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After 309 days of playing Genshin Impact.. a F2P player finally wishes for their first 5-star Weapon from Standard Banner (not Weapon Banner because it’s a scam). Which weapon will they receive? Wolf’s Gravestone? Amos Bow? Skyward Pride? Aquila Favonia? Skyward Blade? Skyward Harp? Skyward Atlas? Skyward Spine? Jade Spear?

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  1. It was statistically a 75% chance to be a weapon.

  2. It’s also my first weapon. it looks so good on Kazuha 😀 looks good in mc too 😌

  3. Happy for you Envi! TBF Skyward weapons are underrated


  5. Congratulations ENVI! I'm still looking for my first 5 star weapon.

  6. This is more exciting than most of the whales because you don't expect what you'll get. LET'S GO POGGERS!!!!!

  7. i wish i got this weapon! ( im a MC main )
    i got my second last prayer and i never use catalyst!!!
    i can't tell how much i'm sad rn ..(i would be happy to get any weapons except catalysts )
    but im so happy that you got a weapon that you liked! 😀

  8. i got a skwardd atlas a few days ago from basic banner, only ftp wishes, the problem is i already had it and to make things worse my 4* weapons are better, aka Klee whit R5 Widsith

  9. It's pretty ironic my last two 5 star charcters ie diluc and skyward blade is same as yours

  10. I need this for my heal bot Jean. Idc what other players say.

  11. Skyward Blade with Emblem of Severed Fate unlocks the biggest multipliers to Kaeya's ult spam. 180ish ER, with 45% extra ult damage.

  12. I recently got my first 5 Star weapon too. Also from the standard banner. I was hoping for Jade Spear but at least I got Skyward Spine 🙂

  13. My first 5-star weapon was Skyward Harp, but I didn't really want weapons at that point. :)) Now I realise it's a good weapon, and I do have Tartaglia, but I don't use him, so the weapon is pretty much unused too.

  14. I can’t believe people are calling it a bad weapon, they just want dps characters/weapons. It’s still a 5 star.

  15. People saying skyward blade is the worst 5* weapon probably only consider good weapons as the weapons usable on their main dps. I feel like once you start thinking about all your charas including support, any 5 star weapon is much better than 4 stars. All 5 star weapons have their respective uses in order to maximize team comps. Congrats Envy!! Skyward blade was my first 5 star too and it really helps make my benny broken!

  16. I have a five star atlas fking hate it I want 5 star sword

  17. I got skyward harp when i was ar35
    Lets just say that it was the worst day ever

  18. My first 5 star weapon was a Jade Spear drop during the Xiao banner

    That was the only reason I pulled for Xiao and now he's my main

  19. My first 5* weapon was skyward pride and I got really sad because I don't like greatsword users (they're freakin' slow). Thankfully yesterday I got Mistsplitter from the weapon banner =D

  20. it's a good weapon, you can definitely be happy.
    I'm also a f2p – and I also have just one 5-star weapon (Aquila Favonia) which I use for Qiqi.
    I really want to get Primordial Jade-Winged Spear for my Xiao tho 🙂

  21. I have so many 5* characs but I have no 5* weapons so getting any is also good for me bc it'll be useful for at least one charac

  22. ugh… I wish I had this sword for my bennett. it's actually great for him.

  23. Been playing for a couple months, never got a five star weapon, then out of the blue, no pity, I got a lost prayer, then three wishes later I got the green spear. Jade cutter? Idk, don’t use spear characters until Baal comes out.

  24. Good for you !!!! I also got wolf's gravestone on standard banner and I am a razor main so that's a huge W for me… f2p life is not bad at all…

  25. I got Qiqi and Skyward atlas. two of the three worst 5 stars in my opinion.. cuz I dont use catalysts and catalyst users arent that good to me and then theres Qiqi like…. I had built diona and bennet for Xiao…. I dont need qiqi but ig I will use her cuz she still is a 5*. 🙁 Im just so sad envi rn I have done, 100+ wishes on weapon banner and I fked up. I will do 10 more wishes to see if I get raidens weapon when it comes. if I dont I will literally cry.

  26. I was so happy to get lost prayer, its good to see people can share the same feeling of happiness 🙂

  27. Skyward blade is the best sword for Bennett!

  28. It's weird how some edgy people think they know everything and try to ruin Envi's happiness LOL

  29. Damn that sword looks really cool! I would totally use that on my keqing or Lumine 😀

  30. Skyward Blade is so underrated, in fact all of the Skywards are. Don't get why chat had to be so toxic and so copium about it. "Festering exists" ok then go use your festering. Let Envy be happy with Skyward Blade

  31. Eyo,That's my first 5* too, Got it last night too…….✨️

  32. My first 5 star was skyward harp but I do not prefer bow holders as I struggle with ps4 controller. Scratch that I struggle with game dexterity hands down. So it is sitting there for a while while I wait for Venti. My 2nd one is Favonius Aquilla…just happy for get a 5-star sword. I know she's for Jean but I use it on Kazuka as I am a Kazuha main now. T-T F2P is hard.

  33. my first (and still is) five star weapon is skyward atlas but the sad thing is, i don't use catalyst users. Barbara is the only catalyst i have that's kinda built but as a healer and she already has thrilling tales. so now idk who to give it too. I'm planning on giving it to either yanfei or ningguang tho once i raise them

  34. You're making me feel guilty for not investing in PJWS, Envi.

    In my defense, I was saving it for Xiao when his banner reruns.

  35. Skyward was also my first 5* weapon (and first 5* overall), Time for CongraTea

  36. my first 5* weapon from the standard banner was jade spear which is great because i have all spear users in the game (and i gave it to xiao bc its good on him and aesthetic)

  37. People who insist that skyward blade is a bad 5 star are dumbasses. It's the most flexible sword, and can fit depending on whatever build you have available. Dumbasses doesn't realize the importance of energy recharge for supports such as jean, bennett and whoever sword character that has short ultimate cooldown you can spam. Congrats Envi! I'm the same that out of all the weapon in standard, what I want is a sword.

    Negative people on his chat are the toxic of this world for acting as a lesser human being.

  38. My first 5 star weapon was Skyward Atlas but people said Lost Prayers is better. At least it has stable damage.

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