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  1. we had this type of event already, over and over. DPS check, not even with the option of co-op this time. And even with lower rewards than previous events. Would be lovely to have it permanent so some part of the playerbase shut the heck up, so MiYoYo can focus on the darn storylines that have been wildly neglected since Lyue. ( the new archon quests, without rushing, don't last longer than 1 hour and half, TOP).

  2. I think the only reason why its so easy is because its only around for a bit so they want players to complete it

  3. Easy for a whale, difficult for a F2P. Chill out.

  4. What even is the purpose for the support team? And shouldn't we be able to switch as needed? Or Am I missing something!

  5. Man, I have been following you since so long but I can't shake the feeling that you are a whiny bi***.

    It's what it's I guess.

  6. اباتراب [ F ] علي زامل says:

    Sweet Jesus tits, I had fun for once in my damned career playing this game.

  7. 'This is just a THEORY. A GAME THEORY!' Best quote

  8. I personally liked prop hunt way too much. Wish it was still in.

  9. No we want better rewards. What are you saying teccy? Lmao

  10. I don't think it was that easy, maybe because I stepped on every unhealable tile. And maybe it's easy to you cause literally all your characters are busted…

  11. Mihoyo: makes amazing game modes
    Also Mihoyo: alright, 3 weeks and it needs to go

  12. this isn't easy, at all

    for one you used a full party of 5 stars and have ridiculously good artifacts, two you have good weapons and leveled talents, three, its only the first two floors, and four, we got special buffs after a fight.

    if anything its the perfect middle ground of both easy and hard where its fun. the events where we get to set our own difficulty are unforgiving and mostly only for whales/people that spend money to get to the good shit quicker.

    this is a step in the right direction though. as said ways ago, i want a roguelike dungeon in each region (for a total of 3 for now) and it has up to 10+ floors we can explore. depending on who we picked, we'd get puzzles based on that element. we'd also be rewarded with some primogems, ascension materials, billett's, and rarely something to put together to summon a full character/weapon. these would be daily dungeons that randomly generate loot and can only be cleared once a day, free of resin.

  13. As a F2P with an average of 2-5k damage-per-hit, i was spamming attacks on the first floor(?) bc i was so traumatized from spiral abyss time limit. I came in confused and came out that domain still confused. I'm gonna take my time to find wtf i am actually suppose to do. However i enjoy the charms buffs and long winding path that got me dizzy which ends up in longer playtime.

    this event is just spiral abyss, quest domain and exploration all mixed together. can't wait to finally fail in an event (pls make the domains harder im begging you mihoyo)

  14. Hm.. I play cause of characters, exploring and story, not cause of pure combat but yeah, I like the event. It should stay.

  15. Whats long and full of seamen NOT MY JOKE says:

    Lets all be honest you know genshin is dying when I change my pfp and tec is starting to doing honkai content and rip jessie

  16. well fuck it, when teccy introduces a game even if its sponsorship ill downlaod it, not because of the 50$ giftcard, its coz i love teccy (ill keep telling that to myself)

  17. Teccy: 2.2 will be a f*****g joke
    Also Teccy: I love this!

  18. The worst thing is that they probably will just take it away forever the next update

  19. Hate to say this, but Mihoyo will never release anything you'll find hard. Because if someone with all c6 characters and r5 five star weapons find something difficult, that's gona be impossible for everyone else.

  20. Day 1 of this event was so much fun. Glad people aren't being negative about it.

  21. good event👌🏻, but yea i need more coop features

  22. This event and the music event should be things that are just part of the game's content. If the music event was a part of the game they could add tracks with updates and allow you to play with friends and even allow for custom tracks, as a fun minigame to kill time with friends or alone this could work. Then of course the dungeon crawler mode would be the other really fun mode along side that. Another cool thing would be some Dynasty Warrior type mode where you could also compete against AI or a friend to capture areas by killing all the enemies but that may fit better with Honkai Impact.

  23. hey Tectone, do you accept FAN REQUEST?.its a Tier list of best DRESS for female and best DRIP for male. Also only one character for S-tier and E-tier, the rest A-D tier. Sample: S-Tier is FISCHL the best because gothic style and E-Tier is traveler(female) because not cute enough. thats it.

  24. Way too easy for whales! F2P will likely have a harder time and only 1 of the lowest level challenges is out so far… Yeah Whales will be bored for the most part everything will be way too easy with all their C6 characters and R5 Weapons… And they have to make it playable for us plebeians, just cause something is easy for whales don't make it harder for F2P players!

  25. So far Windtrace, the last labyrinth with trial characters and this one have been what I wanted instead of that damned abyss. They can literally assign a more fun thing to the abandoned domains.

  26. This mode could be more fun than spiral abyss
    It should replace spiral abyss or become a 13th floor that is endless.
    Also the fact that Xinyan is featured in it so heavily and it's not a permanent party of the main story does Xinyan dirty once again.
    New players who join after this event won't experience this part of the game.

  27. Other games: add fun events so players can play and keep the game alive

    Genshin: add fun events that last like 2-3 weeks tops so they can rehash the same thing next year and call it content

  28. This is a good step. They will run this event, and immediately discard it until it pops up in the event rotation again. I have no faith that this company will permanently add positive content like this.

  29. man they probably just don’t want to give players “too much primogems” :/

  30. If Genshin could just have this as a permanent feature I would be playing Genshin Impact more.

  31. Hey teccy you have a point, but if you make something difficult and rewording but by fun the stupid and toxic part of community will get mad becuz they dont get reword for something hard and it could end like the anniversary…..

  32. Teccy so true 😭❤️
    They have to make different games for mobile players! The game is so big right now and the content it’s just to easy for pc and ps4/5!!!!
    Why they don’t add a mode called abyss underworld with 999 stages and every stage get harder and harder! Everytime you win 10 stages the reward is a golden artifact.. that’s enough for us we don’t need big reward just FUN!!!!

  33. Difficulty options should be:

  34. It would be cool if every week, not only the dungeon change, but you can only fo the dungeon with 1 team of test versions 9f random characters that mihoyo choose every week, so everyone would have a chance to experiment with every character and we would have to adapt to every situation.

  35. when you bitch, you forgot youre pay to win. it could VERY HARD for free to play

  36. Whenever I pause I just see “hey YouTube your cute” in the chat 😭

  37. If they made this as a second abyss, I'd actually do it and try

  38. When i played the event i got a charm that increased explosive barrel damage by 2000% so i was one shotting the enemies with only one button press.

  39. Well part 1 is easy, but part 2 is hard, especially for me who don't have mau good build characters

  40. People complain to much, people asked to make abyss harder then they added that health lose mechanic then y’all complain about how that might be to difficult for f2p and casual players…

  41. Spiral Abyss could lead onto the Abyssal Maze which is basically this event but with increasingly difficulty. I guess the lore explainations could be that we are in the deepest part of the spiral abyss and everything seems to just change random as if a dark force is trying to us get lost in the abyss. A good story for this one could explain how "Abyssal" powers work like Foul Legacy and the abilities the Lectors use

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