My New Account has TERRIBLE LUCK: Day 1 -

My New Account has TERRIBLE LUCK: Day 1

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This is the beginning of my new Genshin Impact account. Unfortunately my luck on my first wishes were terrible! And I Wish I had more primogems
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  1. I’d like to say as much as I love this game it’s just a reskin of legend of Zelda game play with almost the same base story

  2. it's not terrible luck it's just normal luck and the luck changed rastically with this acc and F2PGOD

  3. Love your face at the fake reactions u did when u got Kaeya and Lisa and i'm suprised u can sing so well! u should do that more 🙂
    And don't expect the 5 stars to come so naturally, rerolling is always risky and considering u had insane luck before it might not be that good this time.

  4. Lowkey Barbara was a decent pull but yea she is free

  5. Man, it's been a while I see Mtashed this happy

  6. And you WILL use Amber. You know… To use those 4-star bows. for a while at least…

  7. Wasn’t he ranting about how he didn’t want to start a new account and now he has lol

  8. 3:15 this sums up the genshin community in 5 seconds
    Community: "we hate you streamer, go kill yourself"
    Streamer: "Well fuck you guys then"
    Community: "Wow these streamers are so toxic"

  9. used 10 regular fates on a alt and got fischl and razor. Is that decent? Rn im gonna save primogems for xiao most likely

  10. I'm still waiting for real change from this channel. 😔

  11. Ok bro gonnna need a hole video of you singing a whole new world! ^.^ 😍😍😍😍

  12. It'll be really fun & interesting if you only use characters that you don't have/main on the other accounts

  13. Are we going to talk about how he actually has a REALLY nice voice?? Like holy shit, audition for a Disney movie or something Mr. Tashed-

  14. Bro I can’t believe you actually made it the thumbnail lmao.

  15. is he joking around or is he actually singing?

  16. 2:30 This back then made me rolled on the standard banner to get diluc when version 1.0 and till this day I dont have Diluc

  17. Mtashed side career is being a Disney Prince VA and noone can tell me otherwise

  18. i will never get tired of his pogger face

  19. It's so sad that this game only contains fun for the first like 50 hours of gameplay.

  20. Why is no one talking about mtash’s beautiful singing voice

  21. By the way my new filler game is going to be Luminary looks fun check it
    out might be up you ally

  22. Mtashed : I'm not going to use Diluc on this account
    ((Diluc appears in cutscene))
    Mtashed : That's my boy! That's my boy!!

  23. Why did Mtashed sound like a Prince from a Disney show when he was singing lmao

  24. Hey tashy, if you get Keqing will you build her?
    I'm currently on Keqing main at AR27😇

  25. This is what we like to see Marsh, also this will help me because I’m a baby dolphin and I’m only AR 40

  26. The beginner banner confuses me lol, I made an alt account a while ago, and my two beginner 10 pulls both had golds, I got Qiqi (who I don't have on my main, sadly) and Mona lol, I legit wondered if they were stacked xDD

    Also why does everybody hate Qiqi? She's good 🙁

  27. Thats cute

    Me a F2p that plays 4 servers simultaneously everyday
    And eventually got all the characters in separate servers

  28. It's not bad luck okay? It's just normal player luck

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