My Top 5 Most FUN Characters in Genshin Impact -

My Top 5 Most FUN Characters in Genshin Impact

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These are my top 5 most fun characters to use in Genshin Impact #genshin #genshinimpact


  1. using yoimiya is basically just auto all the way but there's something about her normal attack string animation especially the backflip which makes her so fun to use and top it off with her cute voice overs. chef's kiss

  2. My list has got to be

    1. Kazuha – pure fun, using skill in the air, grouping, animations

    2. Childe – Going ham on a ton of enemies, lots of numbers, also Big Nuke Number

    3. Hu Tao –
    DPS Menace, Charged hops/dashing is rewarding to pull off, Big Nuke Number, Rie Takahashi
    4. Xingqiu
    – Lots of numbers, makes Childe feel cooler, healing, resistance, massive dmg
    5. Diluc – You gotta mention dragon striking Mtashed, It makes him feel like a giga chad

  3. Im saving primos for guaranteed kazuha on my f2p account, my team right now is chongyun with swordfish, xiangling with catch, xinqui with r4 sac sword and beidou dps with wolfs gravestone, i lose my childe 50-50 to qiqi last time. Also that 70% EE to raincutter xingqui with noblesse and beidou emblem is just OP

  4. Really love keqing's playstyle and ult. Hope they'll buff her so that i can keep on using her in spiral abyss

  5. Anemo is just the most enjoyable element, in my opinion

  6. Qiqi is not trash the wish system is what trash is, she is a healer and a best one.

  7. for my most fun unit have to be unit that have some kind of mobility, rosaria, keqing, sayu, kazuha and the last one i have to pick beidou. beidou is just satisfying when you get the counter. when you swap to her and counter at the right moment especially against bosses like maguu kenki is really satisfying. rosaria is just like super assasin her mobility make it easier and approaching enemy become a lot easier same thing as keqing. kazuha, the same as you explain, jump up slam down is super satisfying. sayu is just fun rolling around and circling the enemy

  8. I know a lot of people will call her boring, but I really enjoy playing Noelle, the same reason why you like razor, her Excalibur sweeping enemies is just satisfying for me😂

  9. My top five playable characters include Venti, Zhongli, and Raiden in the same team. The burst spam archon team is just really satisfying when you do it right.
    After that, it’s Kazuha and Childe, but not on the same team.
    My favorite way to play childe is all hydro using Xingqiu and Barbara for a lot of blue damage numbers(with raiden in the team because I don’t have mona).
    For Kazuha, I like to use the inazuma free weapon.
    It not only looks cool on him, but it also, even if Kazuha doesn’t exactly need it, the instant recharge of the burst ability when it’s cast makes it so that Kazuha has another burst ready to be used once cooldown is done, which is a lot of fun.
    Edit: for honorable mentions, there’s also Diluc. My enjoyment of him has been rising again after I built him. Plus his gameplay is enjoyable because of the simplicity. No weird gimmicks or health management to optimize damage, just simple, easy, damage dealing.

  10. I mean when you think about it every character is just pressing buttons. I feel like it just depends on how much we like the way the attacks look. That’s just my opinion tho

  11. Xiangling, Fischl, Kokomi, Zhongli.
    release pokemon and watch enemy melt without pressing attack button.

  12. Keqing, Jean, Sayu, Beidou, Xiangling (Crescent Pike). I would put Kazu if I had him and Fischl if I had C6.

  13. I have fun playing ganyu cuz I can play with one hand

    While eating pizza

  14. My Top 5: Ganyu, Raiden, Albedo, Bennett, GUOBA

  15. Top5: 1.Razor, 2.Zhongli, 3.raiden, 4.albedo, 5.venti.
    Honorable mentions: fischl, sayu, beidou, mona.
    Funny most of my favorites are support and aren't part of vape/melt reaction. Cool.

  16. Have you tried sucrose , xingqiu, fishel, beidou yet? Its just an old team i came accoss that ive been having a lot of fun with recently.

  17. oh man you gotta try sayu with xiangling and kaeya burst.
    or childe with xiangling, or with beidou. try these comps if u have them they're so satisfying to play.

  18. Hu tao using her blazing ghost friend to slap brother hilichurl
    MC anemo tornado-ing hilichurls in whispering woods to the waters
    Kaeya freezing the water where my causin would try to fish
    Diona shielding for primo geovishap's shockwave and geovishap gets damage
    Hu tao playing with a 2nd phase boreas when he's charging i go invisible
    Sayu rolling dizzy ninja

  19. I like playing as barbara in a group. The E and charge shots for big heals are so satisfying. Standing point blank to get that small aoe against the enemy. Dodging at the last second to slip out of danger, then auto attack to fill gauge and start all over again. So good.

  20. Baal, Kazuha, Hu Tao, Tartaglia and Beidou, yup.

  21. Hot take, Xingqiu is the least fun character and people only use him for META

  22. childe with beidou ult is literally seggs when theres a grp of enemies

  23. For me it's razor sucrose xiao ninguang yanfei

  24. I hope you find what you wish to play man. I love the vids and ill watch any game. Best of luck buddy.

  25. I like freezing stuff with Ayaka, and her ult is very satisfying when it hits. The numbers my friend, the NUMBERS!

  26. When I started playing Genshin around 4 months ago, I always loved Razor. As a character, the way he looks, the way he GROWLS in JP voice. But I didnt have him, as I was getting my wishes and primogems and slowly pulling on the standard banner, by some miracle of ALL the 4 stars I could've gotten I GOT RAZOR!! Then later on, my first 5* in standard banner was the Wolf's Gravestone too, so it was just meant to be <3

  27. You made a video on top 5 fun characters and you didn't put tartaglia and xiao,wtf.yeah I know that it is your opinion on what you have used.but tartaglia and xiao are fun.

  28. Agree on Beidou, seeing that darkened screen and that beautiful damage number is just chef kiss delicious. Especially if you no-sell something like Childe's whale or Boreas' tackle.
    Fischl, also agreed. Not a fan of her full loop, I like aiming with my bows so just "firing from the hip" feels awkward to me, but Oz more than makes up for it.
    Diluc just looks great if you get your timing right, feels like a real combo instead of click-click-E-click-click-E.

    But the most fun I have is with Hu Tao. There's something about zipping around like a hummingbird on crack marking my enemies to death that I just find so damned fun.
    I also really like Eula, for a similar reason to Diluc, and Albedo is a blast for pretty much the same reason as Fischl.

    Honorable mention's gotta go to Sucrose. I just love popping her Q on a camp of hilichurls and watch them all get sucked (insert The Rock rasing his eyebrow here) into the vortex. It's made even funnier because the time between flaps gives them just enough time to try to get up before they get thrown down again. And also, if you have her with a Sacrificial Fragments, getting that extra E is so damn satisfying…

  29. for me i think its; kazuha, childe, xingqiu, beidou, and sucrose

  30. For me Yanfei + Raiden combo is the most fun. They carried me through the game 😀 It's just so satisfying to stunlock enemies with the overloaded effect.

  31. Top 5:
    Geo Traveler
    Honorable Mentions
    Barbara and Chouyung

  32. Didn't you quit last year, 10 months ago, 4 months ago and last week?

  33. Sayu was in your team and you didn't even mention her 🙁 spin to win

  34. i love how out of all the characters you mentioned i only have 2, including the honorific mentions 💀

  35. Me who was a razor main <3

  36. For me: 1.Zhongli meteor 2.Kazuha skill 3.Biedou counter 4.Jean's yeets and 5.Amber c1 double arrows

  37. glad to you see your doing better. kazuha is my most fun character. i like diluc too.

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