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  1. Brother I worry about your blood pressure lol

  2. I didn't realise Silvervale even played this still, I got into Genshin watching her and Nyaners play it and then I assumed they quit it O_o

  3. You look in good shape Tectone ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. Imma be real with you. I don't know if you know this. Bit MiHoYo actually listens to you specifically. Like they have made several changes that you have suggested over this past year.

  5. what a fink chad like ma man you are the best hope to see your channel grow as much as possible.note im sorry i cannot watch your streams cuz of time zones and stuff but i just love u soo keep up what your do and love u from india

  6. Community still eating sh*t tho tbh…. Just with sprinkles XD

  7. Hey cm punk just retired that name before months you don't need to take it LMAO

  8. Is so good to catch up with what is going on in the Genshin community.The only information and controversy about the game that I got are from your content and some game info… so thanks for the vids hope you continue to help improve the genshin community

  9. Not redeemed… I still can't get the wings.
    I'm not paying for them.

  10. Thats so cool!
    But imagine paying 10$ for a glinder that It was suppose to be free lol

  11. It seems a little counter-intuitive when your last video talks about how every big content creator who signs this is scum of the earth for taking the opportunity away from smaller streamers/youtubers, then downplay it all when your friends sign on and try to justify it by "they're just dumb." Idk, still seems shitty that they're taking the deal but hey, maybe I'm missing something.

  12. i mean we have to pay for something that was originally supposed to be free D:

  13. I got scared when I saw moga cause he said that he declined the offer in a video from what I remember then remembered his names on the platforms are mogawty and not moga lol

  14. I’m glad for those who took this deal to grow and give back to there community instead of the big streamers getting all the subs

  15. Looking in the comments to see is Bao commented anything lol

  16. "I think dumb people lives the most fun lives" -Tectone

    "Ignorance is bliss, Chainsaw" -Quanxi

  17. As a fan of tectone I wish we can have some videos without any drama just some fun genshin content….. I love your genshin content and love u (so I hope u get the love you deserve) but at the same time I don't like seeing much drama …. Hoping for good genshin videos ( without drama ) ❤️

  18. Sometimes i feel genshin impact isnt worthy enough to be streamed so widely.. "do not play anything else" f-ing bs

  19. Can’t wait for teccy and bao to move in together so we can get a week of the Reddit being “just two whales living together” memes


    I wouldn’t even be mad if big streamers used this opportunity tbh, they can make this a charity or support event and just donate the money they made to either charities or support other small streamers with it. That would be a boss move.

  21. Ugh idk what i would have been doing if you werent a genshin impact cintent creator , i fking thank you for making it so fun to be apart of the community :3

  22. im not sure if the gliders will ever be free, i mean, u had to buy the bucket w the code on it

  23. I thought he would hate it if his other big streamer friends (over 1k views) signed the contract? Or atleast that's what I understood from his last video regarding this issue. Did he bit his tongue or something when he saw his big streamer friends actually signed up? ( to those teccy supporters or otherwise cuz I actually haven't watched this stream so I don't know the full stuff)

  24. Ignister Prominence, The Blasting Dracoslayer says:

    So who's gonna tell Teccy that being dumb and being ignorant aren't exactly the same thing. (No surprise he doesn't know this considering he himself is a bit of both lmao)

    Also lmao this man has a literal savior complex the size of the goddamn moon thinking he single handedly caused this change. And people unironically financially support this narcissist ? Yikes

  25. And it as been found by a french.
    I love my contry

  26. You got to watch all that salt intake. It can't be good for your blood pressure.

  27. 8:23 The glider should've released like a year ago at this point the only good pr option was to release it free during the current events.

  28. And here i thought that they were giving the wings away for free…..

  29. I left Genshin just before the Inazuma release having played from day1, returned recently hoping for improvement and honestly was disappointed. I really wished they’d dived into co-op more
    Co-op abyss, scaling co-op difficulty and rewards, story quests available in co-op
    Add these few things and I’d love this game. It has so much potential but there is literally no reason to play it with someone and I’m a very social gamer, else I get bored and move on

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