Itto's Banner Has an Unexpected Surprise! | Redhorn Weapon Banner looks... | Genshin Impact -

Itto’s Banner Has an Unexpected Surprise! | Redhorn Weapon Banner looks… | Genshin Impact

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  1. Ez skip dont like geo and man
    Go for shenhe waifu over meta

  2. Thankfully I have 126 summons saved and a guaranteed Itto! This banner would be pure pain if I spent money.

  3. I just want gorou for those blue fates 😇 Hopefully nothing early 💪🏻

  4. yay the duds of Barbera, noelle, and Xiangling r being used up on banners. the reason i don't really want. Xiangling is only a dud cause i have C6. maybe Fischl will b with Ganyu, hopefully and Gorou i'm not sure about him. weapon banner lmao god no, don't want Ito personally and i already got skyward harp as not only my first but also my second 5 star weapon so i do not want it again. oh that weird Fischl bow i missed, meh and sacrificail fragments would b good if i didn't already get it 6 times.
    ya he's Noelle and Razor's satanic ritual love child.

  5. I’m so hyped and conflicted with the itto banner at the same time 😂

  6. Can't wait to crown his Dong three more days sheeesh

  7. Damn mihoyo really doing everything to make sure people skip him, mihoyo really has something against inazuma characters except for Raiden shogun

  8. No Sara/Fischl = instant skip. I already have C4 Xiangling, haven't build her yet tho.


  10. I summoned for homa rerun didn't get anything pity is 60 and now im waiting for weapon that has homa/jade cutter's passive and wishing it has a crt rate mainstat. My main Beidou will enjoy that weapon.

  11. They put xangling and Barbara on banners but not kaeya and Lisa sadge n sus

  12. Over a year in with tartaglia as my favorite character and still don’t have a skyward harp. Was planning to get ittos weapon so if I get harp on an off pull, I’m not even gonna be that mad

  13. >need every elemental dps
    >me and my cryo waifus

  14. I don’t believe they’d have two 4 Stars with the same weapon type on the same banner so knowing we were getting Gorou I didn’t think we would get Sara.

  15. Just gonna wish max 30, i want just a single gorou, if i get him within those 30 pulls, then.. good for me, but if not, gonna wait till him rerun, imma try get ganyu and yae, and if possible.. ayato too

  16. As an end game AR 57 player with multi C6 4 stars itto’s banner seems really bad, Geo as an element is not that strong and to pull for itto a geo DPS without having a good banner is really hard to do, even though i really want him and Goro, being at 50/50 and having full cons xiangling and barbara is not worth the primos IMO, not risking getting C30 xiangling and barbara.

  17. Gouba is in this banner, i have to summon.

  18. Ngl idc for Itto at all. I'd summon just for Gorou but everything else makes this banner an easy skip for me

  19. Hard skip for me…
    got c5 xiangling. only geo character i have is noelle. just not worth pulling for me

  20. That skyward harpe would look juicy with my childe, and getting the alley flash would be good for my bennett, I'm actually so conflicted because I also want Shenhe

  21. Hoping i lose 50/50 (i just want a gorou, 2wishes away from soft pity), so i can secure my yae miko for 2.5

  22. Going to skip this banners unless there will be a Ganyu rerun

  23. Im gonna go 1 *4 pity to try sweap alley sword

  24. I am simple man
    I see barbruh and I say fk no.

  25. Only way I'm pulling on this banner is if he does broken amounts of damage (which I doubt). They pulled an Albedo on Itto… again.

  26. comparing homa to harp is kinda oof it being specialized weapon and harp's a generic standard weap. I think it's good for a xinyan though c6 charged attacks scale with defense, but that base attack decrease vs crit increase with how niche the secondary stats are makes it pretty rough to pull. Still better than wgs, but song of broken pines is more versatile with better base attack.

  27. Wolfs gravestone or the new claymore for beidou?

  28. So I have a skyward pride for Eula, should I go for this weapon banner? The bow would be nice for my ganyu too.

  29. MAN Why isnt Sara in the banner! Literally Harp is such a great weapon for her it makes so much sense to have Sara alongside Itto

  30. Any 5* for a low budget or F2P is a blessing 88% crit damage or a generally good bow are amazing.
    Than again nothing can outstrip the Tuna in style.

  31. The little bit about having a main DPS of every element is a cool idea. BUT still not pulling for Itto because C6 Ning was my second DPS until I got more main DPS so Im still covered for Geo 🙂

  32. I’m very much anticipating for Itto! He may be a skip for others, but I’m quite excited!! I’m pretty sure I have a guarantee, and with the upcoming 1600 primogems I’ll have 35 pulls. Bless my rng! And I hope I get Gorou

  33. I just wanted sara on the banner, why couldnt that be correct

  34. That Crit Dmg claymore makes me happy because it means in the future there'll be one with an attack or crit chance passive so I'll just stick with Broken Pines for now

  35. Wasn't the Mitternachts Walz a kind of meant as a late signature weapon for Amy?
    It feels a bit "funny" for her not being on the banner when the weapons banner has the Walz….

  36. Hope i win 50/50 i am 10 pull away. Already have c6 xainling

  37. ITTO is a must pull for sure. However the weapon banner is a definite win for me. I need Skyward Harp for Childe and Redhorn for Itto. 😁. I hope itto and Redhorn wanters will be havers and win the 50/50

  38. I'm about to straight up skip Itto. Where the FUCK is Fischl?

  39. My c6 xiangling and c6 barbs say save your primos and continue your gacha rest :3

  40. The Question Is If We Get Skyward Harp does that mean we won or lose the 50-50?

  41. I already have dps for all elements. Do I need a physical dps?

  42. I’ve gotten lucky / unlucky on the 5 star weapons and some how have gotten 3 skyward harps already so I prob won’t be going for this one lol

  43. Man, they done it again :/ They know most of us are hyped for Itto, so they had to put these less desirable 4* most players have C35 of on his banner. What a bummer.

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