Lvl90 C0 Aloy is COOL! 4★ Weapon Showcase! Genshin Impact -

Lvl90 C0 Aloy is COOL! 4★ Weapon Showcase! Genshin Impact

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This is a showcase for level 90 Aloy at C0 with the 4 star weapon, Windblume Ode and more!

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  1. I see her as good with the sacrificial bow than others….because I can triple melt with it

  2. Dude it’s been like 3 hours

  3. I have my r7 stringless bow ready for her. Yeh r7 😥

  4. I'm having fun using her to explore the world along with Kazuha. Worth it

  5. So there wont be any more collab as mihoyo did dirty this character.

  6. Does she out damage my avg diluc and keqing in dps? I also have amos bow

  7. Damn, those pigeons couldn't get a break withe these outlanders.

  8. Hi, can you try Aloy Charged Attack with Ganyu build and Amo's Bow.

  9. Apparantly i checked,her normal attack is lesser than qiqi

  10. I tested out Aloy at level one and she did 22k (with Sucrose and Bennett), I'd build her properly but at the moment I have no mora

  11. once again, misleading your viewers with "4* weapon showcase!" on the title but always showing your whale team in the thumbnail. I would say I'm disappointed, but it's not the first time you've done this.

  12. Question. Can I do a budget morgana team with her? I don't have ganyu and I don't really plan on pulling for ganyu. I know I won't be able to really big dmg with her but would it work?

  13. She is fun in over world. If you don't have yoimiya she take down the balloons very quickly. Her kit is fun and does decent DMG. But yeah never took her in abyss, but C6 rosaria is a bit unfair for her as well.

  14. Now I'm sad because I thought she was good and built her to level 50… as f2p… used all my precious resin </3

  15. time to use my unwanted emblem of severed fates pieces on her 😍😍😍

  16. Damn i was looking foward to her even farmed her ascension materials

  17. I have ganyu at level 90 as cryo bow charge attack dps, i have ayaka at level 90 as a sword cryo dps, and i wanna add more cryo dps, say invest on aloy and try an bunch of stuff 😆

  18. THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE !!!. W8 why is this 5 star so weak

  19. Unless she gets some CD reduction on her constellations in the future, she is gonna stay lvl 20 forever

  20. no further aloy vids needed … she s just bad but here to stay
    so maybe potential with the constellations? (5% reduced cryo res per bomb exploded and she would be a top tear sub dps)
    btw: love ur dad jokes man

  21. So I think she works best with something like Stringless with 2pc blizzard and 2pc Nobless. This causes her burst, which is the strongest part about her, to deal a lot of damage. Personally I like her even though she might be weak.

  22. Playstation: Please make Aloy stronger
    Mihoyo: Best I can do is 4 ☆

  23. I don't really like guides or showcases at L6 talents 🙃 still left a like tho 👍🏼

  24. so shes only good for her passive?
    that sucks, i was hoping she would be above avg. shes actually worse then a 4* character….some how. at least she looks cool af.

  25. Try the traveler with anemo for for consistent proc of the ice , been working for me pretty well because it continously swirls

  26. These puns are fuken terrible. Keep em coming, man.

  27. 4:47 are we going to ignore that his bennett does 160k dmg😭💀

  28. Oops, I kept calling the Windblume Ode the compound bow. My bad.

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