Itto Summons that Went Horribly Wrong for A BP Welkin Only Player | 3 Months Saving | Genshin Impact -

Itto Summons that Went Horribly Wrong for A BP Welkin Only Player | 3 Months Saving | Genshin Impact

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  1. I'm saving since Baal and i'm on 223 wishes starting from 0, baal was my last summon. Not sure if i'm wishing. depends on how good the character is. Full F2P here except one moon thing that someone gave me as gift. (like 3000 gems, a few days left)

  2. I'll pulls on weapon banner only if both weapon can benefit me, just like previous banner which is I want freedom sword for my Kazuha but ended up getting SoBP, but at least I have Eula since her 1st banner, so not totally waste & it only cost me 10 pulls, but got SoBP at 19 pity

  3. Its tough when you are faced with the fact that months of saving isn't enough and you go from thinking your account is going to be awesome to the realization that you aren't going to be getting what you planned for months to get.

    I've won 3 50/50's in a row to get C1 Hu Tao and C0 Eula. Won the weapon banner to get Homa for Hu Tao. Hard to imagine that with bad luck my core would have been C0 Hu Tao with a black tassel. So unforgiving.

    Now I'm afraid that when I go for Shenhe or Ganyu/Zhongli I'm destined for a C3 Qiqi.

  4. 2 Xinqiu, I call that a win every day. Not even in the Xinqiu banner did I get more than 1

  5. As a Welkin moon and battle pass spender, I have never pulled on the weapon banner and I am never going to do so. Only on character banners and only for characters I really like. Hu Tao is my favourite and I never pulled for homa, I pulled on the contrary for her c1 and it took me 220 summons, I spent all my 2 and a half month resources without even pulling for homa and now I am gathering summons for Ganyu (if she comes at 2.4) and Shenhe because I love Ice characters and element. If you want every character with every signature weapon, the only solution is to spend thousands of 💰. Genshin is a fantastic game, but I will never spend so much money, you can make it through the game with almost every character and weapon, make your gameplay enjoyable people and do not chase the meta if you cannot afford it

  6. Rip man, I got Itto on my first pull after losing 50/50 on Albedo’s rerun. I lost the 50/50 on the weapon banner to skyward spine. And I’m FTP

  7. I had saved up 172ish wishes and got Itto, c1 gorou and 2 harps plus a skyward sword, I had assumed I would only get one 5 star weapon so I chose the harp path cause I saw it work for others but life really said hahaha not for you

  8. i saved for 6 mos since ZL rerun, i only got lucky on raiden banner, then saved again after that.. i only got 1 qiqi, 1 itto, 2 gorou, 1 harp and 1 redhorn.. so it’s not that far..

  9. My experience for pulling him, I got him at 30 pulls and at the last pull I got him twice. Then his weapon is at the first 10 pulls…there goes my new years luck.

  10. I got my C4 Qiqi… I hate this game 🤬

  11. Honestly this in normal no? Weapon banner is bait.

  12. That is why i use the reverse forbidden technique! it worked for me on Homa and Polar starweapon banner

  13. It happened to me. But with Gorou. 114 pulls no Gorou and i lose my 50/50 to Itto. Wasnt planning to get him on my main account.

  14. i was thinking about the weapon banner too, until i got 6 diona and got reminded that character banner isnt easy either

  15. those sounds like kings avatar

  16. At this point mihoyo showed us they could make 2 separate banners with shared pity. There is no longer any reason to have 2 rate ups on the same banner. Time to spam surveys asking for separated weapon banners even tho no1 probably reads it.

  17. Got lucky on wepon banner check out my summoning vid

  18. Yep, it is painful to see your hard-saved primos are being eaten by the things you don't even wanted. Last time I rolled on Hu Tao's banner for Diona, and I got 5 freaking Thomas for spending 90 wishes. It was a total waste! Needless to say I don't want him, like, AT ALL.
    But wait, it's not all! Yesterday I got 10 withes for standard banner. Guess what. I rolled Thoma AGAIN, for 6th time! I refuse to believe this is just a coincidence, he simply haunts me ACROSS all banners! It would have been hilarious if I had these wishes to spare, but I don't.
    And the most crushing part of it all is this actually happened before. There was another banner with Diona back then, I think it was Xiao's. And the same happened: got XinYan all the way to C4, and no Diona. Talk about cursed characters.

  19. Feels bad man. I only did banner because of I loose i still need a bow for Ganyu so it needs no big deal

  20. This was essentially my Hu Tao banner results.

  21. And this is why I never pull on the weapon banner. Except that one time where I did. But other than that!

  22. I decided to go full gamble degenerate for this banner. Won Itto on my 50/50 after 30 pulls, then used the remaining 60 on the weapon banner and got a skyward harp.

    I'm sad, but I could also be sitting with a skyward harp AND a Qiqi right now. Gotta look on the bright side.

  23. Do u not get a 5* weapon free if u set it on the sword and got 2 out of the pull??

  24. That sunk cost is how they get you to swipe xD They got me with Homa first time around before the chart course, luckily i only went 3 pity anyway. For Raidens weapon i was prepared but ended up swiping for c2 lul

  25. This made me realize I am a lucky son of a gun. Got itto and the weapon.

  26. I got itto by accident on 36 guarsnteed pity, now i sm punished with rebuilding pity and fates for yae miko T-T

  27. this is so true 3 months is not enough that crazy ye its always better to wait for the reruns well ya save

  28. i also got keqing on hutao banner and have been saving since halfway through raidens banner now at 210 wishes and a guranteed so im happy as i dont want to roll on weapon banner

  29. I already knew I was gonna whale a little for Xiao when he's released so I was willing to let go of some extra wishes and somehow got Itto and Redhorn within 30 total pulls. Completely unrealistic luck. Last time I had touched the weapon banner I got 2 Elegy's before Homa unfortunately. This game is literal gambling

  30. i saved since the start of the childe banner where i finally got childe, had 140 wishes saved up thanks to that, got itto after 40 wishes so i decided to wish on the weapon banner cuz i wanted some new 5 stars to play with but i lost the 50/50 and got the harp.

  31. i feel ya bro.
    same happened to me, but i stopped after one skyward harp….
    ….tho i only wanted the great-sword for my Noelle. don't care for that poser over My Great Goddess.
    banking the rest for ganyu and yae miko. noting, NOTHING will denture me.

  32. Remember: if a character doesn't come home, maybe he/she just doesn't wanna be in your team 🤷‍♂️

  33. You can do it you will have enough to get the sword.. I think!

  34. you got plenty of time to make it dude dont fret!!!! im still trying to get another gorou for his c1 but glad i at least got him once!!!

  35. I got Jean (30 wishes), Albedo (58 wishes), and Itto (60 wishes) just from limited banner. F2P, 2 months account. Currently, i have 5 5-star characters: Traveler, Aloy, Jean, Albedo, Itto

  36. Gacha game boiss, play safe or take risk. Accept all outcome.

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