My Top 5 picks for BEST Genshin Impact Units -

My Top 5 picks for BEST Genshin Impact Units

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An honest opinion video with whom I think are you best investments for the current state of Genshin Impact.



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  1. everyone who has Zhongli knows how broken he is. The game difficulty goes from 10/10 to 2-3/10 if no corrosion is there. Even with corrosion, just run a catalyst user with the prototype amber. basically solves that issue since the weapon heals everyone. My top 5 are: 5)Ayaka 4)Insert meta DPS 3) Xingqui 2)Kazuha 1)Zhongli. I personally don't have Ayaka but people underestimate how strong she is, especially as a sub DPS. She has freeze capability + venti like cc + insane damage.

  2. I myself think the buffs that zhongli skill can give are not even comparable to any other character. He is on another level. Great top 5 .

  3. Top 7 characters in my opinion tao – best single target dps in the game and its not even close
    6.ayaka – litreally powercreeped ganyu and the best 5 star DPS
    5.tartagila – most people will disagree but man international team is so broken that its make every other team like a joke even the national teams virations
    4.kazuha/venti – most cases kazuha is better but sometimes venti is just a cheat code
    3.xingqiu – many teams needs him , hu tao , teaser comps , freeze and his sub DPS is insane
    2.xiangling – literally the strongest DPS in the game and doesn't even need to be on field to deal massive damage
    1.bennet – best pyro battery , amazing buff , amazing heals , good DPS , amazing against shields

  4. Mine would be (from lowest to highest): ganyu/xl, kazuha, zhongli, xq, bennett

    Ganyu for her flexibility and good numbers even at C0. Xl for being accessible and her busted q.

    Kazuha, while not dealing Venti-level numbers just feels more flexible and the least clunky anemo to date for me. Also has amazing support.

    Zhongli for being very cheap to build and his utility in combat AND overworld. True, in combat he might just be a comfort pick and mhy is slowly nerfing his shield, but his utility in overworld cannot be ignored. He saved hours of my time when it comes to farming and exploration. His height makes him fast, his fat shield lets me get materials without getting hit by mobs, his shield also breaks crystals in one hit, his pillars are great as platforms. Great in co-op too if at C2.

    XQ cause of his good off-field hydro application (the foundation of many of the best rections) and accessibility. He can also hit like a truck when built. Also has good constellations.

    Bennett because he can practically do everything himself. He's an amazing support with minimal building, a great battery, and a decent dps too if built right. And he's very accessible. We might be having more specialized supports, but we can run those supports along with bennett anyways to make our DPS units hit even harder.

  5. Top 5 is really subjective so in my take I'll pick 5 that look future proof for me
    1. Bennett – one of the best healer, the highest attack buffer, pyro resonance, built in ER
    2. Xingqiu – coveted by many teams. Vape, Freeze, Electrocharged, can heal a bit, reduce damage, can even nuke
    3. Kazuha – Kazuha over Venti because I don't see lots of content where Venti's CC is needed. Kazuha shreds resistance, gives ton of dmg bonus and infusion to his burst is predictable
    4. Zhongli – at the current state of the game, it's not just his shield but we still do not have consistent Anemo and Geo resistance shredders. Honestly, if Zhongli's shield didn't shred resistance I'd ditch him for other shielders or another Geo for geo resonance. But that 20% shred for Xiao and Itto teams is too good to pass. So he's top 5 until we get artifacts that cna shres these things.
    5. Raiden Shogun – universal energy battery for those Energy hungry DPSs like Eula, Beidou and Xiangling.

    For the DPS, they come and go so I'm not picking anyone as top 5.

  6. Xingqiu highly deserves the 2nd place, he is one of the best hydro applicator and adds good damage. I bought him with starglitter and even if is only at C0 I feel he is irreplaceable!
    My Hu Tao would like a Zhongli shield so…

    99.9% agree with your list

  7. its a nice list but I think the top 5 units in the game should be able to fit in any team and not be reliant on others. Xiangling relies on Benny. My top 5 would be Bennett, Kazuha, Zhongli, Venti and Raiden. If corrosion didnt exist Zhongli and Bennett would swap places

  8. Best units un genshin, one word… SUPPORTS

  9. I don't think corrosion is here to target ZhongLi specifically. Maybe ZhongLi in Hutao teams, but not himself. Corrosion is only here to necessitate healers imo. If ZhongLi was the target, make an enemy that just pierces through the shield (not just give a status that ignores it) even better, make it "if it pierces a shield, do true damage equivalent to shield strength" that would be the most blatant way to do it, and i don't see mhy going that far.

    I would have to disagree on ZhongLi on the no.1 spot tho. He makes you unkillable in a game full of time trails. With VV shred, his 20% looks kinda… extra. like venti's c6

  10. I still use Venti to clear domains in seconds. Farming is a pain otherwise. Bennet is still essential for my abyss progression. Nearing my Geo team being viable, so can't wait to see whether I can finally clear floor 12 🤔 Zhongli is my number 1 wanted character, followed by either Kazuha or Ganyu. I really REALLY hope their reruns are spread out this year 🤞🏻

  11. I have Zhong, im f2p, I benched him like 5 patches ago, he only means a loss in dps, most teams Ill do better just by using Xiangling instead of him.

  12. I see what's your new technique is you make controversial videos which will get people talking and spread word about your video because there is no way Bennett is not in top 5 there is just no way

  13. top 5 without bennet, xingqiu and xiangling
    1- kazuha
    2- raiden shogun

    dps top 5
    1- Hu tao
    2- Ayaka

  14. I really Request People Don't compare Kazuha with Venti
    As he said Kazuha Fullfill Venti's weekness I am Truly agree with it .
    Kazuha's Kit is so Great In Almost Any element Team But In Other hand Venti Has Broken Q
    Sometimes You need Kazuha To Clear Some Floor but there are some floor where venti just make it So easy . Also You don't need to lvl up Venti's any talent and Weapon If you don't want to

    If You can Just Get them both even of you have one .

  15. Disagree with your list, but respect it. Venti has not been top tier for months. His usage in the abyss has fallen off and he has not been one of the best picks for the hardest content in a long time. Without his CC, which he hasn’t been able to abuse for at least four months, he’s not up there. Outside of Morgana, people don’t use Venti, because he’s deadweight in half the floors. When he works, he might be stronger than Kaz. But Kaz is more universally useful, which is why he’s been trading places with Bennett as the most used character in the abyss for months.

    I also don’t think Raiden needs C2 to make an impact. She’s got several meta teams at C0 and KQMs are currently rewriting her guides because they low-balled her base potential. She’s arguably the strongest character in the game with constellations, but she’s still S-tier without them. She’s the key to getting more damage out of the national team (burst boost, energy refills, artefact and weapon changes for more damage). Her utility is crazy good. She’s been in the top four or five of abyss usage since September.

    I also don’t think you can have a top five without Bennett, particularly if you put Xiangling into the mix. No one uses her without him, because without him, she’s got major energy issues. Xiangling is a significant part of a few teams – like most top tier characters – but Bennett is top pick for so many teams, it’s crazy.

    I’d probably go with, in no order – Kaz, Bennett, Ganyu, Raiden and Zhongli.

  16. Even though there's corrosion, I still run it with Zhongli just with a healer. I farm the Golden Wolf Boss with Zhongli, Hu Tao, Ningguang and Barbara. His shred and meteor are still pog. Overworld, i normally run with Zhongli and Kazuha.

  17. I don't think Bennett losing relevance.
    Both Sara and Gorou are worse even in dedicated team.
    Especialy Sara she only 10% better on c6 with Raiden and worse on any other character.
    (plus bennett do heal cleanse and have good resonance)

  18. Hey I just realised does zhongli animation have him holding his meteor? And raidan shogun held an electro ball?and venti holds an air vaccuum ball?

  19. Bennett is definitely better than xiangling

  20. For me it's
    1. Zhongli
    2. Bennett
    3. Kazuha
    4. Xingqui
    5. Everyone else

    I do not currently use xiangling and do not have ganyu.

  21. Without xq pyro dps are DEAD he deserve spot 2, above zhongli.
    Without bennet 90% of team do less damage and also without bennet xiangling doesn't even exist you know? So he deserve 100%1st place also Zhongli 1 place maybe for dumb players yes, all you do is overrating ganyu left and and right i swear you make me hate her, i stopped play her almost because people like you can only say ganyu this ganyu that when her usage rate on abyss dropped so much, (referring to abyss usage because u mention it) dude, please learn the game before starting doing tier list or talking about "best character" because people will believe you imo you are just hungry of views

  22. I would personally put kazuha bennett and xingqiu in top 5 these are some of the best if not best supports in the entire game and i can pretty much slot them in any team

  23. It's crazy that a mere vision bearer's anemo is more powerful than that of a pure wind spirit, the god of anemo.

    Well I guess it takes a very skilled being to not let their vortex suck in Klee's bombs. Or maybe these bombs are just too heavy.

  24. I was gonna disagree with you with Xiang Ling over Ganyu until you mentioned accessibility. Yea…. that's honestly very true…. New players or free to play players need to understand the value of investing into Xiang Ling to help them clear content fast before moving on to other main DPS characters.

    One thing you didn't mention though, Xiang Ling's true potential is only brought out using Bennet. Without him, her Pyronado's damage is actually pretty mediocre, and she will have issues batterying her high energy cost ult. One of the main reasons why I always felt she was underwhelming was becaues I never really used her TOGETHER with Bennet.

  25. Zhong Li is my favourite 5* character & I always use him as shield bot with massive 60k HP

  26. I totally want Venti! He looks so fun! When will he come back???

  27. My c6 xiangling is still level 20. I just don't like her. 😐

  28. I agree. ZhongLi is one of the greatest, but I refuse to use him now because he is too good. The game is already easy. ZhongLi literally breaks the game. You can ram though so much content because his shield is too good.

  29. I love the thumb nail cuz I have a C4 Xiangling and I can only hope to C1 (See one) kazuha

  30. Raiden c2 is my best unit..she pretty much can beat everything in the game

  31. I agree with venti cause Mihoyo has to constantly design abyss / events content to keep venti on check if they go any other route venti just destroys sucks a bit cause I like venti but he’s keeps getting hit every abyss

  32. i just cant aggree with zhongli being on top 1. he is basically 100% replaceable in every team, he isnt a damage boost but a damage LOSS, since you are spending an entire slot for a shield+16% more damage and(if you build him with damage) a good damaging ultimate. meanwhile kazuha makes so your main dps deals 50% more damage while CC'ing enemies and dealing AOE swirl damage, bennett also gives your team around 1100 attack which is WAY more damage than 16% and he heals so you already dont need zhongli if you're using bennett, xingqiu offers a smaller amount of protection but its definetely valuable, meanwhile each of his rainswords deal 8K damage by themselves and his E can deal up to 30-50K which is insane for a unit that's meant to support your team and not deal damage, the only META reason you have to pull zhongli nowadays is if you are using an itto team, but even then, the leaks say that yunjin will have amazing synergy with gorou so why even bother, look i'm not saying zhongli is bad, i'm saying he's NEVER the best option.

  33. I just cannot understand how Venti can be ranked above Kazuha. Venti feels so irrelevant to me personally, outside of Morgana comp.

  34. Xiangling has a lot of problems. Yes she is a fantastic character. Top 3? No chance. She does nothing when her burst isn't up and she has massive ER problems, more than Xiao.

  35. Funny you said you didn't want to debate on the Kazuha v Venti topic yet you made this video, you can make whatever you want but, isn't it better to make a favorite list instead of a 5 most useful characters in the game? Because I think it's completely unnecessary considering everyone already knows who they are and people like Tenten already over praise them, not to mention people have to hear it everytime a new character comes out, "this character is ok but there's no point in pulling for it when we have a lord and savior Xiangling"

    Even tho I'm not a fan of them Bennett, Xiangling, Xingqiu are the most useful with Ganyu, Zhongli and Kazuha adjacent to them

  36. The Top 5 here are my most used characters in open world and abyss. Wow amazing video amazing pick

  37. The moment i saw benny as a honorable mention i realized this was a casual tier list

  38. 5. Raiden
    4. Xingqiu
    3. Xiangling
    2. Kazuha
    1. Bennett

    Best characters should not based of their accessibility

  39. You pissed me of! because you mentioned this bullshit sentence about 3qintillion times in your freaking videos lately! i need a break from you…

  40. My top 5 would be:
    – Bennett
    – Xingqiu
    – Venti
    – Kazuha
    – Xiangling

    That's how I see, if I were to extend the list to top 10 I personally do not still see Zhongli going into it. Just because what he brings can easily be overcome by improving your play and then you can afford to bring more damage to your team than defense. Even in events like the current one I still do not see much value in having a Zhongli unless you play specific units that require a defensive option but then again it's not like they require Zhongli but just the defensive character in the team like now Thoma has replaced him for Hu Tao, who knows when he could be replaced for Xiao.

  41. Cant wait to use Zhongli as an anemo shredder for my DPS Kazuha…no, i just want to try that out 😆.

  42. I like the vid, however I feel like you place too much importance on to supports over dps

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