Ei & Signora–I just don't find myself drawn to continue… for now.

    I'm not quitting, but I'm just not enticed to keep going at the moment. Maybe when the next story drops, or if there's a good banner. I've legit just been playing f2p characters and saving up my primogems for a banner I actually like. Just everything that's been going on with the anniversary, and just feeling tired from doing the daily commissions, tasks, etc it just felt tedious already. Like as you said, burnout. Character stories and the overall storyline is why I continued because I wanted to catch up and do the final Ei battle. But now that I did, I legit thought in my head, "Okay now what?" Point blank, nothing else can keep me. At this point, it's like another animal crossing situation. Nonetheless, I will be keeping an ear out for upcoming news, reading if hopefully, things get better, but until then I have a bunch of other games on my Steam that I've bought and never started, so I'm going to go ahead with those.

  11. This Video legit made me cry… but still, im not quitting the game until the story ends 🙂

  12. I have been having same thoughts and feelings since two months, and cannot see any final reason to stay playing this game

  13. Watching his existential quandary is more interesting than any content he has put out for the game

  14. They only way Mihoyo is gonna fix their shi*ty reward system is when people start quiting the game and the sales go all time low. But who am I to say whales will quit so yeah they will still be funded regardless

  15. I still love Genshin, yes content maybe dry so i just casually playing it. I don't rush things too quickly and enjoy playing coop with friends helping them with their AR

  16. ive been playing since day one and it definitely feels like a slap in the face when they refuse to put in the repeatable endgame contents, feed us shit rewards after their 1.9 billion revenue the past year. They have budget of billions now and their dev budget is that of like an indie company. They have the ability to do so much with so much money thrown at them but they just won't.

  17. Genshin is not an all day long game. Its more like log in, get your reward then log off. At least thats what im doing. Lol

  18. To be honest I understand the frustration especially for game content creators, especially when the game becomes stale and there isn't much social component to the game that can make it a variety show. At this point I'm still playing only because I want to see the story to the end and that I have spent quite an amount in this game. I really do hope soon mHY will come up with other content that genshin needed so much for it to feel fresh again.

  19. I don’t think anybody is going to quit. I think that everyone is going to stop spending money on this game because Mihoyo is being extremely selfish with the rewards that we as the playerbase deserve. Not only are they being selfish, but the resin system is literally a brick wall for endgame content. If Mihoyo doesn’t want to replace resin can they at least shorten the time resin refreshes.

  20. Helix mattresses gave better rewards than Mihoyo
    that was really sweet though !

  21. player who started genshin from the start… I'm really disappointed how Kokomi is design, of course, character is beautiful but man.. that -100 crit in order to get +25% hp bonus?… really?.. and the story build up towards kokomi?… I think they spent all their energy with Raiden..

    Every character they created I loved waiting and watching pv character play with the quest… Kokomi… they really need to at least fix her in someways …

  22. One thing about the Resin system that I really don't understand is the limit on condensed Resin. I'd understand having a limit of about 100 or something similar. But only 5? That's way too low for me. If not changing the Resin system, the least they can do is remove or expand the limit for condensed Resin. Anything would be better than just being bored 30 minutes into the game for the day. Yes some people can just buy more resin, but I can't. Not everyone can. Not everyone can afford to.

  23. I love this game and I'm not gonna quit even if Mihoyo doing some stupid thing again. This game helps me be happy even after a long and stressful day.

  24. What a coincidence, im laying on a helix mattress while im watching this video lol

  25. Genshin is a game I learned to play casually, I played on release until 1.4 then came back a month after Inazuma came
    out and I learned if I have to force myself to do things it isn’t fun anymore it’s a chore.

  26. There is so little content left in Genshin after every update. Before, I could understand why MHY didn't want to change resin. It capped how far we could progress so we'd had more content to do. But now, a year into the game, the progress we have with it is so menial. I may be lucky to get one usable artifact at this point and most of characters are lvl 70-90. Completely removing resin at this point would have no negative impact for MHY. I'd like that, but even then, it doesn't solve the content issue we have in Genshin.

    The main problem is that there is no end-game content that allows us to have fun and test our characters. Spiral Abyss isn't enough. Story quests and expansions to the map are the only new kinds of content updates we get. But after each update, we go through all the content we have in a few weeks time and are back to square one. And after that, I doubt most people are running around Mondstadt and Liyue fighting mobs. What Genshin desperately needs is repeatable and sustained content that won't sour so soon. MHY never expected Genshin to be this widely popular and successful, but now is the time for them to step up to that success and make Genshin worth the money it earns. The fanbase deserves better.

  27. I quit the game for six months because I was getting bored of the routine of login into the game just to do the daily missions and log out.

    I have returned since Baal banner and I pull for her and got her.

    Getting to play a new region like Inazuma "this changes everything" like Mtashed said, the rewards from the tree are completely woth it and I wanna keep playing I even bought the battle pass and the blessing.

    Summarizing what I just said you will eventually feel the burnout of playing every day this game, just rest, do something different play other games, do exercise, disconnect for a couple of days or months take your time and maybe you reconsider playing again.

  28. Hey tashman, let play some Destiny 2 along side, I play both =))

  29. 12:52 it's the only way to get Mihoyo's attention and pull them from their ever growing blind greediness.

  30. Stopped playing when hu tao came out. Just got back about a month ago and already nothing left to do.

  31. It's easy.
    Everybody is going to jump to blue protocol and BOTW2 When they drop.

    Genshin Impact has always been a mere snack to hold us over.

  32. Personally, I can get by with games like this and I'll just treat it as a character collection game. BUT that's only if there's an interesting story to back it up. The recent archon quest and story quest was very disappointing. I won't go into any detail about it here because I'm already tired of discussing how bad it is compared to the previous archon quest chapters. There will be people who liked it of course, and there's nothing bad about it. Maybe it was just me who find it bad and I just had very high expectations for a billion-dollar company to make a much more engaging story. At this point, the BGM is the only thing that never disappoints.

  33. I am also quieting
    Rip Genshin and it's aniversary

  34. I think it's Time to go on Diablo 4 😁 and maybe Come back next years…

  35. i feel like they should do a pvp with other players

  36. I found your channel and content because of Genshin, and knowing you also did content for Destiny and Monster Hunter makes me realize I'll probably stick for the ride into whatever other game you jump on. It's fun quality content and it is appreciated.

  37. my opinion, they should go through with this quote I heard a while ago, that they planned to make genshin the largest multiplayer experience or something similar. when I play multiplayer, it feels quite off. I've made one friend I respect and it feels more like inviting a friend over to play local coop, but without the wonders of actual local coop. not sure how to describe it, but I feel that multiplayer is brutalized in this game. I haven't put too much thought into possibilities, but it's still insane what could be done.

  38. Only thing that can get me to leave GI is choppy and laggy gameplay that's cuz of my low end device

  39. This is very true im currently at AR 57 but i think i might quit.

  40. I’ve been playing since about November, AR 57, and I certainly agree the endgame sucks. Fishing was a fun idea, but the execution was atrocious. There’s just too much damn stop-gaps on progress, and I really think that Resin should be refreshing at double the rate it currently does (and the cap should also be doubled). Based on all of the RNG, this wouldn’t be that big of an issue for Mihoyo, I don’t think.

  41. Took me 3months to perfect my Eula, and there's no enemy that can stand her/other characters of mine. Game has me leveling L I S A just because i'm so bored and have 700 characters leveled and worked on.

  42. Not everyone is about to quit game fans are absolute masochist degens they will take the torture and be like ooo new waifu let me just suffer some more gambling to get her and play the same events and commissions and dungeons everyday till I die

  43. In a lot of ways, the next update is going to be very crucial in knowing where the game heads due to the issues you raised. Here's to hoping that mihoyo redeems themselves soon

  44. Tbh I’m planning to quit genshin too and I don’t blame the others

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