Is Genshin Impact Dying? -

Is Genshin Impact Dying?

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  1. I took a month long break during the entire island arc

  2. As a serenitea pot player, the game isn't quite dying

  3. Well, I still have a shit load of chest on mondstandt and Liyue and Draginspine….

    Genshin is really good

  4. Imagine how much disk space Genshin takes once Fontaine is out (it's 575 MB when Inazuma was released)


  6. Short ans: genshin isn't dying.Just people are quiting the game for a while
    Genshin is dying for those players who are damn idiot who spent their money for 5 star character
    As a f2p my ans is it's not dying

  7. I think they need to reduce the time and day for the character banners to change

  8. i think dainsleif would be like- a boss or smth coz what he said in the vid in the end but idk :T

  9. That's why every people should play and complete the story very u can enjoy

  10. How weird that no one is talking about the thumbnail of the video

  11. "Genshin Impact is dying!"

    Mihoyo: here's our next waifu/Husbando!


  12. Ok. The storyline is good and all but if all that happening is we going through nation by Nation helping them in their problems…. it's not that cool. It's cool and all but not cool enough to give us emotional crybaby moments and sick shocks. I want some massive twists happening

  13. Streamers : I am not able to find any topic about genshin

    Let's play the usual card as every fucking youtuber of genshin

    Is genshin dying..?
    🙄Tectone I know hat bullshit you are..

  14. I can’t really “stop playing” because:
    1. I need to get those 60 primos everyday
    2. It’s the only game that I actually keep up with.

    So i don’t really take breaks rather, I just log in for around 10-20 minutes so that I can just do my dailies.

  15. Genshin aint dying, heck it's just a baby at this point. Ya know every patch new banner and stuff, it makes the game interesting to come back to when you got burned out, because I personally Think it's normal, ain't it?

  16. I'm still highly upset at how the Arknights community did my boy back then.

  17. Genshin isn’t dying. The Genshin player’s wallet is.

  18. I was interested throughout that entire trailer, thinking, "This is cool, I like the little plotlines they're hinting at". We got to Snezhnaya, and it was interesting to learn that the Fatui don't even love their god, they're just following her around to not be destroyed by her. Then the last one appeared, not giving any name, nor act number, (even though we can assume the number), then "Khaenri'ah". My jaw hit the floor.
    I'm super hyped for what they're cooking up for the future.

  19. Look on the bright side. By picking Lumine, you have another waifu and she does more damage on her heavy attack to Aether. You picked the more powerful MC. That being said, I picked Aether because I knew there would be Waaaaaay more waifus than husbandos.

  20. at this point, those who doesnt watch tectone sees him as a villain

  21. LOOL. i literally just join genshin a month ago and got addicted

  22. Where is a guild/clan system? I'm not gonna quit before I experienced doing raid boss with guild/clan mates

  23. That Genshin Impact Storyline preview always give me goose bumps!!!

  24. "i don't know how the fuck their going to make lava pits and overheat cool"

    that's the neat part, you don't

  25. anyone got any 5 star summon rituals? im AR 27 with no 5 stars and i literally get made fun of 😭

  26. "Is Genshin Impact Dying?"

    No..but my wallet is.

    (i thought this was funny bc i m a f2p lmao)

  27. meanwhile i haven't even finished mondstadt. because i didn't have times

  28. 𝐅𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐟𝐥𝐢𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐡 says:

    The whales are keeping Genshin Financially stable and the f2ps are keeping the community alive by playing this game likes it's our religion 😎

  29. Why are speed runners ruining these games that release content like every other month?

  30. Honestly, just doing dailies is enough if there's no more content for me. The thing that made me stay for this game is the story so as long as the story keep getting updates, I'll be there to see it.

  31. Although genshin is not dying

    My hope of getting good artifacts is dying.

  32. Genshin is not dying but the characters inside will


  33. I havent even Finished Inazuma because of real Life 😅

  34. If mihoyo would just open the flood gates and get rid of the energy system

  35. "I dont look at leaks" *baal leaked burst in thumbnail

  36. teccy, do you think there will be more crossovers like aloy?

  37. Lmfao thats thr best tectone thumbnail face of em all.

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