Now THIS is High Stakes PvP | The Cycle: Frontier -

Now THIS is High Stakes PvP | The Cycle: Frontier

Mr. Fruit
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The Cycle: Frontier is the reimagining of The Cycle – a previous PvEvP Battle Royale-like game that’s now become something much more similar to Escape from Tarkov.
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Now THIS is High Stakes PvP | The Cycle: Frontier


  1. Loving the Cycle content! Got me hyped for the full release

  2. Keep up the work fruit. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Been watching since the d1 montages. You've helped me thew my life journey. Will always come back to this channel until either you stop making content or I die.

  3. This is my new favourite game to watch. Please keep posting this.

  4. I gotta be honest, it just feels right seeing Fruit play with Aerios. ❤️

  5. Man, I wish this game was back up with its servers :/

  6. Always makes me smile to hear Aarios and Blue with Fruit! Love these guys!

  7. I really enjoy this game, even after the drastic change in direction. Great video Mr Fruit. Thanks for the Content.

  8. I think putting the sniper away might be a good thing to try

  9. Loving the content with the squad! Keep it up fruity!

  10. Every time I hear the voice of Sir Aaerios I get Raft flashbacks

  11. Love when you through different games in here! Makes the CAHNTENT so funny haha

  12. This looks like the hunt but future instead of zombie and to be honest I wish mr fruit had played that more too

  13. “It was a blonde haired female” what kinda glasses Fruit got!?! I can only see smudges!

  14. THANK YOU, I haven’t slept since your last cycle video, I’ve been waiting for this. But don’t worry I liked and watched your other vids too

  15. Who watched the hogwarts house of tournaments hufflepuff won 🏆💛 next Sunday is slytherin vs ravenclaw on cartoon network

  16. I was watching this and thinking to myself "I'd love a game like this that just has PvE and gathering mechanics where a ship picks you up at the end".
    And then I remembered that Deep Rock Galactic exists.

  17. He takes it so serious that he starts yelling for Aaerios to come back 🤣

  18. Let's go Mr. Fruit!
    This game, although not my type, is very enjoyable to watch.
    Seeing peeps popping off in big ways is always a blast

  19. I love this, can’t get enough of y’all!

  20. This game looks like it's pretty fun to play with friends. thanks for the great entertainment Mr fruit?

  21. I see a new Fruit vid, I click like. I'm a simple man.

  22. The one man army was that guy and his shotgun tbh 😆😆😆

  23. Fruit always makes these games look so much fun

  24. It’s refreshing hearing the noblest knight in the land again with his king!! Missed you Sir knight

  25. Can't wait for this game to let me play!!!

  26. 10:25 I thought we were gonna get that juicy callback to Rhab… "A BLUE SHOTGUN!?!?"
    Ahh now I wanna go watch that dream team episode again lol.

  27. I love non-troll Aaerios. Never disliked him but it was kinda annoying how trolling was just his whole personality before

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