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Mihoyo Added the PERFECT Game Mode for End Game Content | What will they do with it? Genshin Impact

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  1. it only took 5 years for End Game Mode to be added in Honkai xD

  2. The genshin players ask for the very least! 1 wit and 10k mora why? mihoyo is so greedy just getting anything to us is amazing we are genshin fiends. There needs to be a balance of loot and content not one or the other there is no point running this if there is no primos

  3. See, it's possible to make a video talking about something we wish to have on the game without being rude or disrespectful <3 Well said Seka

  4. It's already been said probably multiple times but how the teapot shop functions. Every week or so we accumulate coins and can then spend them on resources like heroes wits, mora, enhancement ore and so on. I think it would bring back a lot of players who might have quit because they got bored of there being no true endgame content. This would make so you don't have to spend resin on mora/heroes wits for your characters and its a fun challenge.

  5. i love this event but i really hope endgame content is co-op, or at least has a co-op option… a co-option, you might say lol

  6. am telling u… make mora and mats drops from monsters…. when we choose are 4 members make the other support 4 random characters that rotate every 2 weeks so character u do have/might not have u can try. if u have the character u get 1 con to that character. give us mats and talent mats which change each week (can only buy so many each week).could do so much with this tbh

  7. It's way too easy, though. Am I the only one who doesn't think the new event is amazing? I would like it if it were more challenging, and if the level design were more interesting and unique, like a dungeon run/raid that you can do in co-op

  8. Damm that was almost one of my request in the suggestion form, but was like infinite abyss with almost no reward and random floors

  9. I would like a raid honesty.
    Like 10 teammates vs 1 boss. Of course it need to be difficult enough to go against 10 players
    But it's annoying that shields don't cover teammates.. at least not without constellations

  10. Great video as person who has recently started honkai I was thinking the same exact thing for Genshin in bringing in Elysian realm like end game content

  11. You really think MIHOYO is gonna give us this event for endgame? This is Mihoyo they always find a way to fuck up

  12. We need competitive PvP like the recent CN competition, but can choose to turn off constellations especially for 5 stars

  13. if it's only 10k and 1 hero wits, I think it's not worth it. Some comment idea about teapot store for getting reward seems little bit better

  14. Personally what I think this game needs is content where you can keep endlessly grind for better loot and no farming ores and enemies everyday is not worth any of our time cause it'll just be excessive material.

  15. the sad reality tho is that to mihoyo, it is better for players to play 30 minutes everyday vs providing some "infinite" content. Resin works because it creates an addiction after building upon the FOMO because "if you waste your resin, you dont get enough materials to level up your characters!!", which is the fun part of the game, even if you are not a big number person, feeling powerfull feel good.

    And then the addiction provide them with more money than satisfying player, unfortunately. The more time you play a game , the more you're ok spending money on it. And you play more so you end up seeing more character releases , aka more chances for them to "tempt" you into whaling a certain characters.

  16. No matter how hard we want it they ll ignore us.

  17. Maybe mihoyi can give a weapon as a prize like honkai weekly if they dont want to give primo

  18. I think they are testing the waters here. This mode is more similar to the dirac sea instead of Ely's realm. It alternates between the abyss and dirac sea, so you basically have an end game content every week instead of bi-weekly. Plus it's fun to mess with other people's dirac sea run with fckin traps and interferons

  19. I actually want the spiral abyss to be like the omnyou chamber. And instead of star is base on the timer, it should base other aspects such as take hit less than certain number, do certain damage and etc.

  20. I can already see people complaining about it being repetitive and burning them out.
    When the content is not there, some people want it. When it's released, some other people hate it.
    A random YTuber or streamer won't know how much people may like it or not. Many people don't even enter Abyss.
    It boils down to if MHY thinks it's worth the maintenance and PR cost to push it out, cause they already paid the dev cost.

  21. i didnt notice u could have shiki koushu as a "pet"….. i just started genshin just so i can equip it myself…… its 3am btw

  22. Yeah, right. But after a month or so. Most players will just be grumbling, saying they got tired of "repeated" content, or why its based. Well, we're always craving for changes so yeah

  23. this is amazing for example 200 floor each floor gives 10K mora 10 primo 25 mystic crystal and 4 hero wits or even 1 fragile resin every 50 floor ( 4 in total every week) would be awesome (maybe 200 floor is much extra) but you get the point of having end game content that you grind and each floor you get stronger and so the enemy you start to enjoy more feel the power that you actually in battle and start to see new numbers you don't see in your character in normal days. because i was able to hit 80K with albedo i couldn't imagine a day would come but this event makes it true so we defiantly need something like this!

  24. I really wish they would add it. But I just don’t see Mihoyo doing it for the players. Over the past month definitely solidified that they do not care to listen to actual player feedback. They rather lower the brightness of Raiden Shogun’s ring 🙄

  25. "Mystic oatmeal chamber" 😂 Haha, thanks youtube auto-caption!

  26. Hopium, if anything just I want the windtrace event for the permanent stuff

  27. Mihoyo gonna remove it like the others potential event that they launched.

  28. I can relate so much with the Intro 😅 my f2p Xiao also has a better Arti than my Bp/welkin Xiao 🥺

  29. also its so good u can start exactly where u leave in the chamber. when i net poofed i was like omg i have to redo this to find out that it wasn't the case <3

  30. Lol brit seka for the win woooooooooooooooooh i only have artifact like on me razor lol his flower tho

  31. Another reason why this would be great is because some people don't like time gated combat. It would be really fun to try to push difficulty, instead of pushing for fast completion! it's always felt like a diablo style rift system would fit perfectly as end game type of content for Genshin. I still doubt it's going to really happen in a way that is satisfying though since Mihoyo is SO intent to prevent any type of grinding. Imagine if inside, the monsters still dropped their regular loot too, so you could still farm for creature resources inside too!

  32. Yes! I agree: there is NO POINT rushing to endgame, because:
    1) this makes the game hard for unprepared and boring for prepared;
    2) this still does not guarantee perfect artifacts.
    So what's the point? I'm gonna chill now man, I am AR 35 and I LOVE IT!

    As for this new Labyrinth domain – yeah, sure, it's like a lighter version of Abyss, so if they'd leave it as is that would be great. But the reason they remove content after the event ends is to make the game take less space on your devices. Yeah, talking space when the game already became 3 times bigger, but still, this may be the reason they can't leave it forever.

    And for me anyway, the most appealing feature in Genshin is the open world. This was the reason I started to play it in the first place (and the reason I can't play Honkai – too boring for me, it's like endgame mode from the start). I don't think Genshin needs to copy Honkai. So if there is a choice between a new world region and a new abyss-like domain, I choose the world.

  33. He still stuck at 134k sub? 💀

  34. Since you're comparing omnyo chamber to Honkia's Elysian relm, I would recommend you search abit about an old Honkai game mode called the Matrix. Alot more similar. But i do agree. more than the difficulty, it seems that the combination of both difficulty, kick of fighting and rewards shop is what we need.
    End game players don't raise characters because grinding talent books and artifacts to power up a small roster seems more productive compared to grinding for mora and exp books.
    Speaking of Elysian relm, one of the most fun things that are in it are Elysia's sgnets that actually act like mode-exclusive constellation utility buffs. Its going to be alot harder to implement those, but its interesting to give players a good reason to play with old characters that they used to like, but fell off as the game evlolves

  35. its a great idea too bad all of mihoyos effort is going into developing new games.

  36. Good i agree. I play Elysian realm also

  37. I just wish they would focus more on coop, I freaking hate to be playing the same game as my friends except the experience is singleplayer.
    Also, a dungeon with non ending waves of enemies would be nice, it's not like the experience we receive is mindblowing. Mora and drops on the other hand would be broken and is asking too much.

  38. This event is basically Elysian Realm in Honkai Impact ngl

  39. No need End Game Content, Only need Mihoyo to remove resin mechanics.

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