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Mihoyo Just Broke The Internet with This | Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact just had a massive update for 1.6, and they forced me to delete my initial thoughts video. This new area is WAY better than expected.
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  1. The whole time I'm exploring I just keep on "OOhhh" wait…WTF is that??" or "chests!" , "how does this puzzle work!?"

    man I really miss the feeling of being AR16 again , running around the map knowing nothing and discovering things

  2. Yeah this was very good, im pretty much done for now till they open up the other challenges.

  3. Im glad i came back for genshin impact after just starting out and then feeling, naaaah this game isn't for me. Until a week ago i started grinding and i just got from adventure rank 15 to 30 in a week. And this event happens. I like it very much.

  4. Do we still think the new area will be temporary? I'm pretty sure there is a brand new plant pickup in this area, the purple flowers in the water. I didn't have Seranita teapot access until today so it's also the first time I saw multi-map selection with, well.. other selections. While I don't think the mini-games will be available forever, I can't imagine them doing away with this area given the size and depth of content currently.

  5. Youre so pathetic dude xD every video such sponsering shit … Oh let me guess too much wishes in Genshin and you havent any money left …. Scam

  6. Loved all of it! So. Many. Chests. Wow! 9hrs x 2 days. Still not done. More is added every day. Go back for additional puzzles. They respawn!

  7. I did the same thing, I complained a ton and then of course also ate my words.

  8. My mouth dropped when all those islands came up

  9. omg i love the event.. so much to explore and to use my brain with some of the quests.. and to think out side the box to find those conches…and it also helps me more practice to use my newer team to fight and learn more this is awesome

  10. im anew player and ur one of my three go too people on the game.. i need your insight

  11. the fact that you always take back your words- maybe try things first lol

  12. I was so happy when I got the Barbra skin😀 and I got so many chests 👍🏾👍🏾🏆🏆 and as a bonus I rolled kleee!!! And finding the conches are fun 🐚

  13. But really, what’s up with the bubble island? 🤔I need to knowww asdfgjjkllajeeisnxnql!!

  14. I dont feel similarly. This still isnt fun for me. I don't have much life left in genshin unfortunately. So many characters going to waste on my account 🙁

  15. So much fun, already at 20 wishes that I'm saving

  16. I'm okay with this filler content if this is giving us a little taste of inazuma

  17. I guess I'll give it a shot. Gotta say though, disappointed so far that the chests are only giving mora.

  18. I kinda knew that the water level would go down and there would more stuff.

    Partially cause you could see it, and there was so much content to come.

    And the previews showed beaches.

  19. Tbh, step back and actually look at the game. It's a FREE mobile, pc and console crossover SinglePlayer rpg game with a company that frequently checks upon its game. Very astounding graphics and an extreme amount of content. The problem is probably you if you literally play over 5 hours a day like an addict. Ofcourse it gets repetitive and frustrating if you play your entire day for a week. Humans are great at adapting and soon becoming greedy needing something more exotic. There is this misinformation that's being sent into players about the urge in trying to get all the characters when that itself wasn't even suppose to be the purpose of the game in the first place. You go in, play about an hour or two and have fun in your 'Sjngleplayer' world, enjoy the story and content, upgrade some stuff and maybe open some packs each week and ultimately get about 1 or 2 5 stars until the mid to late game. Obviously you are going to be complaining if you are trying to get every character and become a tryhard. There are content creators who does this as a job that are very invested in the game just like how we are at doing our jobs in society. Pay accordingly or just buy the monthly pass and chill. Pretty pathetic complaining about a free to play content game if you are burning it through 6 hours a day for a week;; let alone spending hundreds in a gambling format and complaining because you did not get a specific thing you want when it is purposely designed in order to achieve enjoyment via random character summoning. You are meant to get random stuff and enjoy them, not to go all out getting bankrupt in some casino like some gambling degenerate. Have a price limiter if you are in that shithole.

  20. I stopped playing for 2 months now, I'll probably come back in a couple months, now I'm working, so I'll have some mony to spend on it

  21. i would love to try it all but am just too new of a player…i hate events like this that are in MHO geared ONLY for the vetran players and whales.

  22. this is more like dragonspine yeah

    except dragonspine had rewarding exploring experience, A LOT more puzzles, new combat mechanic and amazing view that this archipelago doesn't.

  23. It's just like when we first started and everything hadn't been explored

  24. Mtashed building taser comp??? (Sucrose/Beidou/Fischl/XQ)

  25. You sound like you fell in love for the first time 🤣

  26. Before running the blabber mouth, think

  27. This is the best event they've had yet. Hit me with that survey Mihoyo.

  28. Actually…you should post that.

    It would be fun to see your first Reaction

  29. for me the event story quest is very charming. As much as I love liyue, mondstaht crew are just so cute together… the chemistry between them. I laughed all the way through the dialogues and honestly not many game could do that.

  30. Maybe Mihoyo could teach bungo how to make content

  31. Genshin is making people go bipolar at this point…

  32. I don't think 1.6 patch is fun the only thing i like is the rewards this filler patch kinda underwhelming ngl 😂

  33. Im mainly just happy somewhere that he's still playing Destiny 2, only found out about him because of d2 n started genshin coz of him too!

  34. Definitely go to the islands on the outskirts. I was just there and there’s a mini quest that I’m doing and chests along the way.

  35. honestly, i expected it. when there was only about 5 shells on the first part, i knew something was up. "there is no way they can hide 32 shells on these 4 tiny islands." That also isnt mentioning the large expanses of nothingness that was near the border. (north is the biggest hint).

  36. i toke a break of ghenshin impact after hitting world level 55.7 close to 56 and i had done all the contant so yhea
    Now i see this contant and i'm like okay cool cool!! i'm getting hyped up again..

  37. Wished they dnt make it disappear coz its actually pretty good i legit spent 5hrs straight to explore💀💀

  38. What really fucking sucks is the fact this shit is level locked. You need to be adventure rank 35 to even access this stuff, and I only started a couple weeks ago, and finding the time to play this game with my current schedule in life is nearly impossible without ruining my sleep. And I'm only Adv rank 22. Like fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this sucks, hearing the fact you get to ride an actual boat, sounds great to me alone.

  39. Glad I waited until now to start playing lol

  40. I joined this thing when it was one day from opening the 4th challenge. I got this done in like 6 hours on a 1 week old account. 100%. Man if this content update is like worth such praise, I'm afraid of future updates. There was barely anything here in reality.

  41. On the first day at a point I spotted a tree under water. so i already know that something like this would happen >.<

    but yes the content went brr.
    I reall liked this update, i just got back into genshin like 2-3 days before the update – and before that i was a (lucky) beginner who played for like a weekend and then paused because of Real Life.

    I played through most of the content now but i really like the islands and i thinks its very sad that they are just temporary, i liked the mini story that happend there, i liked the interactions with the characters and between the characters.

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