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  1. I am skipping because I have no gems and want ganyu more. Kokomi is the closest thing to xingqiu and I need another one

  2. Pulling for jadecutter and kokomi
    Waiting for xiao rerun for c1

  3. I had a dream that i pulled kokomi, im still tryna resist :(((

    Edit : i got her

  4. I can wait for her I’ve been saving since I got Baal

  5. you can sweet talk me into paying actual money for a roadkill

  6. I just feel like being only a healer is not good enough anymore, at least for me. when I have characters like bennett or diona who provide so many more benefits aside from healing, why should I use up a spot on the team for kokomi just for healing? idk that’s just how I feel, if you want her that’s great.

  7. I'm not sure if I will pull for her yet, but I agree with the sentiment of this video. I think she's going to be way better than people think and I feel much better about pulling for a character like Kokomi who is a support and will thus stay relevant pretty much over the life of the game, opposed to someone like Yoimiya who was powercrept before she even came out.

    Basically, you can't go wrong rolling for supports.

  8. This man should be with 200k subs at least! no joke!
    Great video like always!

  9. easy skip. the only char i want on her banner is xingqiu

  10. For those people who are hyping to not pull for kokomi… You guys don't have any idea how Mihoyo balance their games 😂😂😂 been playing honkai and genshin for 3 years now… I bashed AZURE EMPREYA when she was release hahaha and i was fucked… AE has been the backbone of all the elemental teams in honkai 😂😂😂…. Based on my observation and experience… SUPPORTS ARE THE META DEFINERS, NOT THE DPS in mihoyo games 😉

  11. D: my sister is saying she is useless and shit because she can’t crit! She is also making fun of her name which is critnomi! I am going to ignore her and pull for her since I’m guaranteed her not really since I just lost 50/50! Which Is I am going to save primogems for her a lot.

  12. I wanted Xingqiu…
    So I pulled 50.
    Got 1 Xingqiu, 3 Rosaria, 1 Jean, and 1 Kokomi.

  13. Bro don’t say that in the thumbnail because people might steal from their mom’s credit card and they will blame u. U are going to be old Mtashed

  14. Yeah , still not pulling for her, she soo disappointing

    Pull only if you don't have a proper healer like Jean or Qiqi

  15. She hits 12ks I'd delete this because of how misleading it is.

  16. got her today when i was aiming for a rosaria constellation. i cant say she's bad, more like 50/50. and oh…she reminds me of bennet but minus the u know… hehehe.

  17. I think imma wait till 5 days left on her banner to see others review and for the next banner if I want her or not, which also depends on the next banner.

  18. Same dude who thought yomiya was underwhelming thinks qiqi 2.0 is worth it

  19. Originally I was gonna forgo Raiden shogun for kokomi after I got Yoimiya. But after realizing how good of a recharge battery Raiden( plus winning the 50/50) I realize I enjoyed her. Also recently I been using Mona and Barbara back. N realize how much help Kokomi will be since she can play as those two without me switching back and forth. Needless to say I was intending to get her since 2.0.

  20. the real problem is mhy way of introduce her as viable dps healer. Her constellation are a means to increase her dps without crit which questionable. I mean look at her weapon. Asied that, her const just increase healing which isnt really needed in current meta. If she provide something else to party like battery or it would be cool. I know with ToM & Thrilling Tales she could be really good buffer, but mhy way of making her const & weapon is just weird direction.

  21. I accidentally got her and now I’m here :,)

  22. Kokomi is 50k HP and healing at 4kx per tick. Bennett is 20k and healing for the same amount OFF FIELD and providing ATTACK.
    Such a complete utter trash!

  23. Bruh I want to see your video about kokomi about today

  24. bruh i just got her in my first 10 pull and now i ended up here

  25. Kokomi's lack of personal DPS isn't what makes me sad, it's her lack of utility compared to other healers. She can't shield like Diona, she doesn't buff teammates' damage beyond the ability to use Thrilling Tales like Bennett, she doesn't provide a useful resonance like Qiqi (and Diona), she can't CC or deal damage like Jean – she can apply hydro but she's not the best at it. I just wish she could do SOMETHING where she was the best character at doing that thing, that she brought some unique value as a character aside from being an adorable mermaid. With only 4 characters on a team, I expect 5 star characters to either be able to do big numbers, OR to have good role compression. Perhaps if hydro resonance weren't so bad, or Kokomi was able to be a battery and generate energy for on-field characters with her jellyfish, or reduce enemy resistance, she'd be a much more useful and more versatile character.

  26. People " I'm tired for DPS Impact :(. I just want a fresh useless character as long not being a dps" Yeah… you should play another game bro.

  27. When I got kokomi my friend said
    "Kokomi is a bait"
    When I saw that message I felt so defeated and regretful. But after watching this video I feel better because she really does good damage on my game!

  28. she is a great 5 star cause her elemental skill effects are not like barbara that inflicts you with hydro to cause you to become frozen and her heal is amazing as long as the people know how to use it.

  29. So much copium it hurts.. pull for her if you like her,if you need a healer or hydro application,just build Barbara and you'll be just fine.

  30. She's weak asf, she's just a healer with great looks and effects

  31. 7 or 8k is the most she can do and maybe 15k with buffs from Mona and Bennett…. Meh

  32. Ain't nobody trying to pull for a glorified Barbara 5 star… And Barbara can CRIT!

  33. already have 5 star barbara so no thanks

  34. kokomi is the first 3 star hero. barbara outperforms her. bennet outperforms her. she has no use at all when you have a guaranteed barb

  35. I honestly am still gonna skip her, I want to save for ganyu or xiao/hu tao.

  36. I got Mona and Kokomi in a single 10 pull…. I dont use hydro catalyst characters

  37. I only summon based on character design only so i dont mind even if the character is shit or whatever, back when ganyu is on her way to the game people keep saying that shes just pyro amber and shes a shit tier character but i dont mind cus i like her design and look at her now, one of the best dps you can have. Last but not least, ill just use kokomi even if shes bad cus i like her design

  38. If i get mona Will i ever play kokomi again ??? Thats my main concern

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