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Mihoyo! Stop Doing This to Genshin Impact Players!

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I understand Time Gating content here and there, but for limited time events, it caused FOMO and makes people lose out on rewards. Please consider your players and their busy schedules!

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  1. its hard to compare time-gating in genshin to other gachas since, as far as I know, it is the only open world gacha at the moment. If anything its more comparable to mmos or whatever warframe is. I understand time-gating since in my experience with older online games with little-to-no time-gating, plenty of people do be rushing content the moment it drops then complain there's no new content for the next couple weeks and it happened a lot.

    with that said I still have to agree with the part about the inazuma 4* bow being time-gated for a week. In my under 2-week old f2p acc I literally just got childe as my first 5* excluding alloy, no rust or other good bows for him atm so I wanted to get the next best thing for him which is that 4* inazuma bow, but I've realized I have to wait an entire week just to get its blueprint. not in-game time that I can just speed up but real time, and its quite frustrating. I got to AR 36 and into inazuma in under 2 weeks without rushing, 1 whole week without that bow would mean I couldn't use my childe until then(cuz' I ain't wasting mats on bows I'll be replacing anyway).

  2. I felt that.. I only play during weekends and missed many quest and event. AR52 but still havent unlock azdaha, Signora or inazuma. I opened the game but felt tired because there's a lot to do but didn't have enough time. Sometimes I need to pay someone to play for me. At this point I was thinking about to sell my account.

  3. I didn’t get to finish the Liyue event

  4. I love the music event because I love rhythm games

  5. Mtashed mentioned a new open world gacha that's supposed to release sometime soon, I'm not sure if it was in this video or another but does anybody know what it was called?

  6. I agree with this entirely because it’s already limited time why would you put even more of a time limited system into it.

  7. Tbh I enjoy your rant videos, they are very entertaining lmao. And I totally agree with what you are saying here.

  8. Holy shit what did the Chinese do to mtashed? He hasn't posted in 4 days

  9. I really just don't like this event, it was okay as 1 of 3 events during Windblume but now we have to do like three times the content and wait in between. I think I might just skip an event for the first time since I started playing or do the bare minimum. I just don't see the point to this event.

  10. Oh my I had to hear that I m not the only person who had that Fobia of missing the events …

  11. MTashed please make how to 10x your bitches guide please

  12. Honestly, I am skipping this event entirely on all my accounts. Not only is it time gated but it's also tedious (for me). Instead of letting me get in a groove and cruise through it stops me after one performance and I have to "warm up" into it all over again the next day. Hated guitar hero, hate quick time events, hate this. Hated having to find every single chest and emblem in the last event too, I just don't have the time to open a guide and meticulously check off one item at a time. I only got the fish claymore (R5) on one of my accounts because of this. It's just pointless grind once you start feeling the reward isn't worth the time investment. I can't be the only one playing multiple accounts. As F2P it's a great way to build different teams, get different characters and stagger what banners you pull on so you have the best chance of playing all the new characters that come out. "Missing out" on a few events on one of your accounts can absolutely kill your desire to play it. Events should be fun, not tedious. I know the current event appeals to some people, that is just a personal dislike but I don't think many people appreciated the whole "collect them all" nonsense from the fish sword event. The combat elements were fun, the quest line was a bit drawn out but acceptable but why oh why with the collecting nonsense.

  13. Agree with you Tashman. I'm a casual player and I'm still in school (11th grade), so I'm really busy most of the time, and only able to play for an hour or so a day. Recently, my phone broke, and new phones wouldn't be in stock till a week, so I have to wait a week to play the game again, and all the events which I was excited for (Xinyan, music) will already be gone by then, and so will the Tortellini banner, which I had been saving up for 3 months.

  14. Mtashed, please make a video about your opinions on the newly released event with Xinyan. Mihoyo did it again, new players can't take part of the event unless they ascend their characters. I feel like the new event was mainly made for super strong teams/meta teams. I feel lik those who are underleveled wouldn't have a change to beat this new event. It's such a shame that Mihoyo doesn't include the whole community to take part in their events unless they're on higher AR.

  15. Mtashed: complains about sketchy business practices in a gacha game
    Also Mtashed: promotes Raid:Shadow Legends


  16. this is exactly what has been happening to me. I wanted to do these music quests so badly and get the guitar. definitely wont happen for me though

  17. I unfortunately missed out on the fish sword ;~;

  18. MiHoHo has shown that we can complain all we want and they still won’t give a shit

  19. Hates your sponsor segment and yet you are doing it over and over again. Mihoyo doesn't make this game for YouTube content creators, so don't blame the game when you have no new content to generate income; other content creator seems to be doing just fine and not cry like a baby. I found no issue with this time gate mechanism when I causally play it just an hour or so once a few days.

  20. Took the 2 k from shadow legends bought primogems haha

  21. A WEEK?!!? It took me months to get the bow! I just got it last week! and I play a lot! lol

  22. I missed out on the tuna lord sword as well… the same way. I can agree with you as well… I think an option could be time gating it based on playtime outside of the event or.. increase the time to get items… or complete events etc… compared to other progression.

  23. I know I am spamming your comments but… on the sword… I did all the quests, but the last one to get it the sword… and I had life stuff come up.. So I missed it and I can never get it again. Even if this is just how gotcha games work. In many ways it's still a bad or immoral business model even it it makes a lot of money.

    However games like this just seem to cycle. From what I have seen they make a lot of money do really well and then die. At which time the same company or new one makes a similar game with a different story and world. Rinse and repeat.

  24. I clicked on this video thinking that mtashed would rant once more about there having no content.

    Instead I was greeted with a rant that can benefit a lot of players, if not all the players. Thank you for this rant mtashed.

    On the side note, yes, it is a problem, content gating. Waiting for over 7 days continuously because miHoYo decided to lock the content behind daily logins.

    Now people might say " But miHoYo is doing this so people will stop complaining about no content! And people need to take a break about this game. "

    Yeah well that's not working well currently. Most gamers in genshin have lives.. I hope people do not compare every genshin players as people who got no lives and just play 24/7 and complain about having no content after speedrunning the new content.


  25. Chinese mobile garbage that people compare to something like Breath of the wild cause they can't see quality until they stop getting dopamine.

  26. I totally agree, I would rather get really into the event for a day or two and grind it out than play each level one time every couple days. It makes it less fun. Imagine if they dropped spiral abyss one floor at a time each day over the two weeks. It would be super boring

  27. How about waiting until the event is fully available and then doing the whole event.

  28. Literally I'm just burnt out trying to finish my resin, dailies and events. On top of that everything is time gated. This was literally on my mind for some time now. It's really getting annoying at this point. I'm not even doing the new event coz I'm so tired of feeling of missing out on something

  29. Even then most of the evens there are have shit rewards, but there's one in a blue moon where they have a good event. Most of the gachas I see have limited time events but say after a year those events actually become anytime events as new events come to the game. It's coming close to a year now and there's no sign that the festering desire event is coming back. Due to that, now days I fear any event there will be is never going to come back and it gives me fomo.

  30. complaints every video geez just quit already

  31. The fact I was able to do this whole event in an hour and a half that was left of the event was insane

  32. Ignister Prominence, The Blasting Dracoslayer says:

    Another day another mtashed video where his Stockholm syndrome causes him to rant for 12 minutes so he can hit that sweet ad revenue

  33. I totally agree. So many late players coming in miss out. I understand gotcha theme which I hate. Besides the gotcha I can look past. But the worst is timed events. People have busy lives! We need people who have influence YouTubers like so that they can make things better.

  34. Mtashed I agree with you. ✌️😔

  35. Inazuma is ALL timegated. There's nearly NOT ONE single quest that is not timegated and they are hellish quests too, so you have to go through the pain over and over. It will never change because there is NO content to actually cover their famous " 10 years roadmap". In theory there is in the lore, but they can't program it, so we do puzzles and DPS events. And NO, it's not "gacha" . Plenty of gacha game that let the player actually play. This is MiYoYo signature .

  36. Who ever defends shit with this is a gacha game is totally retarded and they are tha reasone games started being pay to win in the first place. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a gacha games and there is no time shit in it, there is no real money and the things for summoning gacha you get in game and you can farm them all day is you want to, as a mater of fact you can probably get all characters just by farming summoning cristals or whatever they are call for a few hours !

  37. There are actually reasoning behind time gating these events, but you may have to look at it from a developer's pov. Player reaction based adjustments and bug fixing can be done during the gated periods to ensure the event goes smooth. It's also a safety/damage control mechanism for major exploits/devastating bugs. Plenty of game events go completely wrong on launch. Without these protections, each event will have to go through a lot more closed-testing before they can be launched. You can try to look at it in a different way — if the event is not time gated, it will take another week or two before it can be delivered.

    Also given Genshin is playable on phone, a lot of these event rewards, like other game contents, can be obtained in just daily fragment time.. like just the daily 10 min spent in the toilet, I really don't see that much damage done by the time gated nature of events.

    I think as content creator you are in the group of players that consumes in-game contents the quickest, and really most players I believe aren't at your speed. No studio can make content faster than the rate contents are consumed by the fastest playing players, at least not at this quality and having so little major bugs. It actually makes sense that devoted content creators like yourself will inevitably suffer the longest wait.

    No hate, love the channel, just hope what I said may help a bit in handling the frustration.

  38. I also missed out on that event due to work out of town

  39. As a brand new player this is making me not want to spend money.

  40. Anyone that plays Genshin NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND, the whole game is based on FOMO, it will always be there, if you remove it the whole game structure + economy will crumble. So if you dont like FOMO, do what I did and quit.

  41. Thank you man love genshin impact but i can't play some evant becous my job

  42. They ain't getting me
    I've quit this game.

    I'm not gonna try with a game that has no intentions of changing
    As much as ppl plead and ask
    They ain't changing as long as the money keeps coming in
    And you all know that's true.

  43. Of course I agree because everything gacha and genshin does is in the end very predatory.
    Now people usually lack the ability to just be rational about this and just say: okay, f- it.
    Instead people will mess with their schedules and lives and moneys to avoid this fear of missing out.

    By making the people stay in touch with the game, incentive to spend more is created. Doubt anyone in their right mind actually likes to be 'forced' for any of this daily login, daily presence, timegating nonsense ..

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