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Mihoyo Takes Down Honey Impact | Genshin Impact

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  1. I don't support Mihoyo on this one. Take down the leaks but keep the important stuff. Or just leak yourself out Mihoyo so we know what to prepare for.

  2. If it wasn't for honey impact, I would still be farming mats for baal and the catch. I guess my planning for future characters is ruined QwQ

  3. Dang the leaker hunt decree is really going wild. Anyways already farmed for Thoma (still on the fence for his artis) and a certain ginger boy that is rumored to come 😉

  4. Mihoyo should make a open and close beta
    For the open beta its good for the high ar players that have nothing to do & and they can showcase information that their comfortable releasing to the public
    (Also mihoyo needs to remove that huge stick up their asses)

    And for the closed beta they should hire people instead of picking random players to avoid leaks

  5. The thing is Mihoyo makes Beidou and Raiden not work on purpose, why? I don't fucking know, why do they want to piss the players making restrictions like that?

  6. not only that i cant prefarm,also how the hell am i gonna read charcetrs story without obtaining them😭or read the books….do i gotta find/buy them myself😭😭😭

  7. Doesn't matter how much you complain
    Anyone who has spent a good chunk of money in this game will stay because there's far too much investment already

  8. This is WHY. Mihoyo needs to yeet out whoever thoughts that these anti-leak thought for genshin and treat it like honkai.

  9. Leakers hunt decree?

    Guess we'll have to go INSIDE Mihoyo's company and have a "talk" with the ones in charge of this

  10. If Mihoyo is going after honey impact they better create an official database including all the skill multiplyers, ascension and talents level up materials etc. Honey was a great resource to quickly look up what I need to farm for which character and to plan out my week. I don't like their approach of going after the whole website instead of just asking to take down leaked info.

  11. People can say all they want about leaks, even I like seeing leaks because it helps me prepare. But is it an absolute necessity? NO. Will it change the game? Absolutely not. Will it change players' lives? Eh, not really.

    Truth is, NDAs are made for a reason. Mihoyo has every right to crackdown on violators. Players should understand that. If info gets leaked, go ahead and make what you want of it. If the leaking stops, quit complaining and do what you have to do when the contents come out. Let's not be entitled whiners.

  12. I'm glad I actually stopped looking at leaks a long time ago now I don't need leaks to plan things out

  13. This honestly wouldn't be such a big deal if hoyo was more willing to fix/buff/nerf characters accordingly after their release.

  14. It was bound to happen, but the info will still be leaking out on other sources. Its sad tho, it was an awesome place to check specifications of weapons or characters

  15. Literally I use Honey as a Wiki not even for leaks RIP.

  16. Imagine taking down the only interesting endgame

  17. mihoyos new content: catch the leakers
    genshin players new content: catch all fishes

  18. im actually greatful to honey! since thanks to them i able to farm the upcoming ascension for that characters for ex: is thoma…ahhhh i will miss them the unsung-hero

  19. Damn , leaker hunting is understandable but honey is soo useful though for mats/char info if Mhy actually takes down honey they are doing the community a dis-service and potentially hurt their future banner sell cauz player cant get corect info of character stats/taten multiplier to justify if it worth to get the specific limited banner char/weap

  20. Honey hunter should switch to Swiss server, that way even the government of China can't do a shit about about it

  21. now we can dream in discords and reddits about future content

  22. They have the time to sue but have no time to actually organise reruns ect 😑

  23. i think mihoyo mindset is wrong …… they want people to spent money but its not the fact that leaks exist that makes most of the playerbase f2p …….. but the fact that price of primos are insane ….. and rates are even worst???? like who tf thought that paying 50$ to get 20 pulls was a good idea? a garanteed 5 star in this game cost almost like a ps5????

  24. I'm neutral to this, When Mattjestic multigaming a youtube channel that also gives details for character leaks,builds etc. He did confirm that the data is often from honeyhunter but to still take with a grain of salt as its subject to change. He got hits for his channel down the line but is still able to recover. I dont see how honeyhunter will be given special exemption unless they redact further details to keep it safe

  25. I dont know, but I feel like I'm slowly fading away from Genshin Impact as a whole. After successfully getting Raiden and the others and enjoying them for a few days, I've had my fun. I'm really trying to get back into it but it's kinda impossible since there isn't any interesting stuff to do in the game rn. It's mostly a lot of fuller content. Honey Impact was my main source for pre farming chars and now, idk how to feel if I can stick with the game. But I'll still watch all your genshin impact videos to see how it's going 🙂

  26. Can someone make a backup of the entire website? That place is so damn useful for farming

  27. Someone apparently made a web archive of the entire website. Maybe not yet entirely but some people on reddit are testing it and somehow everything except the comment sections work

  28. This community is hypocrite tbh. You guys outrage and spread hate to the leakers when they leaked inazuma contents and defended mihoyo back then when they posted characters in their twitter and started to crack down on leaks. Now its mihoyo who is bad again? Lmao

  29. Hope someone archives all that info, I don’t think other websites give character’s multipliers.

  30. But technically leaks bring a lot of hype in the community, it keeps the game alive and mhy cannot stop leaks from appearing they can just reduce the sources. I guess they dont want players to save for a better character in the future by knowing their kit earlier.

  31. So that's why the page won't load when i was looking up a current character (for real man, it was sayu) 😁

  32. MHY could've at least only removed the unreleased content/leaks from honey impact, and not take the whole website down. this is upsetting for people like me who enjoy planning and pre-farming using this database, i hope there can be some sort of alternative in the future…

  33. as much I dislike it getting taken down… they kind of sealed their fate when they started uploading leaked content. I think they would've been fine if they didn't.

    just my two cents.

  34. I don't use it anyway, all information I need is on the game.
    And if the site has copyright issues then they have the right to do so.

  35. Mihoyo already declared their hunt against leakers since the end of 2020. Leakers like honey and many others have months already to pull back all of their leaks. But noooo, they (leakers) chose to keep on leaking and when the time comes for their reckoning they play the victim game, gaslighting game while throwing loaded questions to support their mental gymnastics instead of owning up to their foolishness. To all the leakers who got caught, get rekt.

  36. hopefully honey gets back at some point bc it was such a useful resource for character leaks but also with characters and weapons that were already out

  37. more protests regarding character in the future is pretty much guaranteed

  38. •A⃟t⃟h⃟e⃟n⃟a⃟t⃟h⃟y⃟s⃟t⃟ •. says:

    Mihoyo why don’t make this kind of website its really has every information characters mats,material for sereniteapot,character profile ,book description & etc this website is really helpful it help farm mats for character and mihoyo if don’t want leaks just release a good roadmap showcasing the characters gameplay & what mats needed sure they release a picture upcoming characters but thats it just a picture i decide when a character has a fun gameplay & how stylish their gameplay is sometimes i like the characters design but when i see gameplay & its boring to me it helps decide if gonna pull or not i don’t care about meta i just want their gameplay if it will it be fun or not

    They done roadmap before honkai impact also they allow players to post or stream the beta of upcoming update and characters they even post video of the new character & gameplay too why are they so unfair at this point i might even quit genshin if they are this unfair to the community if they only give us roadmap their won’t be leaks i will too stop looking leaks if they release a proper roadmap this my opinion bt

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