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New Version Special Program | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
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Dear Travelers,

The Genshin Impact Preview will be released on this channel on July 9 at 12:00 PM (UTC-4)

During the program, Dawei (Co-Founder of miHoYo) and the Dev team will share their insight on the anticipated content in the new version. Look out for the redemption code drop in the livestream. Follow us now to get the most up to date information! See you all there, Travelers!

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  1. No one gonna say that they actually got PS and Mihoyo acc finally will be linked?? :3

  2. I would say Yu-Peng Cheng is the MVP here. For me his music are the most phenomenal in this entire franchise the theme, the way the music carries me every time I login and how he execute it especially for zhongli theme 'rex incognito', for me personally. Others really good too like cissie and Xiao Luhou making the map and lore concept FOR. EVERY. CITY. the knowledge for someone to know others heritage are something else y'know. Thank you developer team, I can't be more grateful for you guys to make this game for FREE and yet giving us something soo beautiful at the same time. Thank you.

  3. The lore segment was absolutely brilliant. The level of detail they go into for the history and culture for each region during the design process really does go a long way for immersion.

  4. the redeem code time span is kind of ridiculous for them who are not living in Asia. it's kind of not fair, Mihoyo.

  5. The people im live chat should salute them because they make the game exist, they make primo, they make the character n etc

  6. Codes already expired. MiHoYo is a disgusting company.

  7. Glad how you all still able to be with us til now in this journey

  8. i wasnt able to comment during the stream cause i was too lazy to make a twich account since i dont really watch streams all that much but what i wanted to say was i bow to thee mihoyo for the journey you`ve inlaid upon us and thank you for the memories and moments that had accompanied us during the pandemic

  9. im so dissapointed bc of the chat, like are you guys that disrespectful to mock the developers names, act as if the character xiao isnt the only one with that name, say you cant understand when theres cc available, and then ask for a english live when the developers already did so much for you guys to be ungreatful for their work and how much they actually care for their game/community. if this isnt enough for you guys then just dont interact with the streams 😐

  10. And this is what i mean from the other post either you are a gib me stuff or someone on their defense force that belives they cant do no wrong.There is no room for actual discussion,only listening yes people is allready showing in the sales numbers.Been supporting the game since launch and seeing little to no change in core systems is disgraceful.Everyone on the defense force is just as bad as the babys asking for free stuff.

  11. Hubieran hecho un personaje estilo inuyasha XD

  12. I'd have liked more in depth look into the character's abilities, more than just a basic look at animations to be honest, there's a lot to be gathered.

  13. Ya tengo ganas de darle todo mi almacenamiento a inazuma

  14. Just a few days before this livestream i said to my siblings "how nice if genshin has farming experience like harvest moon or stardew valley, AND THEY DID IT OMG IM SO HYPE FOR 2.0!!!!

  15. Sad to think that probably 80% of the playerbase of Genshin already knew almost everything in this announcement because of leaks. It was supposed to be a big announcement, refrain from leaks everyone 😀

  16. Why can you not have the damned codes run for 24 hours!? YOU'RE SO DAMNED CHEAP, MY GOD! PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK TOO YOU KNOW!

  17. To all those who were ungrateful to the hard work the devs put into this live stream and the game I can only say this.
    May the Archons bless your pulls with nothing but Barbara and Black Tassels. 😌

  18. I think the live is NOT boring at all ! Really like that CEO and dev team come to talk to us by themselves with effort and passion in their work.
    Appreciate you miHoYo!

  19. thank you very much for all of the work put in! ahhhhh inazuma here we come!

  20. Dude I wish Dawei will appear in the game, he's goooooood at hosting

  21. I love Dawei's voice and the new release as well.

  22. These type of videos inspire me to become a game developer.

  23. Damn I'm so excited my whole body was having tingles this whole time

  24. ik im late for this but MANNN THE EFFORT THE BACKGROUND THE MUSIC ITS AMAZINGG this is making me smile (╥﹏╥)

  25. so many five star new character banners so close together, rip f2p players 😭💔

  26. why couldn't you make the codes last for 24 hours…

  27. I'm gonna explore Inazuma with my lvl 70 characters.

  28. man the genshin community is so toxic can we just enjoy what we have?? its just a couple of pixels ffs is it really worth fighting over?

  29. HI3RD and playing GI 2.0 at the same time would be really hard.

  30. Western genshin fans : disrespectful and racist.

  31. listening to them talk about the development process made me smile a lot

  32. Lol i realize now there is a new childe skin.

  33. So many characters. Yet no way to get enough primos f2p to get all of them. I wish over the month that the banner lasts we could atleast get enough event primos to get halfway through the guaretee pull. 45 wishes from events would just barely be generous. at ar 50+ to get 90 wishes on a banner you gotta skip 2-3 banners. This is big sad

  34. i wish that i can earn money faster to be able to afford a laptop that can handle Genshin :") my phone might not be able to take the upcoming updates

  35. i cannot express my absolute love for this game and the staff behind it 💙

    and man chat, calm down

  36. finally we get a detailed explanation of what the FOCK is happening inside Mihoyo's headquarters

  37. Ngl but watching this one day after it release it's so much bttr
    And also the dedication and agggg can't wait for inazuma

    To the toxic ppl : u will suffer the wrath of the rock

  38. Is no one talking about our first dendro character?

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