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KOKOMI RAISED! Here are my thoughts… (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact we’re raising Kokomi.

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0:00 Raising Kokomi, Talents, etc…
4:40 Artifacts, Weapon, etc…
7:57 Starter Showcase
9:06 Full HP/Healing Bonus
10:01 Does Normal Attack increase Burst Damage?
10:47 Constellations
11:56 With Buffs
14:00 Abyss 11


  1. Too bad she's the biggest piece of crap in the game. She doesn't do any role correctly.
    Also copium.
    There's literally a character for every one of her roles that do her job better. Even in just the hydro element
    You can just feel how lazy mihoyo's gotten. Let's hope the CN community wakes those idiots up cuz they don't listen to anything else anyways.

  2. Why to through so much trouble if you can just Q with Bennett, Q with Diona, Q with Jean, Q with Qiqi, and Q with Barbruh?

  3. Kokomi with two peice wanderes troupe and sucrose to get swirl would and boost kokomi's elemental mastery

  4. At this point, i think my C0 noelle heals more while spinning O.O

  5. I thought She can replace Qiqi as the best healer

    Qiqi just does heal too much I didnt mean any more thing about the best healer

  6. Currently i am using a full hydro set on her my other artifacts are junk really, lol

  7. im actaully annoyed with kokomi they just made her to make a problem and selll a solution i mean wtf i feel like no one asked for another hydro healer i mean who cares to spend 400$ for something you get for free and with this bs anniverary stuff this might be the worst banner in my opinion

  8. Xingqiu on a hu tao team? well okay then bruv.

  9. She is fine in my opinion. Some scaling adjustments would be welcome yet she is a great healer that deal decent damage like Qiqi.
    Unlike Qiqi she isn't an energy deficit (edit) and can more rapidly apply her element.

    She is not a DPS, though there are some fun enabling teams.

    Not every unit needs to be damage focused. We already have damage dealers for every released element.

    The main issue I have is that she has no special swimming/ sprint swimming animations.

  10. oh my finally im dealing more damage than the genshin streamers

  11. You really gonna showcase Kokomo and don’t water walk smh HAHA

  12. Here's a video Idea moga get your best characters and put the worst artifacts you have on them no five star artifacts aloud and then see how they function

  13. I have everything for kokomi, her talents, her exp books, her ascension materials, her sango pearls, everything. I just need kokomi 😭😭

  14. Can I please get a giveaway for hu tao? Moga😔

  15. Wanted to pull on her but I was very underwhelmed while testing her

  16. She actually heals pretty decent amount, 5.7k per tick of her skill is a lot to me tbh, I can't die especially her, she's tanky AF 😳😂

  17. I was really thinking of replacing my Barbara for her but since seeing other people with her I think I'll save my primo

  18. Remove the water walking add crowd control in He ult where she traps enemies in a bubble or whatever which explodes and does aoa and knockback.

  19. Chicos! Paimon esta haciendo una encuesta dentro del juego, podemos hacer que nos escuchen dentro del juego, al final hay una opción de escribir sugerencias!!

  20. is that M thingy from the start only a 1 time thing? bcz that looked very cool very swag moga

  21. Nice nice… Not bad. Kokomi4Life
    My Kokomi does this:
    1.7k 1.5k 2.3k / auto attack
    charged 4.1k
    during her ult everything x2
    with bennet ult (my bennet is trash): its like x1.2 more dmg.
    on pyro, she does 6k 11-12k and 24k dmg…
    now imagine this with crit, and with her weapon that i dont have (but i want to)

    also i dont have a team for her yet, and my artifacts are all trash…

  22. I think barbara is alot better in the spiral abyss then kokomi D:

  23. 12:09 Bennet does not boost kokomi by much. From what I know she gets less than a 20% boost in DMG from Bennet while other characters get around 40%+. Her scalings work better with ho and therefore Bennet doesn't boost her by much.

  24. I upgrade her octopus and ultimate first because the octpus is cute

  25. I personally don't understand why people hate on her so much, she might be a "bad" character but does that really matter that much to people, how "good" of a character she is? Like it shouldn't matter that much, if you like her (and any other characters) design, playstyle, etc then just try and get her if you want. People say Qiqi is the worst 5 star (That's what I've heard) and yeah on the side of dmg she may not be the best but she has really good healing. I don't understand why it matters so much on how "good" a character is, like if you like them then get them. Don't just not get a character if they are claimed to be bad. Don't use a character you don't like nor want to use just because they are a good character. Just use the characters you want, don't be rude to others for using someone that may be "bad" or that you don't like, and just enjoy the game..

  26. Im getting brain damage just from watching him raise 5 star barbara

  27. she's so disappointing to me. her healing isn't even that good imo, jean tops off everyone way easier and she's a standard chara. it seems that most who pulled her only pulled for aesthetics lol
    super cute, nice concept, but executed poorly :/

  28. Usually I get the itch and wish even when I don't want the 5 star like with Ayaka and Yoimiya (regrettably) but this time even my gambling addiction isn't kicking in.

  29. If you want her to be more of a healer use the prototype amber since it has a 12% healing with the use of a burst (I think)

  30. ✿𝕀𝕥𝕫𝔸𝕚𝕚𝕜𝕠✿ says:

    Literally every inazuma name: Skfojsjejfjejjdjekekdjjejdhr Kokomi

  31. From what I know the best artifacts for Kokomi is 2 piece Tendency of the Mililith and 2 piece Heath of deapt

  32. I love how you forgot about prototype amber 😂😂

  33. ihad kokomi and iwon the 50/50 (does it in 1 pull and won me be lyk bruh)

  34. maiden is actually not amazing for her but it works

  35. Kokomi can’t even heal that good. Geez qiqi finally looks good.

  36. "Oh, hello 5am " – three act tragedy directed by my life…

  37. I have her as a half Hydro have Maiden and an off piece with healing bonus

  38. "Which weapon?"
    Me: thrilling tales, thrilling tales, th-

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