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An F2P player “Enviosity” wishing on Yoimiya’s banner (consisting of Xinyan, Diona and Sayu). However.. Sayu is the only wanted character on the banner for him. Let’s see how lucky his summons will be on the second banner with the Inazuma update in 2.0

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01:50 | Sayu Summoning
08:00 | Conclusion

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  1. Envi changed after getting so many characters, now he don't want this character or that character smh.

    Jk congrats on getting sayu

  2. I got sayu single pull on the top of that tree as well. Same with ayaka. Won 50/50 twice on that tree. Ayaka and kazuha.

  3. I have garunteed 5 star and did 2 wishes got lucky enough to get sayu

  4. My last pull was Ayaka and I was literally at 0 pity and I did a 10 pull for sayu and I got Mona and sayu

  5. Took me 63 wishes to get Sayu. Mihoyo stingy with new 4 star characters

  6. Envi, u basically went through what I went through when I wished for Sayu xD

    P.s. I got her with 41 wishes

  7. Didn’t you said u want to get every inzu character?
    Is yoimiya that bad 🤣?

  8. Even me, I haven't summoned anything since I got ayaka. I had 79 pulls saved for Baal. And I went to 60 pulls to get sayu ( f2p noises)

  9. i jus got ayaka jus like enviosity, i then rolled 74 wishes and got 7 xinyans.. from c0 xinyans to c6 and NO SAYU 🙁

  10. got c1 sayu, first sayu was my first one pull and the other one was at 10th pity

  11. Damn now i feel a bit lucky for once because i got c1 Sayu in a bit under 20pulls

  12. I've spent like 60 pulls and even got a Yoimiya. Still no Sayu lol

  13. I lost my guarantee pity for just one Sayu and all I have now is a C5 Xinyan and C2 Diona Sadge

  14. My brother got C1 Sayu and Yoimiya in 25 pulls (Won the 4th 50/50 in a row)
    How do I steal his luck-

  15. I just want c1 sayu but diona (whose at c6 already) keeps coming home

  16. Oh man… I was 0 pity and burnt my guaranteed on Kazuha just for Sayu. 70 in, no Sayu. But at least I'll get Baal guaranteed by the time her banner is out.

  17. Diona is high teir utility so k sayu more useful than yanfei

  18. I mean if you had a banner character just then, why would you ever want to NOT get a 5 star you don't even have within 20 pulls? Sounds fucking insane to me when he's begging not to get the 5 star even though he's wishing only 0 to 30 right after a banner character.

  19. I did a 10 pull and got mona and c2 sayu hehe

  20. Well sayu's max potential is behind C1 😂

  21. I got her in 5 wishes 3 after getting the widsith I'm blessed with no yoimiya

  22. I get Sayu at first 10 pull, but then I got greedy and wanted C1 Sayu. 70 pulls later, i got 1 Yoimiya, 4 Diona and 3 Xinyan (a lot of double *4, too bad my Diona is already C6 and my Xinyan is C5 before pullling). Sayu is hiding and sleeping somewhere and decided not to come out anymore.

  23. Me broke and unlucky reading people got Sayu early 🥲🥲

  24. Nice sayu !! Damn, i wasn't this lucky ..60 wishes in and no sayu :

  25. I'm very happy for you my man, my sayu came until 46 pity. I know how it feels XD

  26. You're wishing on the wrong place. Got to statue's hands on monstad to get the anemo character sayu. I did it and got 2 sayu on 10 pulls

  27. I was guaranteed, rolled for Sayu, got Yomi in 21 pulls, got Sayu on the 23rd, and got Qiqi on the 36th. So back to guaranteed. All is well (except for my gems, rip).

  28. i got sayu on my 73rd pull and i'm guaranteed baal thank god i'm that unlucky for 5 stars

  29. I got sayu on my second pull and got c1 shortly after

  30. I have guarantee 5 star but my pity is still 25 so I tried one 10 pull and got sayu. Now I can save up for baal.
    I think I am lucky with 4 star but not 5 star. I tried for ayaka and got Jean then in standard banner I got Jean again. She is the only 5 star I have. But I got ninguang in the previous banner which I wanted and now sayu where both are in the same position in the banner.

  31. That one chat saying…now c1?😂😂😂😂they exist lol 😂

  32. I use the same method, pulling the lucky slip first then i got lucky day achievement, then try to pull using my 5 IF from monthly reset then boom, sayu come on my 5th pulls XD

  33. I remember pulling one fischl for c6 and got her at 76 pity in albedo banner xD

  34. I pulled qiqi and yoimiya in one 10 pull, very happi

  35. I can feel that Mtashed want's to quit genshin again because of these pulls

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