New Inazuma Enemies Revealed: Genshin Impact -

New Inazuma Enemies Revealed: Genshin Impact

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Inazuma has some powerful new enemies for you to battle in Genshin Impact. Which new enemy is your favorite!?
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  1. More content from Mr. Mtashed! I'm excited! Keep it up Sir!

  2. I haven't farmed all the materials for kazuha yet and the archipelago is gonna go away soon, do you think that samurai boss will be in the inazuma map too? Or do I binge fight him in the few days I have left?

  3. Thanks for the Vid, Mtashed. I don't look into the website stuff ever, so I just ungabunga new enemies as I see them lol. First time going into content where I am not completely blind.

  4. New region hyyyyype! So excited to have a new place to loot and more storyline to hear 😀

  5. Later in spiral abyss. I don't want to see hilichurl and slime.

  6. Poor Amber, she became a sparring dummy for the mobs and mini bosses, Hope Yoimiya isn't the Amber buff we are wishing.

  7. Just watching his videos makes me calm..His reactions and way of speach ah just 😂

  8. i just wish we could up our world level to make all the enemies like level 100 or something

  9. ahh cant wait
    its just around the corner bois and girls !!

  10. The fact that we get better hydro ENEMIES than we do hydro CHARACTERS is saddening to me ;-;

  11. How about spread 9-15 or even 9-20 floors even if they gave only 5 primos each floor it would feel easier than a jump of months of grinding from 11 to 12 lol

  12. Sponsor by EA. Known people hated EA a lot

  13. Haha, look forward to all the Inazuma videos, Tash man!

  14. Yo I swear that firework attack is a reference from Sekiro I love it.

    And Kairagi Slam is basically Owl and Genichiro attack as well 🤣.

  15. Get me Ayaka Mtashed xD. If that day comes, try not to cry bout how sad my account is ^^'. Love from Argentina

  16. Dude image if the mirror maiden with her attack inverted your controls or something, that mechanic could be so cool

  17. Before this video started I got an ad from mihoyo showing all the new enemies

  18. I just want to toll around with sayu, can't wait for her banner

  19. Why do they not like amber poor amber getting destroyed by the new enemies

  20. うずまき ナルト (Naruto Uzumaki) says:


  21. yah, may they bring us the inazuma content that could at least satisfy us, the gamers…

  22. Switch to punishing: gray raven.. way better

  23. don't make the same mistake again and rush through content in the first week! just do bits and pieces every day like intended otherwise you will complain again that there is nothing to do… just saying

  24. Mirror Maiden reminds me of the forbidden jutsu haku uses.

  25. mirror maiden kinda like Gauche, from Black Clover, they literally have the same magic

  26. The more I think how long it’ll take me to max out Ayaka. The more I realize my grinding of domains feels useless. But Ayaka all da way.

  27. i’m still waiting for you kazuha guide🥲 anything you’d like to share about him?

  28. As long as you have zhongli shield, there's no need to fear open world enemies

  29. Somehow each new character gets their own new boss 🤔

  30. "I don't look at leaks, I don't wanna know everything" – proceeds to look at official "leaks"

  31. The mirror bouncing attack reminds me of Gauche's attack from the anime Black Clover 😄

  32. the mirror maidens mirror attack kinda looks like Haku's kekkei genkai

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