My Top 5 Most FUN Characters in Genshin Impact -

My Top 5 Most FUN Characters in Genshin Impact

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These are my top 5 most fun characters to use in Genshin Impact #genshin #genshinimpact


  1. Too be honest I really like beidou, razor and xiao

  2. Beidou ❤️❤️❤️ and Fischal ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Top 5 Sayu, Ganyu, Hu Tao, Raiden, Albedo
    Honorable Rosaria & Keqing

  4. 1. Ayaka ; her charged attack is extremely satisfying
    2. Kazuha ;even though I don't have him🥲
    3. Raiden; her ult looks outstanding and her energy regeneration for the entire team is nuts .
    4. Xingqiu
    5. Tartaglia

  5. Ganyu is the most fun character.
    Prove me wrong boys

  6. i actually CANT disagree with YOU on what characters are fun to YOU… thats the difference between people with good brain and just stupid people..

    just a little rant cause its almost 2nd nature now days that people have to always bring up that its THEIR OPINION..
    this isnt directed at you or others who do it.. rather its the reason ur inclined to say it.. thats what this little rant is about…
    i find it sad and very telling that u have to as many others do.. clarify thats its UR OPINION arount the start of videos or other topics… goes to show that people actually are intolerent and dont like that u dont like what they like..

    yet hypocritical.. cause what they LIKE and think is most fun others might also not agree… so its a two way street…
    butt then they'll feel some type of way .. get offended or feel personally attacked…
    again cause they for some reason just have a lack of braincells and cant comprehend why a human DOESNT LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE..
    as long as u agree with them its OK.. the 2nd u disagree they show their ignorance..

    thats absurd to me… its illogical..

    personally.. i probably cant be a youtube.. cause i would be highly disliked.. i would not even waste my time clarifying not only my opinion butt what an opinion is to TRASH who are why u and other creators feel then need to make the point that its just an OPINION.. xD

    anywho.. like what u like.. enjoy what u enjoy.. fk everyone else who tries to dictate u need to like what they like and dislike what they dislike.. dont even bother explaining PREFERENCES to them.. if they cared they wouldnt be hating in the first place.. 😂

    after all
    "these are MY top five most fun characters to play"

    its in the statement.. people are literally trash and stupid if they cant comprehend that statement.. and feel the need to disagree… 😂
    u literally CAN NOT DISAGREE with what HE LIKES FOR HIMSELF.. like wtf…

    its like me saying "i like big booty bitches"
    then they say "i disagree"
    bruh how are u gonna tell me what i like..? did u not see what i said.. "I" aka ME likes big booty bitches..

    no where is mtashed telling anyone what they like nor what they can or cant like… its what HE LIKES HIMSELF… broooo i cant.. the stupidity… 😂

    mtashed.. if u ever need a person to trash talk someone.. i volunteer to be the shit talker.. 😂

  7. beidou used to be my favorite char, then I just give up on her when I came to Inazuma. now my top 5 chars are: hutao, xingqiu, baal, kazuha and ganyu

  8. Top1 I never change is Also Diluc. I love to see we both the same feeling about Diluc .

  9. My personal opinion for most fun char:
    1. Childe – very satisfying to see his riptide and the way he uses elemental skill
    2. Kazuha – he can do air walk when using a glider
    3. Raiden – her animation skill is so cool
    4. Xiao – His plunging attack is very satisfying
    5. Zhongli – The moment when he using burst and say "I will have an order"

  10. I'll be sharing my top 5 and I wanna start with something controversial

    1) Ganyu – Okay okay now you may be thinking, "In what world is holding the mouse button and firing arrows from a distance fun? That's so braindead" and then you may think "Oh he probably has her at C6;". Yes, describing her playstyle that way does seem uninteresting and no, I only have her at C0. But what makes her fun for me is the fact that you could actually play her in a sweaty way by cancelling her charge shot animations and releasing the lvl 2 bloom as soon as possible, which you achieve by doing M1 – R – D, and firing the arrow a few milliseconds before the circle flashes which tells if the charging state is already at lvl 2. Playing her charge shot playstyle that way feels very engaging for me.

    2) Hu Tao – She's one of the most skill expressive characters currently in the game, and the better you are with executing her animation cancels, team rotations, and stuff, the better she performs. I do have her at C1 which makes her so much more fun than with just C0 because the playstyle becomes more fast-paced and snappy as you could fit in more N2Cs/N1Cs within her E uptime by doing dash cancels. There's also a tech where you can snapshot the E buff past her E uptime for her Q at the end of her field time, and all of those together makes her a pretty challenging character to play, which I like a lot.

    3) Ningguang – Some people find her janky, as her charge attacks seemingly just take so much more time than usual out of nowhere but actually, there's a mechanic around it (which you can learn more at Keqingmains' Ningguang Guide at their website), namely the CAs that she does *after a RH NA*, which you would want to avoid doing. Because of that, she's also very engaging to play as you wanna either do another N1 or an E cancel if she does a RH NA before you attempt to CA. (You may be seeing a pattern now, I do like sweating in my casual game kek)

    4) Raiden – Very cool, flashy, and satisfying animations, cracked damage output (have her at C3R1), and once again, has sweaty attack sequences and pulling off a lengthy series of attacks within the short duration of her Q is extremely satisfying.

    5) Sara – Another character people find janky, gimmicky, and people would think doing her stuff with all the loops because of her kit design just not worth doing, but by doing her cancels, which is doing E – R – M1 – Q, everything actually barely takes time, and even a Kazuha would take more field time than her, even more so if with a Sacrifical Sword.

  11. Klee, Qiqi, Sayu, Fishl, Yanfei I think. Keqing is nice too, she is really fast at everything she does and that flows really well.
    Technically Zhongli is better than Qiqi but it's really fun to face tank a boss with Klee and go "yeah ok you think I can't heal for 10k each second Azdaha? Well you are WRONG!"

  12. most satisfying ever is definitely childe, then i’d have to say ei, xianling (because i like watching everything die), zhongli for his meteor and venti because it really is satisfying to suck everything up

  13. My Top 5 Most Fun for me:
    1 Keqing
    2 Kazuha
    3 Xingqiu
    4 Jean
    5 Venti

  14. Basically Tashed man has the most fun when he's succing

  15. Childe is the most fun character grouping enemies and using his hydro blades on them triggering multiple riptide slashes like a saw nothing like it so satisfying and the high flat dmg burst that can easily vape i will sacrifice my xiao and venti to keep him if i have to.

  16. Sayu definitely needed atleast an honorable mention. Do Shogun's E or Xingqiu's Q and use Sayu's E, it will be so pleasing to watch her go berserk swirling and healing and killing enemies. Elemental Reactions, DMG and Heal – that's three birds in one stone. Easily the most underrated character in the game.

  17. as an r4 sac sword haver, using xingqiu's E is hella fun!! his naimation and the sound of the E reset just makes it even more satisfying for some reason

  18. My number 1 is Kazuha obviously because of his E and Q and C1 just makes him unstoppable 2 probably is shogun I just like her E and how it does slashes on enemies 3 is xinqui just for his water swords and 4 it's sayu I love rolling around with her E it's just a faster way of going from point A to B without stamina consumption and 5 is definitely Zhongli cause of his shield you literally won't take any damage after putting his shield up
    Honourable Mention Kaeya Because of C4 it creates a ice shield

  19. I respect Dulic complete for this.
    If you do four normal tacks, E, 4 normal arrack, E, 4 normal attack, last E, and four normal attack.

    On the last swing of the combo your skill should be almost reset that you can retreat the combo again.

    Sounds like Dulic has infinity time on the filed with this combo. Lol

  20. For me, the most fun to play is Raiden Shogun, she makes it so its a constant spam of ultimates and i find that really satisfying

  21. C2 Ningguang is really nice to do E>Q>E with and just destroy things

  22. Here is my top 5.

    5. Raiden Shogun reason: BOOBA BLADE!
    4. Beidou, I use her burst with Tartaglia and enemies just die. Also FULL COUNTER!
    3. Ayaka, I got her before I went to inazuma and she somehow carryied me even tho she was lvl 50.

    2. Hu Tao simply because she gives me saiyans vibes.
    1. Tartaglia, Hydro daggers go brrr.

    Honerable mentions
    2. Jean, using her Skill near a cliff is so satisfying
    1. Mona, Her Taunt is neat, her burst is cool and has some decent AoE and lastly stars.

  23. Even though I'm sure you had this planned already, I'mma just take credit for you making this on account of saying you should do this on your other top 5, lol.

  24. I really enjoy Keqing because I find it really fun teleporting around

  25. I love how even though she wasn't mentioned Sayu was in the video, Mtashed is like, I don't even need to mention her you all know already, but even though I don't have him I can imagine how fun Xiao is… Anemo just be like that-

  26. i think everyone accepts that kazuha is the most fun character despite the fact that he's DMG is OP.

  27. 1. Rosaria, because she's fast… Ultra-instinct fast
    2. Kokomi, she's my waifu… and playing with your waifu is fun.

  28. I agree Diluc is fun to play……i haven't got him yet……but my friend who just started playing got diluc in his 1st 4 pulls😖😖…….so i often ask him to let me play on his account to play diluc……….
    If i have to rank most fun

  29. Funnest for me are:
    1. Kazuha – for obvious reasons
    2. Aloy – surprisingly her having a difficult time building stacks is quite fun. makes you think of positioning and timing.
    3. Venti – brain dead gameplay is fun too. just watching them die helplessly is so satisfying.
    4. Albedo – that elevator is fun to use tbh
    5, Diluc – there's just something about weaving his E and AA together that's just so satisfying

  30. For me is Yoimiya, she spins and does somersaults as she shoots! also the aesthetics with all the fireworks attacks

  31. Fichl is great against the flying birds from rhodea the hidro boss

  32. I'm a Razor main but I've already gone through a lot of characters because I switch to a new team for my daily commissions each time someone reaches friendship Lvl 10. These are the playstyles I have so much fun playing with:

    1. KAZUHA
    2. Xiao
    3. Venti
    4. Childe
    5. Keqing
    Hon. Mentions: Yoimiya/Ayaka/Rosaria/Sucrose/Sayu

  33. Dont worr Mtashed. I also love diluc my fav character

  34. Mtashed initially shitted on Kazuha

    But he didnt know that Kazuha changes everything hahahaha

  35. My fav for would Kaeya. I don't really use him but has really fun to use cause of his E and his Q. Second would be Quinxiu( IDK how to spell), My third would be Dionna, and 4th would be Mona. I have Hu Tao but I feel like i really need to time stuff for her to show her true potential that's why I didn't put her at my top.

  36. 1) Raiden- Her Q animation is just too cool
    2) Xiao- The plunge attacks are cool and somehow don’t get old
    3) kazuha- Like you said he’s super satisfying and also has a plunge atk that doesn’t get old
    4) Chongyun- With a sac great sword is super entertaining. The double E is really fun to watch along with his Q slamming 4 (at C6) huge ice swords down
    5) Albedo- Despite him not being on field much, the little geo explosions he constantly causes are actually kinda cool to see. His Q animation is also pretty cool and then right after you see 7 more little explosions all around the enemies. It just always reminded me of the cool guys don’t look at explosions meme every time I Q.

  37. IMHO, but Sac Sword is incredibly fun to use on Kazuha. With C1 and Sac Sword he pulls off 3 slams in the row. XD
    And fully charges his ult, but he usually charges it even with 2 slams, so it's not about that. It's about jumping and slamming everything into the ground non-stop. The only problem with this you need Sac Sword R5 to get the most out of it. 🙁

    I got lucky, though. >_>

  38. I like Qiqi. I couldn't finish the abyss without her

  39. Childe and Xiao for me! It looks like that's rather popular! xD
    So in regards to something less popular, I do like when I have both Lisa and Yanfei on a team and I just enjoy swapping between the two of them for some reason. xD

  40. my list
    hand down … bar none.. undisputed most fun character…
    SAYU number 0 .. bro her rollllllllllllllllllllllllll… best thing ever…
    scarifical blade too… more rollllllllllllllllllllllllls.. all i do is ROOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. im addicted.. xD

    rosaria is in my top 1 cause i just fking love her E and how the Q animation looks and works..
    eula also top 1 cause.. she a dancer like me… looking smexy as fk killing shit…
    yoimiya.. top 1 just love her look .. and i like how her E works….
    sucrosse.. top 1… with the scarifical catyalist thing.. what can i say i love using both her E and Q.. its just fun to use…
    also baal cause obvious top 1 … love her E on all the characters above and the ult attacks.. top teir fun…
    just got hutao and ngl.. shes top 1 too.. just fun to use… op damage to no damage .. the playstyle is fun..
    also sara cause again her E if just fun to use and her Q.. beautiful..

    so in MY opinion… i cant not pick so they all top 1's
    why be "monogamous" when u can be "polyamrous" 😎

  41. I feel happy when people talk about why thier favorite character is fun

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