Leveling Ayaka hurts my soul. (Genshin Impact) - facenetgame.com

Leveling Ayaka hurts my soul. (Genshin Impact)

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Leveling Ayaka hurts my soul. (Genshin Impact)

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  1. Awwww a lonely mitachurl ……
    yOuR LiFe iS mInE!!

  2. It took one pull on the weapon banner for the sword 🗡

  3. I just realized that you and one of my friends have the same adventure rank

  4. Dang hes been in areas I've never been in. BRUH hahaha

  5. Еще один хороший способ:выйти и зайти в игру, реально работает

  6. bruh i remember when i came to inazuma it was so hard adapting to the inazuma mechanics

  7. I just got my Ayaka on Level 80 and it was fucking hell

  8. Keqing is jealous, because she is currently otside of your team on video.

  9. Watching this from the future with a basically dry map, it's really nice to get a second chance to experience the wonder and confusion that was exploring Inazuma for the first time.

  10. Hahaha I think this is how everyone feels in inazuma

  11. Genshin players: farming materials for weapons is hard work.
    Monster Hunter Players who farm for weapons and armour: amateurs.

  12. The sakuras were at least doable with friendlist abuse. The handbreak droprate was just absurd.

  13. this mans lvl 40 ayaka does more damage than my lvl 70 ayaka. i cri everytim

  14. he said y'all better not tell me that they're under me or something, the fact that most ruin sentinels are actually in that underground cave thing is already hilarious xD

  15. i want to ascend sayu. i need the magu kenki thing, where is it?

  16. watching jeikage do this while being confused is the most painful but amusing thing evef

  17. This is the first of your videos I've seen. I have enjoyed this.

  18. i dont even play genshin but i get so much enjoyment out of this kek

  19. Jei: "I mean, I haven’t done the story yet"

    Me still waiting for the Yoimaya story quest video: "I know"

  20. this man really calls childe tortellini.. im dead xd

  21. me watching him not claim acheivments: pain

  22. 4:38

    Is it bad that I legit thought that was a mob or like something and I killed it-

  23. Mistsplitter with Keqing is perfection. It looks so amazing on her and the dmg boost is very cool. So im just gonna give black sword to Ayaka.

  24. Let’s be honest, Kage is here for Baal so Keqing is gonna become number 2

  25. Bro my level 49 Ayaka is doing almost the same damage as yours mane fix that 😂


  27. The Fubuki, Korone, and Kiara cameo got me dying lmaoo

  28. I didn't know that you had to hit the sakuras with an electro power, so I just kept walking through them thinking I was picking them up

  29. I finally got her to level 80 and talents to level 8 today but I don't have a single Blizzard strayer artifacts 😉

  30. Please use charged attacks more with ayaya it’s very good 😉

  31. Omg he speaks so much but somehow i dont mind it instead its funny how he does such funny stuff

  32. This video is kind of convincing me to get Ayaya

  33. Omg it's been forever since I looked at genshin impact, I didn't even know that they gave electro to the traveler!😮

  34. As someone who also got ayaka I feel your pain of raising her (it didn't help that I couldn't find the boss and sakura blooms for a good 40 minutes)

  35. Just in case you still dont know how to set your commissions to one place:
    Step 1:Tap/click on the book icon (should be in the top right corner of the screen)
    Step 2:Go to the commissions tab
    Step 3:Tap/click on the drop down menu at the top of the screen
    Step 4: choose a region to set your commissions to

  36. “Damn, they really did nerf it”
    -Jeikage 2021

  37. Where's the interspecies reviewers bgm. I was lied to

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