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MiHoYo’s official statement to Genshin Impact Anniversary anger is here… (oof)

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Personally I feel like they could say more, but I’m glad they made some communication! What do you think?

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  1. They never planned to give us anything in the first place. These "rewards" were meant to be sold in a boundle so they are just a damage control. Mihoyo won't do anything or give anything. That's how a billion dollar company becomes a billion dollar company. They know most people will play and pay anyway😅

  2. Don't get all your hopes high,expect low in Genshin Impact.

  3. Wow you guys can't be satisfied with anything. Mhy address the problem? Dmg control. Free primo and resin? Mhy never communicate. Free characters and weapons? Dang it the game is bugged!

  4. suprised. were they were talking about making it a 30 dollar bundle?

  5. Mih*** damage control bringing up events and rewards from their as*.
    I don't really think concert is such a good idea. I for one ain't gonna watch it unless they give me something in return.

  6. New weapon types outside of the standard. sword. greatsword. bow . catalyst.

  7. I believe everyone deserve a second chance, even me, even YOU mihoyo. So do your things right.

  8. So we're leaving the silencing of our voices unadressed?

  9. Sorry but with them trying to remove all Criticism and discussions about the game and the Anniversary i find the statement they gave to gamesradar hard to believe in my opinion this comes across as a ad for the upcoming concert… just like the ingame mail and so called "rewards" they sent out. Just more damage control no meaningful message or response

  10. Unless the backlash somehow gets worse this is it, no more statements now get back in your corner do your dailies and BE happy about your disney princess waifu.

  11. Click Bait dude, there was no Official Statement yet. – Those mails are just promotion for the genshin concert/live stream. lel.

  12. Players will always remember the anniversary shit show though. It'd be more like a meme or inside joke over time like "hey they gave this stuff blah blah better than the anniversary rewards right?" or something like that and honestly idrc anymore whatever they give after the anniversary incident. They missed their shot. They could've made the anniversary grander right from the get go but instead we get a bday letter from ayaka. At least ayaka gave us a personal letter unlike cough mhy cough who can't even give us anniversary mail on the day of anniversary. If the player base didn't get mad at them, they wouldn't even gave that 4-day email rewards. Their anniversary is so dry. Drier than Sumeru 😂 It didn't even felt like an anniversary at all. It's not just about the primos. There are other ways to do it like increasing resin cap or double drop rates to boss drops/ talent books/weapon materials/ ley lines. There's literally so many ways 🤦‍♀️

  13. They stil won't let us change names or signatures tho

  14. It is very half assed and previously they showed off everything we got in a concert package to purchase it for 30 dollars this is not an apology this is a bandaid for damage control they are still deleting comments and negative reviews

  15. Your community is disgusting. Dubbed the "No. 1 Worst Community" by many players from other game 😂, congratulation on the title and award

    Crybaby Community consists of Toxic Kids and F2P 😂

    They added a reward but they'll take it back at some point that you won't even notice it, like decrease the future rewards from stages and events

  16. Nice to see other people are talking about this

  17. "they should have said beforehand that there'd be more rewards"
    exactly, which makes it all the more clear to me that the rewards given before the backlash is what they intended to give. usually you'd tell fans to anticipate more BEFORE the anniversary to build hype, not AFTER jfc if it were any other newbie gacha game they'd be close to an EoS announcement.

    and worst part is, even with the 1600 extra primogems it's still an awful reward for anniversary?? like damn even with all the added stuff the anniversary sucks, even fgo a gacha with a 1% SSR rate is more generous.

  18. The people who are still wondering about the glider being pre planned or given out of the range of community I would like to say and clarify that it was a band aid solution for mihoyo

  19. That's a cute picture your using in the video is it an OC or from a anime?

  20. Maybe you need to look back why they remove some feedback.

  21. Well it's very late but at least there was finally some decision to talk about the issue.

  22. I’m glad they finally said something.

  23. I could care less about the rewards. Its nice sure, but what we REALLY want is communication. The anniversary controversy is the fuel to the lighter; that is the censoring in multiple platforms. Baal, Kokomi, Yoimiya, Lack of Endgame content, Resin issues, no roadmaps; these are the firewood that piled up overtime, just ready to be lit up in a dumpster fire. We want communication, and Im not sure if they are aware of that cause it seemed like they think we want rewards.

  24. In regard to the official statement, i interpreted it as "we're sorry for the anniversary, so we're gonna make it up by planning more celebration since what we did is CLEARLY inadequate, so stay tuned".

    Honestly, it's not something as they planned ahead, it's more of a damage control. I'm really looking forward to how Mihoyo's gonna solve this issues but this is a good step forward. We whales don't care about the rewards, not much at least. We just wanted something to commemorate, skins, namecard, anything that can be a memorable items for the anniversary, something special to remember by. Not some slap in the face, "here 10 pulls and some mora wtv". See how lacking their way of celebrating their first ever anniversary??

    And all of this mess would've not happen in the 1st place if they actually communicate about in-game problems that have been building up since the game's released, resin, endgame, character interaction. This happens because they were nonchalant in addressing the issues and to top it off, anni feels extremely lackluster & just spiraling the situation into chaos. People explode and they have to think of a way to calm down the masses.

    Finally, the current "rewards" they're giving away now is more than enough to calm most people down. Stop complaining about rewards when the biggest issue that needs to be addressed is how transparent Mihoyo's communication is with the playerbase. If u still wanna fight for the rewards, you're just being thesame as Mihoyo, fuckin greedy & only adds to the problems.

  25. It's so valuable to them that they've been censoring ANY form of criticism for days now. Yea, sure.

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