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Today in Genshin Impact we’re raising Ningguang.


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  1. Wai wai waiiiit.. I want to see Mako's build.
    That HAS to be an R5 Prayer…..

  2. after seeing this video, am very happy to have ningguan. (My first new wish 4* character) She is very powerful and her burst gives a lot of attack. am happy to have her as my first new wish 4* character.

  3. Ningguang using her burst without jade screen…. sad…

    People who rarely use character with geo construct is struggle with this. Usually, they just fire/activate elemental skill at enemy, no need for placement. But for geo construct like Zhongli, geo Traveler and Ningguang, it's a bad practice to place it directly at the boss, you need to place geo construct near the boss, but not directly, to get the maximum effect.

  4. My alarm went off and it paused the video right at 0:48 when it "ended" and it was the best timing ever! 🤣

  5. I'm forced to build her too, since I got her C5. All of my friends tell me to do so… XD

  6. AAA! You’re such a troll!!! I believed that for a second!

  7. Got her and Bidou in one spin was best day ever. Imagine unintentionally starting a harem in game.

  8. Any tips to beat last area in dragonspine mountain? Last flower being a pain to open

  9. Am I the only one bothered by her normal attack animations? They honestly look so broken to me, I don't play her bc of it. Also she's constantly bullshitting about trade wars lol Such a weird character for how good she actually is.

  10. you thought you could trick me with that screen but im on PHONE

  11. In the future I imagine moga is gonna flex about raising everyone to level 90

  12. Who knows that ningguang is a 4 star but looks like a 5 star xD

  13. What…mine has 200 crit DMG, jade screen only deal 18k at talent 7, how did you get that damage 🙃

  14. Let's bug him to raise QiQi next! QiQi is an amazing character both heals and dp….. heals! Great dama- heals!

  15. Would I want moga account? No I just want his amber

  16. You don't choose to main Ningguang but Ningguang choose you.

  17. "Forget it, I'm already a whale, it doesn't matter."
    The whalest thing Moga ever said.

  18. The money could definitely be used elsewhere but all things considering (if you have the means to spend) $4k isn’t that bad after a year. I thought it was more tbh lol.

  19. Ningguang is one of those characters whose burst can focus on 1. As a ningguang main, you should try just jade screen go through it then burst and 1 shot bosses

  20. ninggaung was my very first main and this video just makes me wanna go back to maining her

  21. For me ningguang sucks. I know for me she’s only on lvl 20 but she does like no damage what

  22. One of the hardest things with Ning is positioning her Jade screen. There is a certain distance where you can still hit the boss but the jade screen is intact. So you can go through Q then E CA for big burst.

  23. I love watching moga rais characters like litrelly its satisfying looking at that dmg-

  24. 0:50 I literally believed he ended… and than saw the video time

  25. yap, shes op.. and hot… my jade screen does like 30k (i run her with widsith so 2/3 chance she is giga op), with benet its about 50… 2x. then her ult is like 12x15k and the charged is 17+7x7k
    also shes hot..
    I always have ning in my party when exploring, those crystals on radar are priceless. also she instakills any anoying enemy you dont want to fight.. just press E, Q, E and click… boom anything except for geo slimes is dead… also shes hot and she can break crystals with her autos so you dont need claymore in your party
    i also gave her 90 and two crowns… thinking about giving her the third… partly because shes hot…
    even though i dont use her in the abyss, since i use her so much i decided to give her some love… also shes hot

  26. Your videos make me happy. Also


    Also use a claymore character and Zhongli. I use Noelle. That will help destroy the pillars fast. Then use your strongest character because that boss will recover quick.

  27. is it me or people just dont save up emergency fragile rasin ? :l

  28. Moga quote I will never forget “Contrary to popular belief I don’t have infinite resin”

  29. Use the red cards first

  30. I’m a chongyun main and i’m jealous that you have a C6 chongyun ಠ_ಠ

  31. Would other Ning mains crucify me if I said i do heal ning with protoype amber, and keep my team alive. They all confused why im not doing a ton of damage, and also very confused on why their health is full.

  32. My ninguang is literally level 1 with 0 artifacts and if you had to force me to raise her or diona I’m choosing diona

  33. As someone who wants ganyu so much him booting her off the team was painful ;-;

  34. Ningguang was originally a 5 star character prolly why she’s so op as a 4 star rn😌

  35. This brings me back. I was struggling with noob primogem decision and bad investment decisions (noobies & newbies then). I got her in the novice banner and she carried me through all the content and spiral abyss. I'm building more characters now but knowing that you can go back to Ningguang feels good even if the character building fails or weak (sucks artifacts, bad team comps, weak weapon etc)

  36. I dont use glaze lilies for any characters.
    Ganyu: Do I mean nothing to you?

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