Is Genshin Impact Worth Playing? -

Is Genshin Impact Worth Playing?

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Join me as I finally accept anime’s existence.
Thanks to the devs for reaching out to me for this one, it was definitely an interesting turn from the usual stuff. Feel free to check out the game here:

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All songs are from the Genshin Impact OST besides the one at the very start. That one’s from Metal Gear Solid 3. It’s called Surfing Guitar. Oh wait, Deja Vu is in there too.

00:00- Intro
03:37- Starting the game
05:38- Gameplay Mechanics
19:13- Gacha Elements and Miscellaneous Bits
32:54- Story, Questing and Environment
01:00:58- Conclusions
01:06:29- Outro

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  1. This game is either
    Free to play or Forced to play

  2. Game is absolutely worth it. Good lore, animation,fight, music, best waifu, best gacha game, best design, best environment, versatile and game of the year. If u love anime u will love it.

  3. The only thong that makes me not uninstall the game is Yae :v

    When I finish the archons quest I start to get bored, and I'm to lazy to go everyday to farm and sh*t, I'm still lvl 35 (I think, I don't open the game since 2 months ago ;-;)

  4. I can think of at least four different groups of players who'd want to play this game. 1. If you really like anime and manga and want a game centered on characters drawn that way. Tons of good-looking ones, and always new ones being added, if you're into that. 2. Players who like exploring a beautiful, open-world landscape with lovely music. Such players would find that Mondstadt and Liyue provide tons of opportunity to explore, and you don't need to beat the big bosses to advance…. unless you want to get to Inazuma. 3. Players who love figuring out ways to build a very strong team. I think the appeal to the Pokemon player base (of which I am one), was very deliberate. 4. Players who are willing to whale to put up big numbers and do impressive damage in the big bosses and big mob fights. Flexing is definitely a thing.

  5. 27:00 the hardest thing a player may struggle with end-game is the last spiral abyss floors, thats the only place where you need to have more characters (8) and they must be strong. You can clear it as a f2p player, but it will be difficult and it will take months to get there.
    For new players, you really only need Noelle, thats why she has her own banner and shes guaranteed drop.. this maid has carried so many newbies.
    Forgot to clarify that you don't need to clear the last abyss floors 9-12, they reset every 2 weeks and its just an optional thing to get some more rewards after you clear the initial abyss floors 1-8 that dont reset.

  6. I am a whale in genshin and say definitly NO to that Question, its to easy and don't have the Quality of Life things we players need in order to play this game properly and i play since day 1… unfortunatly…

  7. I’d love an in depth breakdown of Valheim from your perspective

  8. No, the games just not at that level where I would ever recommend anyone play it, it’s a game that takes mechanics fans inspiration from many other genres and games but makes them mediocre.

  9. The single most predatory game I’ve ever seen is walking dead road to survival by scopely. Once you’ve outfitted your roster with the best characters they create a higher tier character set that are more costly to attain.

  10. It's fun, but don't get addicted to gambling. I haven't spent a dime yet, but I currently enjoy exploring the world and the story.

  11. This is really being done from the perspective of a new player. This kind of begs for the follow up. The good, the bad, and the ugly as it were. All the selling points of things to do and chests to find dry up pretty quickly especially after around AR45 when you've likely found most of the chests and puzzles on the map. After the point when you have literally thousands of each of the materials in the game, the map looks and feels just empty. Speaking to the updates, we're going entire updates with virtually no progress put into story or the map. Those updates are largely made up of events but even those tend to be time gated and tend to leave you at least a day at a time with virtually nothing to do. End game simply does not exist. The end game is exactly what you will have been doing since the beginning of the game and that's grinding out artifacts for the sake of grinding out artifacts. Natural weapons progression and crafting are largely missing even a year after the fact. This incredibly impacts the game's enjoyment as many of the characters are designed to incorporate certain weapons and mechanics into them that are currently gotcha only.

  12. The kicker about all of this. It's free. You can play start to finish (currently) at no cost. Truly insane.

  13. I only tried to play GI for a week when it launched, but I had some issues with it. One that sticks out is that you can get a character added to your party early and then much later meet them in the world, I found this immersion breaking. Also the daily log in bonus made me feel a bit "forced" to play every day when I usually prefer to play games on weekends and maybe once or twice in the week.
    The thing that made me drop the game was that I asked myself if the game would've been better if it wasn't designed with gacha in mind, and yes, to me it would likely be better. This would've allowed characters to join you in a more natural way, the story could've had better pacing and no slightly feeling forced to play every day.
    I get that the game isn't for me, but I kind of fear that this is a direction more (if not most) games will go, and this would really ruin gaming for me.

  14. It is very weird how in the comment section people keep insisting that the gacha is addictive. To me i dont feel addicted, in fact i only feel like i want to gacha if i like that character. If im on my 50.50, i will just pull and hoping for the best, and if i fail then i will just consider it that we are not "fated to meet". Lol. I might try it again if i have enough primogems on last days but i wont force it like other people do

  15. I believe this goes more into the gacha part of genshin, try this review In my opinion it does a fenominal job in discussing the problem with genshin and it's benefits.

  16. I don't think they were thinking about German words when they named the city

  17. "Eyepatch" is a good name!!
    P.S. – I also hate him xDD

  18. Yes, I am totally not recommending GI to people easily seduced by gacha 'cause it will literally suck you dry. It is an addicting, deep hole and can be super hard to get out of. Just watch out and I advise younger players to be more focused on the lore/story. Since most of the fandom are younger people- I'm telling you rn don't let the game eat you, making you spend half your day grinding for primos not even enough for a single wish. However, if you have the money, have a stable income and time then why the hell not right? I'm not trying to limit anyone, I'm just saying to be careful and take breaks when you have to. Happy playing!

  19. as expected, the German gets the German city name pronunciation correct. thank you.

  20. Yes it is fun to play but there 1 problem the stupid requirement to download them with bad phone or bad pc and it take so much space for mobiles is almost 20GB…. and also the RAM for pc its 8GB min while phone is 4GB minn

  21. Having been playing the game for over 400 days at this point, I am willing to agree with most of the things said in the video.
    Its a flawed experience for sure, heavily damaged by its monetization systems … But its still a great game in all that it is.
    In the end game, when you get to the highest level of play in genshin, its still really easy in comparison to other gacha games I played, and it indeed is doable with just F2P characters and from my experience, its also doable without any of those "0.6%" characters, but by no means I am saying they don't make it easier, they do… a lot easier…
    Still, Being a person who ended up Maining a 4 star character, And putting enough effort and work into her, (she is in the video, the red-coat one, Beidou) I was able to do the hardest part of the game, Abyss 12, the highest floor, just with her solo…
    Genshin is a great, if little strange and flawed at times, Game.

  22. Finally someone that knows how to pronounce mondstadt!

  23. Is it worth playing Overwatch? Is it worth playing Rainbow6? Is it worth playing any of the new Call Of Dutys?

  24. Dunno if he mentioned it anywhere, if he did I missed it but the world level increases as your adventure rank increases causing the game difficulty to increase. You can still get by late in the game with any gotcha characters but you will get outscaled on damage to enemy life without getting a good main dps (xangling is free and works well) and investing time into building them up early. Just a bit more info for any new players out there.

  25. They are really doing their best for the game, Kudos to them.

  26. salt broke his brain when talking about the wind

  27. Do you have a gambling addiction? If yes don't even get close to ANY gacha game. If you're broke and got plenty of time to waste, I recommend it.

  28. DON'T if you don't put at least 100$ per month in the game.

  29. I don't know if I should thank you or curse you for introducing me to this game.

  30. Sadly, the ocean creatures and such were a thing but the event is now gone 🙁

  31. I like you spent a lot of time with the game to review it. Like you actually went through most of the main story and regions. Some other people reviewing this game just go through mondstat or just early game stuff but that’s just the surface. It really picks up as you progress and the combat gets way more satisfying in mid game to endgame. This is all my opinion through, just expressing my gratitude for actually playing the game for a while before this video! (Also you spent money just to show us how it works, absolute madlad)

  32. The best part of this game is the easily the art design, and the music.
    The banners are absolute scam, but if you just play the game causally it’s tremendously enjoyable. The second you start sweating, it becomes too much. This game isn’t meant to be played more than 2-3 hours a day tops, unless you’re a streamer. Good video man

  33. Spent $750 in the first 3 months , you live and you learn

  34. I really agree with the enemy variety idea. It would have been great if they made advanced versions of Hilichurls and Mitachurls that are armed and armored with worn out versions of local weapons and equipment maybe even giving them different battle tactics and AI, all as a nod to how the Hilichruls scavenge human weapons and imitate the way the local fight.

  35. Why is Paimon just Fluttershy?

  36. genshin impact the only gacha game that i actually invested in the story

  37. By the time you finish the story content and reach end game, along with all the rewards along the way, as well as the daily rewards, you can easily net 2-3 5* characters. As long as you get the better ones and build a team of 4* to support them, you can easily finish even the end game.

  38. i always enjoy watching genshin reviews altho i've played it about a year now and i know all of these stuffs already

  39. I started playing Genshin Impact only a little bit over 7 months after it's release, and I still regret that I didn't find it sooner. I wish I could've started it from the very beginning. Despite playing it for so long, I never payed any irl money for it (except on the last banner because I lost the 50/50 and got Qiqi, when I really wanted to pull Shenhe, but I payed a bit, and eventually pulled her). Despite me being at level 54 and already knowing everything you said about the game, and already advanced with the story up to date, I still watched the video until the end, because I really wanted to hear someone's opinion on the game. I also saw you used Aloy, which made me really happy, because not many people use her or even like her (despite her being a 5 star character) because she's a crossover from another game. I personally like her a lot, and she's actually a really good character if you can build her and if you know how to use her properly. The only thing about this game that annoys the hell out of me is the resin takes sooooo much time until they are full again. It takes 7 minutes for only 1 resin, and there are 160 of them. It takes a hell lot of time, and that is the thing that I hate the most, because I NEED THOSE to be able to go to domains, and fight bosses and mini bosses and get stuff to level up my characters, and get better artifacts, and ascend their weapons, and ascend the characters and level up their talents, and so on, but that happens at a very slow pace because of those damn resin that take too long to get full again and 160 is a very small amount. That's kind of the only thing that I (and probably many others) hate about this game. That, and the fact that you can lose a 50/50 instead of getting the character that you want, and get Qiqi instead, 17 TIMES. After you get C6, you don't even need to pull her anymore, you basically both lose a 50/50 and get nothing because you already reached C6, so it's a lose-lose situation and you can't do anything about it, just stay in a corner and cry. I don't even use Qiqi. Freaking zombie. At least give me Jean, or Keqing, or Mona, I won't mind getting them even if that means losing the 50/50, but just don't give me Qiqi. Even a constellation to Diluc would be fine, because I already have him, but just don't give me Qiqi. My sister even started crying when she tried to pull for Xiao and Qiqi popped up on her screen instead. Another friend of mine also got Qiqi when she tried to pull for another character. Qiqi is a curse in this game, I swear. Ok, sorry for this. Rant ends.

  40. Well I been playing since launch but sure, spend an hour telling me if it's worth playing or not.

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