ITTO IS ONE PUNCH MAN! | Ayato Voice Reveal? | Arataki Full Kit Details & Analysis | Genshin Impact -

ITTO IS ONE PUNCH MAN! | Ayato Voice Reveal? | Arataki Full Kit Details & Analysis | Genshin Impact

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  1. he looks good tbh just not for me… if i didnt have c6 noelle then i probly would

  2. (6th attempt) I'll persist, maybe it's useless, who knows. Seka, where i can find the shirts you are wearing? Especially the pale blue one, it's gorgeous.

  3. How could you miss ONE PUNCH MAN !!!!…..

  4. "He looks like a geo Noelle."

    … Noelle is already geo.

    Anyhow, basically he's a 5* Noelle, that can drop a taunt item, rather than having a shield.

  5. Fun fact: The bull from One Piece's dressrosa arc is also called Ucy.

  6. ok but did y’all hear ayato ?! i’m so excited for him

  7. I really like the geo characters but for some reason im not sold on itto… i guess im saving my primos

  8. Beyond hyped for itto. Great design and he looks like he could Uber strong

  9. we don't know his talents and we don't know his constellations, so i gonna still be reserved about him.

  10. Why does he remind me of Gabiru from the Slime isekai anime 0.0

  11. When Seka says Itto is a geo Noelle ☠️

  12. 20 wishes from pity i want him he is unique and hope i get his perfect teammate Gorou. I have zhongli. Lets go geo team defense wins titles.

  13. Sekapoko: "He looks like a geo Noelle."
    Noelle who laments being Geo instead of Anemo in lore: "Am I a joke to you?"

  14. I would only pull him for design or personality, cuz I feel like this Geo meta thing is a trap, Mihoyo encourages us to build Geo teams like they're super powerful and versatile, but with the same amout of investement, a Geo comp falls short compared to a reaction comp… I tried to beat Abyss with Geo now that wolves are weak to their same element but in the end I lack so much DPS. It's safe af, but with the 10.000.000 HP you have to tear up in the later Abyss rotations… Itto would need to have a huge raw power to make for that, and maybe he has it, but I fear it's constellation/signature weapon/Zhongli/Albedo/Gorou gated. Like… really expensive.

  15. ittos weapon has like 88.2 % crit damage along with his c6 +70% crit dmg on charged attacks, along with a crit dmg circlet 62.2% because he has ascension crit rate and then you have c6 gorou + 40% crit dmg. lets say you have no crit dmg on artifact thats already 310.4% crit dmg on his charged attacks.. my noelle without gorou and 190% crit dmg does around 30-50k with ref 5 serpent spine. then you add in the flat defense and the 25% defense bonus from gorou.. but remember his weapon also increase his normal/charged based on his defense and you all know how much more damage albedo was doing after similar weapon. and he also has a passive that increases his kesagiri by 35% of his defense thats on top of his ultimate defense bonus converted to attack.. with these things he will be insanely busted his damage with a few good artifact can easiely get up to 400% crit dmg and the weapon with 80% of defense is converted to normal/charged attack dmg with a 400% dmg multiplier will be insane. some godly ittos will easiely hit 100k+ charged attacks with no reaction it will be insane dmg, if people think he will be weak.

  16. Ayato EN VA sound great the best one in my opinion compared to the JP and CN

  17. seko missed it, but it's 3 particle with his E, not 2 lol

  18. we saw his voice acter when he was announced in 2.2…

  19. Only in English, though. JP Saitama would be God-Tier.

  20. Can't wait to see people do big damage with him with c0 and then people go pull for him then they realize he was c6 with 5 star r5 weaopn

  21. I mostly like his design but I’m more hyped for Yae and Ayato to be honest. The first characters I actually plan to get constellations for. Then Kazuha and Eula on their next rerun.

  22. Is his burst like Raiden? Can I use the emblem set on him?

  23. He is the first character who makes me consider to switch the voice acting from japanese to english, just because he is Ryuji from Person 5. 😀

  24. Hyper selfish carry, geo razor. With tons of energy consumption and a little energy to be generated. I think itto will get some issue in his first day but i’ll see it soon.
    He is good for design wise but personally i’m not really like to play with “burst dependency” character type except shogun. It really annoying to have downtime on field especially on abyss to get itto’s burst back and then going full rage again to gain some dps.
    But we’ll see, somehow mihoyo want to make geo meta back and those abyss blessing (buff) every phase on 2.3 will related to geo and depend on geo to make massive dmg.

  25. I'd have to try him. I was interested and saving, but I'm a little underwhelmed after looking at that. He looks like a 5* Noelle without the reach and the shield(and healing, but I rarely care about her heal). I'll give him a shot and watch you play him a bit before I decide to pull. He doesn't have to be top DPS if he is solid and fun to play. Going to pull the sword in either case.

  26. It seems like he requires too much time on field so definitely not good for quick swap teams and speed running ones

  27. i love crazy, he is plagg from miraculas ladybug also? yeah 😀

  28. Dude when he unleashes the charged attack that oni face looks great!

  29. Such a click bait tittle 🙁 didn't even mention One Punch Man and this character analysis shows that itto isn't OPM even in his dreams. So disappointing misleading video.

  30. I really hope Ayato is a claymore user but fights like a sword fighter. Basically I want him to play like Sephiroth lmfao. ROFL 😅. His signature weapon should be a long as claymore sword. And he should have a unique idle weapon showcase stance because it’s so long.

  31. Itto is straight forward type character like diluc…im gonna wish him together with gorou…i already build my noelle since the beginning…looks like my second team of abyss is mono geo…the first team will be elemental based team attack…owh boy can’t for itto…this is pretty interesting 😋

  32. Ayato VA is the same for Otto in Honkai
    if you know: you know

  33. Only care about power, if he is powerful gonna roll

  34. Still looks worse than Noelle. Less AoE, less survivability. The hype was the only reason I was gonna pull… but they took so long to release him, it kinda died down.


  36. "He looks like a geo Noelle" I lmfao so f hard on this part

  37. still looks like razor, especially cause switching breaks his ulti.
    it's likely much worse as i doubt Itto has good energy generation.
    what will really make or break him are the constellations. are they good or trash?

  38. Damn, Itto's banner sucks (at least for someone who is playing since day 1). Big sadge.

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