Jean finally loses it -

Jean finally loses it

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Poor Jean just needs a break

Sacred Grove (Saria’s Song) – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Guardian Battle – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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  1. "Honorary knight, honorary knight!!!!"

  2. Relax Jean, the night watch is just keeping you and Lisa apart. You two just need to bone…

  3. Me when I hear the guardian theme: screaming and crying and running

  4. 0:55 this what i thought of when Margert requested Jean's help. She claimed that she respects Jean but from her actions, she's giving Jean more trouble.

  5. Jayhoon: “Now you know exactly how I feel about this sorry excuse for a kingdom.”

  6. Jean need a gallon of coffee

  7. Oh. So this is about Jean's Story Quest. But she can't handle the pressure anymore…

  8. Jean: the grand master who cares of entire city
    People: CaN yOu FiNd Ma CaT?

  9. Okay, correct me if I am wrong because I am not sure 100% what I am about to say is right, and sorry if I am wrong. So
    1. Why the hell did they send more requests to her despite they know that their Grand Master is busy day and night to keep Mondstadt peaceful. And why the other Knights, her sister, Lisa, or anyone else don't tell everyone that: "Hey! Jean is overworked! Give her a break!" I know that Jean could show some resistance to it but still, it is for her health.
    2. Why the knights didn't do anything. I mean, I believe they only solve major problems like Hilichurl or take action only when they are with the main knights like Kaeya and Jean.
    3. Why the hell do you want the strongest knight in the city to do the things that even a kid could do it?!
    4. What is the Adventure Guild for? They should be the one that solves Jean's problems! From what I know, people in the guild only do Hardcore quests that could risk their life. And why people didn't send their requests to the Guild in the first place?
    And finally, I believe if Mona does every commission instead of Jean, she wouldn't be poor anymore and Jean doesn't stress every day too. So two birds one stone!

  10. Evil Jean be like: Explained in video
    Jean basically: Klee you are free from Solitary confinement do as you please and you can use your bombs in the city now

  11. Jean giving off that tired single mom vibe.

  12. "Aunt Jean why sad?"
    "WH- oh… It's you, Klee. It's nothing. I'm just a bit… Tired."
    "It's fine. I just need to take rest. Don't worry about me. Now if you exc-"
    *bang (sound of door burst open)
    "… You know what Klee? On my authority as Grand Master I hereby lift the ban on the use of bombs in the city of mondstadt. Do what you want."
    "Really!? You won't put me on confinement room again?"
    "I promise you won't be punished on whatever you do from now on."

  13. Reminds me of that one Powerpuff Girls episode….

  14. That guardian music gives me ptsd, the piano means imminent death

  15. I left Jean in my Serenitea Pot. Because damn it to hell, she needs to relax; like it or not.

  16. Dang, Jean needs a vacation; the next time she gets a character quest, it should involve Barbara, Lisa, and Klee (because everyone needs a comfort Klee) trying to help Jean take it easy.

    Or Diluc and Venti whisking her away from Mondstat to a far off paradise for a day.

  17. Так вот как выглядит профессиональное выгорание у Джин))

  18. And that is why Jean has a nice and comfy room in my serenitea pot despite being friendship level 10.

  19. That's why iam always sleepy cause I am a jean main and kazuha Main

  20. There should be a story like like this lol.
    No for real, jean has had enough.

  21. She should just smack this cat around at the end 😀

  22. you know what, this is actally right, everyone's just lazy. They do know that they can just climb up the hills and walk away, right?

  23. "City of Freedom" More like city of lazy azz citizen. Knight of Favonius more like Knight of FAILURE

  24. To be fair Jean can pick up cats with her E so it would be easier for her to bring Prince back than anyone else

  25. This is why Grandmaster Varka left Monstadt.

  26. Jean: I will become like Venessa one day.
    Mondstadt Citizens: cAn yOu fInD mY CaT?
    Jean: You know what, how about I become Decarabian instead?

  27. I love how the guardian theme from botw starts playing when she gets mad

  28. You can just, you know
    Admit Noelle as one of the knight

  29. Is that why Jean's ability is to yeet things?? She's lowering her stress lvl

  30. During her story quest, it just annoyed the heck out of me that Margaret seems to have no problem asking the ACTING GRAND MASTER to look for her cat. Like srsly, tf is ur brain doing? Commissioning the Adventurer's Guild was probably the best way for her to find Prince quickly but no, she really wanted Jean to do it. The nerve.

  31. Traveller, who does pretty much everything for the entirety of the world: Am I a joke to you?

  32. OH MY GOSH! Hahaha 😆 This was so funny! Jean has snapped. Great work as always

  33. Diluc is probably waiting for that to happen tbh

  34. So that's why we have nothing to do in Genshin. Jean finishes everything.

  35. Honestly I'm quite surprised how she's able to do this without getting angry

  36. I would seriously pay to see her blow up on them in game 😂 especially on timmie she's right about him needing to feed his Birds somewhere else, its HIS fault they always die 😂😂

  37. Men , I wish that really happened , I feel bad for Jean

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