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MiHoYo even Hated for Genshin Concert…

Hero Hei
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So much toxicity…
GENSHIN CONCERT 2021 “Melodies of an Endless Journey”|Genshin Impact

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  1. Ive heard rumors, that Tencent is behind the anti mihoyo movement.

    Tencent tried to buy Mihoyo but they refused 2x now..leaving a bad taste to Tencent.

    So basically, theyre using multiple acc just to bring the business down

  2. What's funny is the ones that say we paid for it are most prolly f2p

  3. i think the argument for 'those thousands of dollars came from us so we are actually paying for the concert' is false because when we spend money in genshin we are buying the welkin,bp,genesis crystals not paying for the concert…

  4. some people need to learn the issue. the concert is cool and bang, but that not related to the real issue -> communication between dev and community.

    Mhy can give fowl infinite times and people can be toxic all they want. Aside from reward MHY did a good job on concert, but bad at celebrating anniversary. At least like give "happy anniversary" mail with some reward or small event about anniv will Tone down the backlash, but not fully (in my opinion).

    Well the white knight vs greedy/toxic people who want reward and drama overshadowed the issue and good feedback everywhere

  5. Black Knights should get the same treatment as White Knights, its only fair afterall

  6. Well they literally spend money to thank u the players that's what there doing so why the fight?just accept it and just keep ur opinion to urselves like,the fight is useless and there is no benefit except spreading negativity

  7. I wont even feel bad if they just give up Genshin and go all in for Star Rail

  8. "why would mhy give donations to schools when they can use that money to improve the game and give us better rewards!"

  9. I can't even finish the video, so much braindead people… yikes

  10. "literally every game doing this for free" chuckles in kingdom hearts, final fantasy, persona

  11. Bruh wtf. The concert was genuinely amazing

  12. Hero hei being white knight.exe
    And don't know that giving away just 20 free pulls on "Anniversary" i just like showing-off that mihoyo are greedy b*stard company, nothing biased, its just reality being multi billion company can't even afford giving away… AT LEAST 1 5* character from standards banner, knowing this game need freaking 7 copies to max

    I do agree with these people ranting about game improvement instead wasting money on, concert, twitter hastag, or freaking anything that literally unrelated to the game, just imagine miHoYo wasting so much on unrelated thing and when its come to the game content they just trow rushed patch at us, and call it a day ?

  13. I heard mihoyo is making sword art online game so they need money

  14. Okay, but 'wrath of monoceros caeli' aka childe's 3rd phase theme slaps hard tho. I dont mind them making profit from ad revenue. Mihoyo aint a charity ffs.

  15. oh my god! I can't believe Mihoyo is trying to get some money like any other worker does, unbelievable.

  16. "But we gave them those thousands of dollars" -the free-to-play player said.

  17. Nice music tbh, absolutely loved it

    But is indeed kind of a pitiful concert considering the situation xd

  18. I think it's cool they did a concert but my anniversary spirit was still already destroyed and it's kinda sad so I can't really be appeased with a concert. Now I just go on with my commissions etc. as if the anniversary never existed

  19. The orchestra was enjoyable. Both the fanart livestream and the orchestra have really high production values and it's obvious that that's where Mihoyo focused their budget on for the anniversarry. I will say that they have the wrong priorities not celebrating in-game with rewards or special content. Mihoyo made some mistakes, but people are just being toxic for the sake of being toxic. This is why I left twitter smh

  20. Pathetic toxic genshin player please stop playing genshin , go play arknight or pokemon unite , start something new beside genshin

  21. Let me say something, the concert is nice okay, the people who worked on it are amazing it was amazing but doesn't change that they still didn't give enough to the community that actually benefits the community 😶

  22. Imagine being disappointed for a game's 1st anniversary lmao

    What are they going to want for the second one, a full ride on a college of their choice brought to you by Mihoyo??
    OH sorry it has to be an in game thing: How about Mihoyo giving these players rights to Mihoyo's own game so they can get all the in game items using Mihoyo's money?
    Oh wait sorry, that's way too much… that'll be the 3rd year's anniversary rewards my bad.

    Then what makes this worse, is people PAY Mihoyo, get whatever they bought, yet expect more from them somehow? When you can LITERALLY get ALL the things you want in game for FREE if you weren't lazy.

  23. They're probably the type to p2p players, then blame "Mihoyo" for getting the money of a f2p friendly game.

  24. i hate how they’re like “that money came out of our pockets and they get a profit we deserve more!” ok then they should just make the rewards off the money a certain player’s amount spent if the thing that matter is how much we spent to fund the game

  25. Usually I don't care about vidoegames' soundtracks (if not for particular cases) but Wow, Genshin has really good ones. I wish I could spend my money buying their Cds 😭

  26. Meanwhile honkai's concert chat spamming YATTA and SEGGGSSS no toxicity in sight

  27. i mean you can still play genshin without spending money…do they think we're all whales ??? i mean yea the ani rewards weren't the best but hey we're playing amazing game for free so I'm grateful honestly plus the music was amazing

  28. Tbh I understand why mihoyo stopped communicating with the player base when this is the player base

  29. k but heres my question.. how is mihoyo racist????

  30. put me in the same room as genshin twitter and suddenly all problems will disappear

  31. They wanted those angry people quote tweeting. Should have said nothing.

  32. Raibyō @ HoV HoR HoT HoFs Elysia Full Set says:

    The reaction between Honkai players and Genshin players to their own concerts are light years apart.

    Why do a lot of Genshin players seem to believe that Mihoyo is running a charity instead of a business.

    Also, that one guy who said they're playing music they've already heard, how stupid is he? Isn't that the point? If they played music that aren't in the game, it wouldn't be a Genshin concert but rather just a regular concert.

  33. Wait till genshin gets deleted
    And then the toxic fandom will go wild

    Im so disappointed to be part of the community
    And also "our rights"?

  34. You can also choose to be f2p or not play the game entirely…

  35. The game is literally free and the content is passable even with the starter characters. They also gave a lot of primos. they alrd gave 20 free pulls (from mail and login event) plus some primos from the event and the banner that runnin now is kokomi which im sure a lot of people won't pull for her soo i think all of those is enought plus they even gave us free concert to watch.

  36. i still would say that the anniversary rewards were Extremely cheap and meh and lack of communication made it worse and Mihoyo didn't really tried redeeming themselves..

  37. To be honest, more in-game rewards or just some sort of in-game musical event would be better. I'm not the kind of person to watch an orchestra, and most people aren't as well I think. The hate is obviously overblown, but most players don't care about the orchestra.

  38. if you came to the gaming industry only because of genshin and do not understand how it all works, just close your mouth and enjoy the game instead of demanding something from the developers (f2p players especially)

  39. As someone who actually pays to play this game i was pleased with both the concert and the anniversary rewards
    I don’t really get why the entire EN community thinks that they’re entitled to everything. U guys are only ruining the game for other people. If you’re unhappy with mihoyo then dont play their game.

  40. the concert was fucking awesome what are they on about

  41. i agree with that 1 comment about lack of communication

  42. There'll always be a fault. It's just how much you're affected by it.
    No matter what u do, it's never perfect. It's just how much you blow up said fault

  43. its like santa gave them a gift and they dont appreciate it

  44. Dude I come to the Western fandom and leave my country fandom so I can learn English but now I kinda regret it…

  45. look, I think that money spent could be used to improve the quality of the game, but it was nice to hear the songs.

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