MAXING REDHORN! Who can use it? (Genshin Impact) -

MAXING REDHORN! Who can use it? (Genshin Impact)

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Today in Genshin Impact, we’re maxing the brand new Redhorn Stonethresher, trying it on a few (non-Itto) characters, and seeing what it do.

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0:00 Maxing Redhorn Stonetresher
6:29 Trying it on Eula
9:42 Discussion: Diluc, Itto, Sayu
11:04 Trying it on Noelle
14:14 Discussion: Razor, Xinyan


  1. moga pls show noelle and itto with that weapon against a different boss, geovishap has such a high geo res and noelle still did big pp damage so i'd love to see it against a diffferent boss!

  2. I'm definitely getting this thingy for my C6 dps Xinyan, then swapping either her 2 pale flame or 2 bloodstained for 2 husk, and turning her into a bay blade.

  3. You only need Sayu on your team. You can run with Zhongli (runs faster than Sayu) when you are collecting the crystal flies.

  4. i think my brain just cometted suiside says:

    I got freedom sword before itto banners come out

    I don't have kazuha, i should've save for itto claymore instead bfdjkwkskkskaa

  5. Who can use it? Ofc all claymore user can use it because it a claymore weapon isnt it?

  6. 4:34 It was today I learned albedo and Ayaka have the same passive. Well I guess that's one less reason I'll need Albedo lol

  7. wow i can't beleive u said sayu is not a main dps im gonna cry

  8. got the sword …… just for noelle….so bloody brutal on her. unfortunately still farming artifacts from the new dungeon for her

  9. "Best two 5☆ weapons in the game"

    Staff of Homa 🤝 Redhorn Stonethresher

  10. I think this weapon is the best claymore for the most dps character, since if u have this weapon def will not be useless anymore, and gives u a lot of crit dmg

  11. that moment moga had with bones is so top tier i want that

  12. I am going to need Itto since I got his signature weapon

  13. Moga, for Noelle replace Zhongli with Albedo and she SLAPS with that sword!

  14. Me who rolled on the wep banner just to get the sword and put it on Noelle xD

  15. Hii umm can i challenge you to built your razor .it's ok if you don't except my challenge , cuz i need to built my razor better.

  16. Still trying for it. I'm out of primos but I'm still pulling one by one.

  17. sadly redhorn gets beaten by serphent spine r5 for noelle

  18. "This is of course obvious sarcasm"
    Wait, that was sarcasm ?

  19. Noelle normal attak talent is at lvl 3 it should be higher

  20. I didn't know you can get gold drops in domains 🤧

  21. Man you're poor I'm over here with 15million Mora at AR58 and New BP Namecard Too 😂👊


  23. I am trying to get the claymore for eula

  24. Your Noelle is not built enough for a satisfying showcase. Her talents are too low for her to do consistent damage.

    I've seen other people do three times more damage with Redhorn without Bennet. Noelle with 9/12/12 would do 25k to 30k damage each swing with the right support.

    No disrespect but again, your Noelle isn't properly built yet.

  25. The 28 Def% boost from Redhorn's passive + the 30% Def two piece bonus from the new artifacts give Noelle enough Def scaling to swich her Def/Atk Sands to an ER one.

    This new weapon and the new artifacts have effectively from fixed Noelle's energy problem. All she needs is Geo Traveller or Gorou for quick energy.

  26. the way he says deaf instead of defense makes me so mad 😐

  27. It's funny that he doesn't even bother to say Xingqiu's name anymore and just calls him "water dude" 🤣🤣

  28. It hurts to see moga not claim the commission reward from katheryne during the video..

  29. I whould kill for an account like moga :/

  30. Respect for letting Noelle finish her monologue at the end of the video. As much as she is a weak character in gameplay, she is cute as heck and not cringe like barbruh

  31. I have witness noelle did 30300 basic physical att demage, and 70k basic geo att demage. I think the new claymore fits noelle base on performance.

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