Main Character's Value SKYROCKETED In Genshin Impact -

Main Character’s Value SKYROCKETED In Genshin Impact

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Main Character just became much stronger in Genshin Impact, but when the new region and elements drop… there will be no stopping their power!
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  1. haha i think your genshin content is outdated

  2. Just a reminder that geo traveler is f2p zhongli.

  3. All the traveler main like me are here in the background just smiling because people are finally starting to appreciate the travelers

  4. Aether is me main character! I only use him as a main. The other are support for me. Me main team right now is Aether/Ganyu/Zhongli/Barbara. Sometime I swap Ganyu with Klee or Zhongli with Mona. Or other for elemental attack. But I never remove me Aether! Till now I have him at lv 90 is talent Anemo 9/12/12 and Geo 8/11/11 I want to crown every element with Aether! Then I crown other character.

  5. I always play as the main character bc i don't know what to do with my other characters

  6. Geo MC is amazing with Zhongli!! They are a great support/battery for Zhongli. You can use Zhongli's pillar, climb up and use the Geo MC's elemental burst and every crystal wall thing will pulse with Zhongli's. pillar. Also while inside Geo MC's elemental burst you get a crit rate boost.

  7. traveler is boring. i got him to level 70 because i had the mats and i wanted the fates. but otherwise, he is the most boring character to play. that's why i'll never play him

  8. Mine is 80/90 but haven't worked on any talents really.

  9. my traveller's ascended for now, didn't touch the talents yet, waiting for other elements to come

  10. I was planning on invest in MC…lvl at least… No talent because it will take much and may not use
    But I am busy focusing on my carry…. Eula and her support team+ farming for future characters

  11. I have upgraded 16 characters to 80/90 and 9 characters to 80/80

  12. My first maxed character is the Traveler. Been using her since I started playing the game and I'd say Anemo was already very good even before the buffs it just made her even better… And if the "rumors" are true then she's gonna be the best f2p support in the game.

  13. evil laughs I’m about to hit level 90 before Inazuma with my Lumine because it was so easy to level her

  14. I knew I didn’t waste all my exp for leveling to 80

  15. I happen to have level 90'd the MC, gotten constellations and nearly triple crowned him

  16. Main Char is straight basic and ugly AF male or female. If what element you choose changed how he or she looked people would be all over it. Just speaking facts. Step you're game up Mihoyo

  17. laughs in traveler main!!!! lmaooo love lumine

  18. I'm still gonna use Sucrose. Though, I feel like I should build him, since he's the MC afterall.

    Edit: He's not gonna be the best char of any element, but he'll be able to fill any role at least.

  19. I stuck with the mc from the beginning, as it was my best desire character

  20. Finally people can respect traveller values

  21. my only gripe with MC is that you have to relevel her normal attack talents. like what? she/he forgot how to use a sword whenever he changes elements? her skills and burst makes complete sense

  22. Anemo MC after the 1.6 EM buffs: "You see, you aren't dealing with the average MC anymore"

  23. People who leveled Traveler to 90 smug

  24. I'd wait until potential is present tense before leveling because there's no opportunity cost.

  25. I never thought of em mc i just wanted to build geo mc for geo res and zl battery. I would rather have albado or ning but f2p and c0 ning. So mc is best case scenario. I don't ming electro mc but with baidou fisch baal, i will have my hand full

  26. I am like the MC could 100 times be powercreep I will still use it because he is the only character that look like a celestial with his white clothes and well is the main character. The Geo MC is quite fun to use you can do a lot of stuff with those boulders and he is my battery for Noelle that give her 10% crit rate with the Ultimate and deal 14,000 per hit with the E.

    In term of story he/she could be the strongest character in the game make tier list useless for me.

  27. yup, mc char will be a long term investment for me down the road…

  28. you should also remember that we are already told the order of the elements, unless they change something the order is: anemo > geo > electro > dendro > hydro > pyro > cryo, so pyro is not coming anytime soon

  29. I only play with the Geo traveler but I try the Anemo without even the anemo set just the same artifacts that I use on the Geo that are made for Geo…damn the Anemo traveler now have a rasen shuriken for E.

  30. I have a theory that after all elements are unlocked, the traveler will a final form that will make them the first 6* character.

  31. Wow!!! Fuck me!!!
    I never thought of it!!! You literally just put a bricks into my head and say, hey bitch!!! The next patch is coming!!!

  32. I leveled him in dragonspine, wused him in deathfield combo with bigzhong

  33. I doubt they will make main char a top tier in a gacha game . They need to sell those 5 star banners . They might add more quests where you need to use it specifically though . Also , having backup in every element will be usefull (in 20 years lol)

  34. Finnaly profit of being aneko travker main yessss

  35. I leveled mine to 90 ages ago… did it for the future

  36. you know what there ain't much to do at AR 56+ imma try building him

  37. Ey lets be real, who the fuck wants to play traveler hahahahahahaha

  38. MC should always be the best, with 5* being right next to them. XD
    My crowns are on geo and anemo mc btw. Waiting for thunder mc

  39. I started raising anemo lumine like a month ago as a main dps lol

  40. mc was always part of my main team, until i realized the talent upgrades for mc are not practical. each element requires different talent mats. I'm ok grinding for mats, but moras, kinda a waste. the higher the talent level, the bigger the mora requirements. mc sleeping in my bag for months now as lv80 with lv5 talents.

  41. Also remember: if Inazuma is like Mondstadt and Liyue you will need to use the Electro MC when exploring to solve chest puzzles. Constantly swapping teams on everything except PC is a pain

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