New Character Demo - "Eula: Flickering Candlelight" | Genshin Impact -

New Character Demo – “Eula: Flickering Candlelight” | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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With the dance of a sinner, a rebellious heir shatters the shackles of glacial ice.
Under the curtain of the dark night, the flickering candlelight illuminates the sharp edge of a cold blade.

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  1. 18M ! Almost dethroning our Daddy Zhong
    Can wait for Mommy Baal to try dethroning
    No regrets getting her as my first C1 5 star (excluding Jean)

  2. best waifu cute, elegant and voice soo deep

  3. Wow 18m. Two weeks ago it's still 16m. At this rate I'm starting to believe.

  4. Why I'm didn't get it Eula? ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  5. My Eula looks like Mona for some reason when I pulled for her

  6. Lmao so i did a ritual with my friend to get her and this is what i did

    Went to the place her trailer was in
    Both if us got chongyun out
    I yelled “It takes two to tango”
    And beybladed for like a minute and i got her

  7. Eula reach 18M
    Zhongli with 20M : nice job

    Xiangling making Zhongli order in the kitchen, who also have 20M 😉

  8. Rerun ?¿? No… aight nah its cuz i didnt play 2 mou- o ok ima shut now

  9. Amber: Are you alright?
    Eula: You are going to do the Tango with me.


  11. Fun fact:10M views is just amber watching this on repeat

  12. This have better music than 90% of the other trailers
    zhongli is about to be dethroned

  13. Has anyone ever noticed how her theme features part of Venti's theme's melody?

  14. Imma be honest here, this is the first time ive watched eula's character demo

  15. Eula: "Not yet… It takes two to tango. Shall we?"
    Amber: "Huh?"
    Aether from a distance: "I wanna join as well!"

  16. Eula: Dancing

    Aether: "I can watch this all day.."

  17. Move over Zhongli demo, Eula is coming for your total view count.

  18. Who's here after Yoimiya demo and the Zhongli revisit?

  19. Idk if it was just cold here but I got chills watching the vid….aaaaa I love Genshin so much for existing

  20. I can't download this I watch ItsFunneh do hide'n'seek in this game but I rlly want to play this but I can't download this 🙁

  21. Eula:Its take 2 to tango wanna join


  22. เครื่องกุมันไม่รับรองเก็นชิน..เศร้า;-;

  23. i hope this demo overtakes zhonglis in views just bcs of the dudebro mindset that zhonglis is superior to every other one

  24. That actually hit 18M that Eula Ad especially that music is something spesial and make you want to watch more

  25. when i heard captain of the 4th battalian or something… i thought she will be a beidou 2.0…. like a person everyone loves…. i wasnt expecting her to be a person who faces continuous racism…. i feel bad for her…

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