My New account Got This!?: Genshin Impact Day 3 -

My New account Got This!?: Genshin Impact Day 3

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Day 3 of my new account was HYPE!

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  1. Sometimes I genuinely thing luck depends on the account, lmao my main keeps getting 4 stars every 3-6th pull, while constantly getting back to back 5 stars at 30th pity, even a 5 star just doing random single pulls, while my Smurf can't get pity to save it's life, always hard pity always losing 50/50

  2. I'm a f2p and I have c1 yanfei 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Yanfei is worth having early, I got her early game and even got all her constellations too. I used her a lot going against most opponents and even the rank ascension quests too. Once I got Yoimiya, I don't really use her much. I'm happy to see you're having fun though. I hope you get Albedo!

  4. You know there’s a problem with a game when starting over is more fun than being at end game without proper endgame content.

  5. Lmfao I feel the pain every time it’s a blue

  6. As a Yanfei main who got her early in the game, I'm excited to see you use her 🙂 I still run a team almost identical to yours, as I don't have Chingxiu yet. It is: Yanfei, Rosaria, Kaeya and Jean. I'm AR 54 btw.

  7. I'm really enjoying this series it was the right decision to restart

  8. It's nice to see a low spender account that looks and feels f2p cause f2p God did not have f2p luck

  9. I am laughing my junk off at all of these exaggerated reactions 🙂 I dropped Genshin over a year ago when I realized I was on the path to whaledom, but perhaps I'll try out some f2p action once I unaddict myself to FFIV.

  10. to ever who's wondering what is the pity now last time i heard him said about 55-60+

  11. Been playing this game for a whole year and still no Bennet….

  12. Everyone keeps talking about F2P God being such a good account, but I believe that Mtashed got that account to where it was. I believe this account will be as good (but not as lucky 🤣) as the other one.

  13. Man every time something happens he puts on a punchable face

  14. Bruh when he does the fake reactions for his thumbnails is just cringe lol

  15. Watching you play through is bringing me so much joy 🥺

  16. I'm happy to see other people appreciate Yanfei 🙂

    before I made my own account she was one of my favorites to play on my friend's account but not to many people play her which made me sad

    So this was nice, I still haven't gotten my own Yanfei tho 🙁

  17. Getting bannet kinda make thing easier

  18. even if this account is budget f2pgod, he still refuses to build QiQi, and i don't blame him

  19. Dam this acc just ar 20 and already have a bennet. I ar 55 and never got bennet. Fock

  20. I gotta be honest. Me too kid… me too… I legit have not gotten a 5* for about 100 wishes then on a FKING STANDARD BANNER I GET FKING MONA. Thank goodness it isn’t overall pity.

  21. Mtashed excited and happy about getting sayu. little did he know. to upgrade her u need to open inazuma. and he just started a account 😂

  22. Always going to pity for a 4-star? Now this is relateable content!

  23. Unrelated but
    Yunjin:Weird sister with no friends
    Itto:Unemployed uncle who has been leaching off the family
    Gorou:Family dog
    Geo MC:Servant
    (This is just my weird comment. I know there’s not that much information on Yunjin. I’m just making up stuff

  24. "this account is actual trash"
    everyone else who has had this luck since they started playing: …

  25. If he ends up getting diluc instead of albedo. Not sure if he still going to use yanfei. But still exited for the next stuffs. Loving these series already

  26. Am I the only one who read that fic abt Klee and Albedo doing the 😩

  27. Loving the new series! You can say its pretty lucky in its own way to get the 4 stars you didn't get to play much on f2pgod.

  28. I'm so happy he's enjoying Yanfei, she's my main on my free to play acc and she's so good.

  29. I made a new account back in feb. I always thought my first account had the upper hand cause I played it since the game launched…the new account beat the og one.

  30. Sayu with Kaeya and Xiangling is really really fun! Maybe you could also try Kaeya dps?

  31. Even I suffered a lot when I played, started during Ayaka, grinded so much to get her but didn't get reached 65 pulls than raiden banner I lost 5050 to mona than after 30 pulls I got Raiden it's happened to the best one of us

  32. i think part of f2p's god luck came to me like i just got eula om 37th pull

  33. Lmao, if u had deleted the other acc, it wud have been fkin funny seeing u stuck with this acc.

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