ITTO IS A BEAST!! (Genshin Impact) -

ITTO IS A BEAST!! (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re raising and building the brand new hero, Itto.
Let’s see what he can do.

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0:00 Raising Itto
2:45 Building Itto
4:08 Talents Explained
6:55 Itto Constellation Discussion
9:22 Itto Gampelay

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  1. i really like watching moga when I'm doing homeork since i know i won't miss anything(๑>؂<๑)!

  2. I'm guarenteed into pity 75 for itto. Thinking should I get him or wait for Ganyu…. This is so frustrating

  3. I got so lucky with his banner. I hope everyone who wants him gets the in Inazuma resident himbo!

  4. Wait… Hold up, wait a minute.

  5. "and we need one more" beep
    -moga 2021

  6. TO be honest I didnt wanted him and accidentaly got im in 20 pulls nad now I have to farm bugs xD,glad i have him since he is fun to play eeven though i prefer waifus over husbando(childe and Zhonli are exception xD)

  7. "so if you dont have his weapon whiteblind is DEF inietly good option."

    i see ,moga

  8. Even though I’m not rolling for Itto, I’m glad that he met/surpassed everybody’s expectations wooooo. Gotta save for Zhongli or Yae 😖

  9. ppl have been using actually mona instead of bennett so maybe try that?

  10. It’s pronounced su-PER-lative like those awards in high school year books

  11. Pretty sure it's "Su-pur-luh-tiv" and not "Super-lative" never heard anyone say it like that, even prior to the character.

    But yeah, character looks fun as hell!

  12. Does anyone realize Moga called Ushi a bear or was it just me lol

  13. made a second account for geo supremacy and itto shall be the main dps of that account forever. not pulling for any other characters unless they’re geo.

  14. Moga: very unlucky
    Me: got Eula in one pull and Arataki Itto in ten pulls

  15. I hate geo claymores with a passion I'm not sure why. Only geo claymore I can tolerate is Noelle

  16. i feel like xinyan gorou benny itto is a great team coz xinyan as a shielder with def and gorou boosting it then geo and pyro res but maybe another dps might come in handy for the downtime

  17. Ive been waiting for itto but i got qiqi

  18. is red horn good for eula? if i don’t have her 5 star ofc

  19. 6:06 the 2nd and 4th don't change, you just get stacks for 1st and third. So each attack gives you a stack

  20. Gorou seems like what’s we call a Star Stick. Just there to provide stats, doesn’t really matter what level he is.

  21. i really hate the fact that i got c1 itto and c0 gorou. goodluck to everyone who’s pulling for them!!

  22. He seems like another "strong for f2p but broken af for whales" character. Like. His C6 and weapon are honestly too good to be true.

  23. I wish the little thing walked around in a small circle

  24. When I saw his announcement I legit starting farming hardcore for him and when 2.3 dropped i farmed the artifacts domain none stop. Now I’m running a 40/260 crit rate and dmg, 111 er and triple crown. Tbh I have never, ever farmed so much for anyone.

  25. Question to all Moga viewers: My pity is at 76 rn. Do I go for Itto?

  26. Me as an f2p who spent my primos on albedo: i will just watch other people flex their ittos

  27. I was surprised i got itto in 20 pulls. Like i was rolling for Gorou.

    My experience: FIRST! ALBEDO.
    I was rolling for Albedo but it was 50-50. So i was praying and got Albedo.

    My experience: ITTO!
    I was rolling for Gorou. It was 20 pulls i was like "pls give me Gorou." I didnt expect it to turn gold. I was shocked and screamed when my brother told me to turn around so i cant see. Then i looked at him and said "what? Oh is it Jean? Diluc? Weapon?" I turned and saw Itto. And after a few pulls i got Gorou.

    Conclusion: i finished building my pity and if Xiao comes out, i hope i get Xiao.

  28. He's really fun to play and he just adorable and amazing, and Im so happy I got him❤️👹❤️

  29. Im so happy and so sad at the same time I lost the 50/50 diluc for itto but then I realized diluc has one of the strongest normal attacks in genshin and is on of the best Pyro dps's

  30. i accidentally got his signature weapon and him on my ar 16 account and idk what to do

  31. he definitely went easy on sara to lose his vision like that lol

  32. Hey Moga. Have you tried playing Genshin using Nvidia GeForce filters? I've been using them for a while myself and can't switch back since they make the game look even better and considering how much you play it could be a nice thing to play with.


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