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Kazuha Banner: This IS HARD To SKIP | Genshin Impact

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So #kazuha had his official banner revealed and it is pretty insane. This is a very quality banner, and if you are a new player, this could be a pretty decent starting point for your account. I have no clue if I will summon or not.
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  1. I have too many ANEMO so i need 4 star only but i have guaranteed pity .
    So I'm gonna skip even it is pain.😭😭😭😭😭

  2. as a kazuha simp who needs to build their bennet, i see this as an absolute win

  3. Only want Rosaria C6 for phys res reduction, but I have her C1 and I want to save for homa re run :/

  4. I know I won't be getting kazuha but the 4 stars mwah incredible Bennet is the goodest boi,razor is the homeless boi,rosaria emo go brrrrrr

    Dont wish on Weapon banner Guys

  6. Whyyyyyyyyi want to skip Kazuha but these 4 star charters t_t ehh i CAn skip their many great 4 star others

  7. I already have Bennet max const but don't have any const for rosaria and one on razor. Don't think I'm going to wish a lot on the banner.

  8. if he turns out to be broken we’re all gonna be wishing lmao

  9. Lineup is honestly just alright for me. Already have C6 Bennett, do want Razor cons and Kazuha, but no interest in Rosaria at all. Hoping she stays away and the boys come home <3.

  10. Going for Kazuha. I also need Bennett cons and don't have Rosaria, so overall win for me :>

  11. I love how Matt always predicts the banners.

  12. I want razor and rosaria 🙂 don't want kazu i'm 40 away from guaranteed pity

  13. I already have 73 pulls I need all the 4* since I don't have it

  14. weapon banners are only worth it if u need the 4* weapons

  15. i am a beidou main and will take literally anything except razor
    i need rosaria constellations and simp for kazuha
    also i need bennet cause i’m bored of xiangling

  16. As canada main you must wish on him C6, you get content for making a guide on him

  17. Im AR35 and i got Razor around my 30-40 wish. He's my main dps now. This banner is sooo timely! Kazuha looks good and being a katana weilder is appealing to me.

  18. I really miss mtashed's guides..🥺
    Keep up the good work sir!

  19. Im guaranteed next pity. Getting bennett cons past c1 seems risky

  20. I was going for kazuha but then leakers said there may be a ganyu and xiao rerun and i rlly want xiao

  21. Me being 60 into pity and really badly wanting bennett but not Kazuha x.x

  22. i really should've stopped pulling when i lost the early 50-50 at zhongli, now i'm in the same situation as you lol.

  23. Gentle reminder

    Just think about the 1.7
    You can get razor and Bennett eventually in the shop

    Don't get tempted

  24. awee I already have Bennett and Razor maxed and I don't care about Rosaria. I hope I'll be getting a lot of off banner 4 stars. Except Kazuha, I want to always win 50/50 with Kazuha.

  25. Im skipping this banner but the 4* are tempting me lol

  26. The 4* are good, but given that Ayaka, Yoimiya, Saya and Baal are less than a month away means that this banner is an easy skip.

  27. I'm gonna do one 10 pull in hopes to get a rosaria constellation, but other than that it's a hard skip. I'm saving my other wishes for sayu. Then scaramouche. Maybe Ayaka. And Tohma. Because husbando tohma

  28. Thanks your right, as much as I want at least one Rosaria. Maybe she'll appear in the paimon bargains someday. Gonna save for Ayaka

  29. The fact that I don’t have Razor and Bennett (which are both the last four stars I need) and I main rosaria so constellations would be very useful and I have been saving my primogems since Zhongli’s banner and I absolutely love Kazuha so let’s just hope mihoyo loves me and gives the characters I want 😢

  30. 8 Months playing this game and i don't have any *5 star anemo so I mush have Kazuha no matter what.

  31. I'm a new player and just finished the sormterror story. I know I can't ascend Kazuha because I don't have an item from the previous event. Should I still go for this banner?

  32. What do you mean it is hard to skip? It has 3 dudes. Insta skip. Lol 😀

  33. Me who is 20 pulls away from the pity: Must resist do it for Ayaka.

  34. Remember when alot of ppl skipped albedo. Now they want him. Same will be with kazuha

  35. im actually gonna wish for this banner and hoping to NOT get kazuha (im at guaranteed pity)

  36. “I want to wish and lose the 50/50” is exactly what I said during Eula’s banner—anyway it took me a month to get her a bloodstained physical goblet 😅😅😅

  37. If I want the featured 5 star weapons but also any of the off-banner 5 Star weapons like Aquila, Jade cutter and Gravestone, would you recommend the banner to me?

  38. everyone's is pulling for Kazuha, meanwhile me.. nevermind, easy skip for me. Beside why I need him when I have C5 Lumine lol

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