miHoYo is FINALLY listening to the Community with this! | Genshin Impact - facenetgame.com

miHoYo is FINALLY listening to the Community with this! | Genshin Impact

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miHoYo has revealed two new weapons that will be coming with the 2.2 update in Genshin Impact. The new 5-star Bow along with the new 4-star Claymore.


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  1. I thought mihoyo will be giving out free bow 🤣

  2. The title of the video got my hopes up, only to be disappointed after clicking it. Were the community really asking for this…I don't know. I mean all these have always been available on sites like honeyhunter. Mihoyo is like, info is already out there so we may as well post it officially. 🤷

  3. They have been listening to us all along. It's our toxic response to their responses is the main problem. Just like when they buffed Zhongli, then there's those who said it wasn't enough.

  4. It's better for Venti bcs i atleast have Venti and it looks like bow from Dvalin and Andrius(Wolf boss)

  5. Now lets wait what Mtashed is gonna complain about next

  6. Wait Claymore from Watatsumi Island that means where Is water and Kamisato Ayato is Hydro but no one knows if polearm or Claymore i think now Ayato is Hydro Claymore to have freeze combo with his sister Ayaka

  7. Would the polar star bow be good on Alloy?

  8. That caption hurts my gut. Mihoyo is not listening to us, its telling us they won't listen to us whatever the f** we say. Nothing that's worth changing will never be changed, but these ton of shit will be changed so they can lie us in the dev. notes that see' we gave you the info on upcoming banners which are definitely not for you stupid f2p. whales banzai!!! whales banzai!!!

  9. I'm going to have so much fun with this new bow.

  10. May i say that yes it is a 5* bow, if you have Ganyu the *ONLY* reason you should be getting this for ganyu is if you have no Skyward Harp or Amos. If you have either of those bows then you are better off using them over the Polar Star

  11. Mihoyo always listen, it just the community cry too loud

  12. Polar Star can be used for Venti as well, just a few autos and then skill + burst. Of course, only if you’re doing Venti DPS.

  13. It’s a nice bow…but it’s too good to be true, sus. Knowing Miyoho there’s gotta be a catch somewhere. Imagine if Childe’s melee stance doesn’t count as normal attack, so he can’t reach max stacks with the bow lol
    Don’t give your hopes up just yet guys, it’s Miyoho. They always do some clunky clowny shit

  14. Who cares about the 5* weapons if you need to save for months to get one?

  15. Genshin youtubers and streamers just choking on copium at this point.

  16. Hate to farm for something and then not getting it

  17. It baffles me that people are so angry that envi and other players are excited about this new change mihoyo implemented. Yeah, it's small but it's a change and who are you to tell people they can't express their feelings about these changes peacefully? Why are people taking out their anger on envi? Make your own youtube video then tf. The internet is so strange nowadays.. they jump on people just because they don't have the same opinion as them. Touch grass pls

  18. yo i got the welkin moon from the event, am I still f2p if I use it

  19. .. Aloy have gone into the space.. And will come back in 2.2 because players forgot that Aloy will be coming.

  20. leaks will show this information 5 weeks ahead. mihoyo shows this 4 days before the weapon comes out. it literally changes nothing and is only useful for content creators to make content out of. what the community wants is more of roadmap like mihoyo did for 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.

  21. Imagine fixing the "shogun x beidou buff" after they release childe.
    its actually sums it all if that was the case..
    >make a bad move by nerfing or making a skill useless with a certain combination..
    >but fix it after releasing stuff that will earn them lots of money after(IE: childe and the new claymore that fits beidou with shogun'lots of ER)

  22. Not really. But I'll take a hit of that hopium you're on

  23. Mihoyo releases a versatile and amazing weapon after releasing literally the worst weapon in the game with no versatility and can only be used on Kokomi and Barbara
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's Everlasting Moonglow

  24. I like how the Polar Star is the exact opposite of Thundering Pulse
    Pulse is a CritDMG bow that gives a raw Atk boost with Dmg increase stacks
    Polar Star is CritRate bow that gives raw Dmg boost with Atk increasing stacks

  25. This was absolutely not Mihoyo listening to us, it was just something they decided to do, such a simple idea to start posting the stuff we need, theres no way they got that from the fanbase.

  26. I dont see that bow not being good to any bow user

    Edit: ok every bow user that is a support might not be what you want

  27. But the physical dmg in eula ispretty good. I think that even the claymore from dragonspine is better for eula than that sword. As Eula you use her as a main dps, if you use this you are only boosting ur burst and your dmg would get shitty with the rest. If you dont build er on eula with that weapon, which i dont even know if it works, then its a bad idea.

  28. Hm the bow is kinda suss^^bc if u have party of 4 80 Energy chars u cant reach the 40%on r1….

  29. I’m really close to pity on the weapon banner hopefully I can get the bow

  30. I mean.. thats about as bare minimum ad it gets. But whatever

  31. now that the last island of inazuma is coming out, i hope the following patches after that will be geared towards polishing the game more, fixing bugs and mistranslations and what not

  32. I dont think the bow suits yoimiya, since yoimiya's E skill is considered as normal atk, she wont get the 12% dmg boost. She will only get the 12% dmg boost for her burst but im sure, most people wont be using that if they're running shimenawa on her. Since her E doesnt do dmg, she'll be losing 1 stack, and if you're using shimenawa and not really using her burst, you will lose another stack. you could only at most gain 3 stacks and most of the time only gain 1 stack. Overall, there are better options, if you're trying to get a new bow for yoimiya.

  33. I will just farm for the ascension materials present in the world itself. I won't farm the masks ahead since I still don't know if I will be able to get that specifically, hoping but it's still a low chance especially for those f2p or low spenders.

  34. That 5* bow is for aloy i think, she has good skill and burst dmg

  35. ppl r too quick too jump now suddenly mihoyo is listening bruh ;

  36. does anyone know if the Polar Star is gonna be better than Skyward Harp?

  37. I got a message the other day asking what I thought about the game and I was brutally honest about the game and how all mechanics work from quests, time ratio, drop rates and much more hopefully a bunch of people actually have real feedback and not “Raidens burst is too bRiGhT”.

  38. is this gonna be good for ganyu or should i wait for her rerun maybe they will give her a 5star weapon?

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