Most Important Constellations That EVERYONE Needs in Genshin Impact -

Most Important Constellations That EVERYONE Needs in Genshin Impact

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Beidou C2 Burst dmg table by Zanto / KeqingMains :
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appreciate the support & hope the video was helpful

Intro (0:00)
Most Important Constellations You NEED (1:24)
Best Constellations For Other Characters [Strong but less universal] (7:08)
Some Strong Early 5-Star Constellations [Small Bonus Section] (12:34)



  1. You didnt mention bennetts c6:(. (A joke)

  2. and then, there's the most rarest constellations of them all; Kaeya.

  3. I really want Xingqiu's constellations but he always avoids me by going on the banners that I don't want to pull 🤧 I'm sitting here with a c0 water boi

  4. Kinda surprised you didn't mention C2 Xinyan, it's pretty much the only constellation that quite literally makes or breaks her

  5. Everybody else: oh I need that constellation
    Me: Si Optimum Pride Putang ina whaangagaunga

  6. My c6 xingchiu is definitely my absolute fav char I have

  7. Why's everyone calling him Mr. Socks? Am I missing something?

  8. Hey Zy, just came by to say thanks for the builds and concept vids for Genshin. I finally beat Abyss 12 as a FTP player after six months, and your guides were a key part of that. Keep on keeping on, and don't become like those loosely Genshin based emo messes Mtashed and Tectone. I speak for us all in saying that we appreciate your work. Here's too your eventual 500k subs – cheers!

  9. Optimus prime Vs the Hades is the fight that I never knew I wanna see so bad.

  10. LMAO okay im sorry zyox this has nothing to do with the video content but i love transformers so thank you for bringing this smite crossover to my attention!!

  11. The problem with C2 Ninguang is that there is a CD of 6sec on energy gen for her C2, making it horrible if you are just planning to build her as a battery/ burst DPS.

  12. rip your kujou sara bro not having c2 sucked

  13. >"pyronado is the main source of xiangling's damage"
    >zyox crowns her E skill instead

  14. Don't talk about how incredibly beneficial can be C6 Bennett is totally normal for a PogO streamer

  15. crowned guoba but not crowned ultimate on xiangling is funny

  16. c1 venti tho, i still wonder what they were thinking when they made his c1

  17. : C6 Fischl is very good and amazing

    Me at AR55 without Fischl : 👁️👄👁️ Cool

  18. After a year I still don’t have neither fischl, nor razor

  19. I've been waiting for Ganyu's rerun for awhile and says:

    mr socks, should I build my c1 Xiangling for vape with Childe? I have limited comps and I can't run fireworks because my Fischl is c0

  20. I like how Noelle Cons are. It's like every single con improves her so much. Unlike other characters cons where Just one con is enough or something like that.
    On top of that her entire Kit simply H O S. Heal, offence, Sheild.

  21. Me as a whale who has all 4 stars c6 and almost none of them built: "Hmm interesting"

  22. I got C5 Beidou…
    One more constellation….one more….

  23. imo yanfei c6 guaranteed her not using any stamina during her charge attack.
    NA skill passive = 15% stamina reduction each seal (45%)
    C1 = add another 10% stamina reduction each seal (30%)
    C6 = increase seal by one, which mean 15% from NA+10% from C1= 25%
    So you gained total of 100%(=45+30+25) stamina reduction aka FREE STAMINA on her charge attack

  24. I just realized yanfei's constellation is just bambi lmao

  25. I disagree with number 1, your active character is rarely less than 70% hp, and you rarely have aquila favonia for bennet so, basically you gain a noblesse buff from c1 which is like 7% damage increase from the constellation. Not insane

  26. Please make one like this for 5 star characters. As end-game players, some of us already got our dream characters and want to know which constellations are the best to save up for.

  27. Click the link here to play SMITE today!

    smol edit: Rosaria c2 makes burst go to 12s duration. (i said 10s by accident)

    also im trimming like 3s out of this vid as it's me repeating myself lmao but YT editor takes years so changes will go live later

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