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Let’s talk about Gacha in Genshin Impact / Kazuha quest

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gacha bad
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  1. I feel as if it’s okay if people willing to donate a dollar for you to reach an amount that you can pull. A dollar isn’t hurting anyone’s pockets and people contributing makes it a bigger amount. It more like charity/raffling to me if ppl did that than enabling a gambling game

  2. I understand where you are coming from. If something makes you uncomfortable, then you have every right to step back and say no. As they say, you do you. Your honesty is refreshing.

  3. omg all i want is the gnosis hymn or daily blessing welkin moon and its like 15 bucks and i cant spend on my ps4 account

  4. so.. we all thought we were going to fight kazuha.

  5. it's nice to see you enjoy Genshin because of its content instead of gacha 🙂

  6. Hope to seeing Sarah play more of Genshin Content! It's really fun watching her play for some reason

  7. Gacha is a scam Sarah. I can tell you've realised how cheated you feel when you spend money and get nothing. It's literally gambling and the industry are putting a slot machine into our beloved games in disguise. It's disgusting tbh. I really do love Genshin tbh and as someone who only started last week and is rank 22 already I think the rest of the game is great. I'd even pay maybe £30 for it if the game wasnt free to play and get a better way of unlocking new characters than gacha. Hide them behind new quests. Tbh even if it was a £5 sub with some modifications to multiplayer to allow us to help on more quests that we can't right now, I'd probably consider subscribing. But add it up… Even if you subbed at £5 per month it's 60 a year which is the cost of a triple A game. Is it worth it? I think so. Especially considering you'd probably end up playing it for longer but the truth is the gacha system gets the Devs much much more money.

  8. I hate how long it takes for the story to move on. This is still chapter 2! Here is a tournament Arc that skips over the tournament pretty much does nothing story-wise other than hypes up the news region. And we don't need hyped-up we've been waiting 9 months just give us that region dang

  9. Same I stopped spending in Genshin because I am only pressure myself I noticed I'm out of control pulling and it is not healthy! Specially this quarantined!

  10. Honestly, I feel like you don't want to pull on some banner and it is hard to say thank you because of the guilt inside, they are forcing you to pull characters which you don't want to use in your adventure because you like using klee alot and you feel more guilty if you don't use for adventure the characters that you have just pulled for the donators.

  11. Ima is blunt. No one should be streaming any gotcha game. No lie, it's a good game, but it's gambling. Streaming gambling while having an extremely disposable steam of income gives a false idea of how it actually is

  12. Sometimes in my opinion whaling is a waste of money and im not saying you shouldnt whale, like if you want to whale then thats fine as long as your having fun because games are made for entertainment but just in my opinion whaling is a waste of money because youre spending a whole lotta money on fictional characters, and they dont even have any good benefits to your actual life and why whale on characters when you can whale on food 😔👌🏼( jk ) but to all the f2p players out there including myself, you dont need good five stars to win the game, and at the end of the day its just “that” a game, so dont feel sad or dissapointed if you didnt get the character that you wanted

  13. Some thing about the new archon quest that might have not been clear!:

    1. The vision bearer who joined the Guhua clan is Xingqiu!

    2. Lumine during the tournament fights has a pre-build that gives her 7000 atk 0-0

    3. Kazuha says we have the essence of "earth and wind" because we can use the powers of Geo and Anemo (the traveler i mean :D) hence why he knew we could use multiple elements.

    4. The Musou no Hitotachi is suspected to be the name of the Electro Archon's ultimate :0

    5. The Electro vision Kazuha took from his friend may have caused burned on his hands, which might have made him bandage his hand!

    6. We smell of stars because the traveler isn't originally from this world as shown in the opening cutscene.

    7. The 1000 eye statue may or may not have dead visions (If those resist, the vision hunters)

    8. It's been a YEAR (Before the game started) since the Electro Archon stopped blessing those with Electro Visions.

    9. The electro archon might take elements from the the goddess of the sun in Japanese mythology Amaterasu, as shown by her being framed by a sun themed glyph behind her in 38:44

    10: We learn there are three commissions that essentially govern Inazauma under the control of the Raiden Shogun (Another name for the Electro Archon :D)

    11: 38:57 shows a red dot for the sun, a reference to Japan's flag, in which the red dot is supposed to represent the sun

    That's about all we can get for now… hopefully this helped made the quest easier, and a lot more fun to understand!!! Have a good day~

  14. I thought the game was incredibly well done. I enjoyed my play time so much that I felt they deserved some money, so I gave them $60 and stopped there. I could definitely see this being an issue if I played it for a long period of time.

  15. When I play the story quest I enjoy it very much, but when I watch Sarah play the story quest I enjoy it even more. Now I'm hype for your Inazuma quest playthrough.

  16. you know Sarah.. for me, watching you playing Genshin is just the best part.
    watching you doing quest and your reaction towards the characters are just simply the best

  17. Wow. adorable, gamer, loads of integrity… Sarah is quite a catch. Never wanted to support a streamer more than watching the first few minutes of this.
    Well done, well said.

  18. Lol, anime archon…. don't worry and only do what you are comfortable with! It's nice that people are willing to give money for you to pull for characters, but if that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable, then just don't do it! It might even make it feel more exciting when you get a character because you aren't spending money for it.

  19. you know beside genshin impact there are other game , Honkai impact . they are from the same developer MIHOYO.
    if you like story , fast pace fighting , and strong heart . you will love it..

    ( sorry ,my bad english )

  20. I was there for this stream from the beginning. 😊 became a twitch sub for my favorite and gorgeous streamer, sending all the support from a fellow F2P player

  21. I don't put any money into the game, Genshin is literally the most F2P friendly gacha game i've ever played if you do all the events you can literally just save up for pity and spend smart , you can't get ALL the 5 stars that come out, but when there's one I want or really resonate with, it's not that hard to set aside wishes to pull them from pity, and if I get them before the 180 pity then AMAZING. The only exception is I DO buy the 5 dollar welkin moon a month just because the value is insane

  22. As I've learned from games like KHUX these kinds of games can be kind of exploitative and hard to get anywhere with without spending momey. Though it's great that it's not at all the case with this game. It's crucial to spend money responsibly, especially these days.

  23. It's fine if you don't wish as good as the game is sadly the only thing people really care about is the next character banner

  24. Hey, this takes a lot of courage. Thanks for speaking up about what you're comfortable with, that's what matters most!!!

  25. It's confirmed, guys. Paimon is the star archon XD

  26. I like how you decided to draw the line and asked people to not donate to you for pulling characters. I've been F2P in Genshin for about 4 or 5 months, then simply decided to be a low spender (only buying the Gnostic Hymns BP and the Blessing of the Welkin Moon).

    But I think there is a certain philosophy about playing these types of games in general that makes it feel as though spending money to whale is kind of cheating. It's kinda like a person who doesn't have the grades to get into Harvard, so their parents pays Harvard a million dollars to let their kid get in. That kid never put in the hard work that other kids have and then takes up someone else's spot, who is more deserving.

    Or in terms of Genshin, it's people that spend thousands of dollars so they can land every 5 star character, full constellations, and all of the best weapons. And of course that lets them whale through the Spiral Abyss and slaughter all of the bosses, thus gathering the best artifacts. While F2P players are doing daily commissions and trying to find every last treasure box, seelie, and oculeses.

    We understand that RPGs are a grind and that the journey is its own reward. And that cheating the game results only in cheating yourself out of the experience that is F2P. And don't forget that this is a game made by Chinese developers, which means that there is a Buddhist or perhaps even Taoist philosophy to the game. Both of those philosophies teach patience is a virtue, so don't take shortcuts in life.

  27. Sarah can you tell me the schedule of yur live?

  28. I support your decision you dont need to spend money to enjoy the game

  29. Yes. As the saying goes: "If all nights are legendary, then no night is legendary." Pull for what you want Anime Archon, not everything! 🙂

  30. i like when the guy dance when jinyou speak to sarah its was hilarious

  31. Sarah, I love your honesty. Don't worry, we understand. ( Sorry for the Bad english)

  32. Sarah, it's okay if you don't wanna spend any money on the game anymore. To be honest you already have a good amount of characters and I'd actually prefer to see you focus on them eventually, as you play, so they all get some love through your Genshin journey. Having too many characters can be overwhelming, so. Hopefully we will be able to see you clear content outside of events too like the Spiral Abyss, but that may require you to become a regular player. Anyways, much love and take care

  33. That's why I don't accept gifts. Everyone tries to put strings on everything. People think giving $5 gives them a say in what happens in my life. It's tough to not let that get to you, especially in your position. Hope this works out!

  34. Only thing I spend on Genshin is the Blessing of the Welkin Moon that gives 90 gems every day for a month for 5 bucks. Aside from that I patiently wait to afford a 10 pull then blow my cash.

    I'm not built to whale lol But at least I got Kazuha and his weapon now

  35. I don't watch your videos too often but I really really admire the mature attitude. Most creators would just take the money for the content, so it's super refreshing to see someone who actually cares about where their viewers' money goes ❤

  36. Your makeup looks really great here! I can't stop staring at it.

  37. im nott obsessed w pulling in genshin,i just let the game decide my fate
    i got kazuha twice in a row-

  38. I said this months ago in I believe your second video where people were donating money for the gacha element in this game and was blasted by not only you but other people in the comment section. This entire game will inevitably destroy a lot of future games because people just give them so much money to feed a gambling habit. It's EA all over again.

  39. When Sara said Gil to primogems 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  40. Hahaha lets have kazuha time 2 secs later ..Done…"wait…i wasnt dying" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤭 how could that be

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