Lv80 Raiden Shogun C0 vs Childe【Genshin Impact】 -

Lv80 Raiden Shogun C0 vs Childe【Genshin Impact】

変な親爺 Henna-Oyajii
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  1. Why did you put atk% for goblet instead of electro dmg? Would it be better to exchange the er piece with atk% instead since your weapon gives a ton of er?? Just curious

  2. Как и ожидалось очередной посредственный персонаж. Не ведитесь на внешку.

  3. I wished she could have got crit rate/DMG instead of energy recharge


  5. Peace be upon you, I have a Gension Impact Rank 56 Europe account for sale
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  6. “YoU arE the eNemY of eterniTy”

  7. ну по резистам бить конечно не радостно

  8. Hope i can get that polearm just used my 50 50 to baal

  9. "hey shawty, I just killed some fatchoew before I came to fight you."

  10. Childe be like : aww sh*t here we go again

  11. This man's dodges damn smooth like sheeeeesh

  12. genuinely curious, does it ever get boring to be this good at the game? because i feel like it would

  13. Idk if baal is f2p friendly.. She needs c2 for better dmg output.. Even if u get her signature weap in c0, shes like underwhelming. But dont get me wrong i love her gameplay thou

  14. I thought Raiden did more dmg then that but amazing job

  15. Plot twist:Raiden came here to kill childe first then move to demolish signora and scara.

  16. Настоящий архонт это вот этот человек, который умеет так божественно уклоняться.

  17. IF I LISTEN SeIkAkOu No ChAnCe Da one more time i swear to god that i'll cry

  18. 0 dmg taken, I see it's a seasoned Childe war veteran

  19. She do be punishing him for using electro without her permission.

  20. Bruh he has rumored spear leveled max, god roll artifacts and max leveled talents ofc he’ll be strong

  21. So, where did you get 69,1% electro dmg when you don't have this stat in the artifact? -_-

  22. Ну шутки шутками а балл слабенькая,моя голая аяка сносит ультой 2 фазы

  23. Well i couldn't get her weapon, but got a R5 Favonius Lance so i guess that works ;-;

  24. childe: heh try dodging my electro slashes
    raiden: no u

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