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Level 90 Main DPS Aloy Demonstration : I Did Not Enjoy This [Genshin Impact]

Lily Aquina
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  1. I've subscribed at your channel
    Pretty job you've done
    See ya!

  2. I don’t really get it about how you can’t cancel the E

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  5. i think we can bring this problem up in the surveys next time. maybe if enough of aloy users complain, mhy will listen! i still really enjoy using aloy's skills, but i did realize dropping her E could be a bit risky when i dont have diona's shield up.

  6. so basically a cryo version of yoimiya, count me in!

  7. I love Aloys skills. Paired with Zonghli's shield, you are safe to play. I enjoy Aloy much more than Sara. Pulled Sara and I can't play her at all. Sara's skills aren't really great.

  8. I have ei chan so that are no problem with me about her dmg

  9. the infinite azure music in the back is awesome

  10. I appreciate the tekken 7 music 🎶 🎵 in the background 🙌

  11. the lack of damage from her ult. makes me angry lol

  12. oof imagine not having a shield all the time

  13. tekken infinite azure? that's an odd choice of music but I like it

  14. "Her normal attack is too single target"
    You know how a bow works, right?

  15. 𝐒𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐜𝐡𝐞 says:

    I don' t like aloy, even when i JUST got her- im leaving her at lvl 1

  16. Title: "I did not enjoy this"

    My brain: "I did enjoy not this"

  17. Thumbnail: I DID NOT ENJOY THIS!

  18. Two shots childe
    "Did not enjoy.."

    Bruh she is a switch nuker
    Also her E is a startup in the beggining of the combat

  19. Bro could someone tell me the background music

  20. The video, "Why I don't like her":
    "bruh she can't keyframe cancel and I'm a meta slave"

    but yeah, I don't agree with what you said about Yoimiya since she still does numbers + if you use Zhongli, it's never a problem at all to get hit. Aloy though, she's not only terrible but her abilities look pretty lame.

  21. good that it isnt a good player that gives his opinion

  22. Yea this seems like ur being picky cuz everyone said Klee was trash but I love her cuz my dodge game on point I feel like people need to understand u can’t play every character the same way granted they could’ve done a lot better with Aloy I just don’t think it’s her normal attack that’s a problem it’s her skills that’s a problem but if we’re getting into that a lot of genshin characters have that same problem

  23. Tekken 7 music stage for genshin let’s gooo


  25. so she only has one drawbacks? nice…I'll wait her then

  26. Wow, I literally almost have that exact team besides the Rosaria being Raiden Shogun. (But I did main Rosaria in the beginning so it's still similar)

  27. The end was literally: when you expect to end the bossfight with the ult crit but dont get the crit

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