NEW Patch Notes for Version 2.4 | Genshin Impact -

NEW Patch Notes for Version 2.4 | Genshin Impact

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miHoYo is releasing patch 2.4 very soon. Shenhe and Yunjin will be the newest characters followed by Xiao, Zhongli and Ganyu for their re-run banners. Prepare for patch 2.4 the correct way before it releases.

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  1. cant wait to cry if I lose 50-50

  2. Meanwhile the most stuff that gets me excited are optimization and voice lipsync, the least exciting stuff are spiral abyss lol

  3. Yo what the fuck Envi trying to become a responsible Youtuber

  4. I am a ningguang main on my main acc but have her at c1 …. Started a new acc just for fun and got ningguang at c4 on 1st day😅

  5. has anyone notice the change of publisher for genshin for playstore and galaxy store ?

  6. I'm so excited for 2.4
    It has to be the best update to date

  7. Nice, so my Yoimiya attack won't blocked by invicible thing after the enemy dies.

  8. im close to guarantee pity for Shenhe and i have Zhongli and Ganyu and dont want xiao. ill be stacked with primos for hopefully Yae Miko or whoever is after Ganyu, Zhongli and Xiao

  9. They just dropped all the 2.4 banners including which 4 star characters and weapon banners in the event tab

  10. AoE true damage:


  11. This is new. They released back to back banners.
    I am suspicious and scared.

  12. For the intertwined fates. I'm not really bothered since I don't really care for Shenhe or Xiao. I just want Yunjin and I already saved up for that so…. Also, I can build pity.

  13. Xiao is doing plunging attacks, not normal attacks, right??

  14. The abyss will be the same forever, no matter which mechanism changes. It want even be noticed since most players will breeze through it no matter what, they won't even bother reading.

  15. Fuck this Abyss frfr

    With each update, Xiao grows ever weaker.

  16. If you guys dont remember, the rifthounds were what killed those wolves in Razor's story quest. Hence why it makes sense for them to appear in Wolvendom after you finish the quest.

    I hope this means they'll retroactively add newer monsters to older areas via quests to allow newer players to have access to mats they might need. And vendors to start selling mats from other regions

  17. Early update on youtube this time?, god-amn Mr.strimmer see you in few hours later, good night.

  18. The height of the central disc being fixed is great. Some skills gets stuck at the edge of that circle such as fischl's ult.

  19. Remeber to wish a happy birthday to zhongli friends 😀

  20. Did they ever fix the cinnabar spindle problem? Or is albedo screwed?

  21. They will finally fix Diona Hangout, good to know.

  22. Its now finally confirm that the one who attack Springvale (the black wolf) on razor's story quest are the Rifthounds… Interesting 🤔.

  23. 2.4 marks the end of my college applying nightmare lmao

  24. seems like F9 & 10 gonna be changed in future, as we had Energy Ampli FAK er event recently which have some new mechanics eg. minefield AoE on perpetual array domain (which is IMPOSSIBLE to clear 8K score, wth mihoyo do u hev brain on making events bruh?🗿)

    -fyi: if u played 1.5's free DIANO Ampli FAK er there's electro zone & leader heal mechanics if u rembered… guess what. it went into spiral abyss F9 & 10 from 2.0ish until now

  25. I think this confirms that the wolves who attacked back in Razor's quest are rifthounds???

  26. I’m so excited for 2.4! I think this is the most excited I’ve ever been since 1.6

  27. Finally I can get Zhongli, skipping Eula and Itto was worth it since Im on guarantee.

  28. I never got my birthday cake on my birthday in genshin :C

  29. Oh damn. The only reason I'm gonna comeback playing is because of Zhongli, I stopped during HuTao's banner so hopefully I'll get Zhongli with the help of free wishes. Good luck to everyone pulling on your faves!

  30. So if rifthounds will spawn in mondstadt does that mean they will follow mondstadt's total HP amount for mobs cause I really don't want to farm those tanky wolves anymore in inazuma

  31. I hope they try to compensate for the number of banners in 2.4 by increasing the free primogems from the events

  32. Wait what? Now when you buy BP on PSN you can't collect rewards on PC/Mobile??? Thats horrible. We should have option to buy BP online via PSN app and not via console if thats the case. Now I start to regret playing this game on PS4.

  33. I only want Zhongli. I don't care about any other characters in these banners

  34. I spied synchronized lip movement during story quest for certain VA's at the bottom which is nice. The random lip movement that they currently have throws me off when i'm trying to get into the storyline.

  35. Imagine being a low AR player, and then encountering those damned rifthounds. Must be terrifying seeing your hp slowly drain away.

  36. It make sense that they're adding the rifthounds on Wolvendome, because those are the 'black wolves' that attacked Springvale in Razor's quest. I hope they also add the Specters in the other regions.

  37. Rifthound will be in mondstadt? Enjoy peaceful mondstadt before 2.4

  38. Xiao will get fucked in this new one cos he does plunges…like seriously mhy

  39. The true damage in the abyss has been a thing for quite a while now, everytime theres some sort of shockwave mechanic is always called “true damage” the damage they deal, although i think its just physical damage, idk if it actually ignores resistances, but yeh, its been there for at least 6 months now

  40. Can't decide which one should i pull i have artifacts and weapons ready for xiao and ganyu but i really need shielder daddy and i also have ayaka as my main dps so i think i might need snehe.

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